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The iPhone v1.0 Bugs post we released yesterday was very well received. A good number of visitors posted their suggestions, workarounds, and additional iPhone bugs. Like those that appear in our list, many visitor submitted bugs can (and probably will) be fixed by the first iPhone software update. Also, as you would expect some visitors voiced their thoughts on personal hygiene, Apple Fanboys, and even suggested where we could stick our bug list.

We wanted to take a few minutes to respond to a few comments (received via various forums and the contact form):

  • New bugs will be added to the list if/when we discover them.
  • It appears that a few visitors bypassed the "Please note" section at the top of the post... yes, we did submit these bugs to Apple.
  • The idea that we are suggesting that people wait to purchase an iPhone is so far off the mark it is funny and not funny at the same time. Our goal from the very beginning was to create a list of issues with the hope that Apple would fix them in a software update. There are not many bug reports (on our list at least) that would require anyone to wait for the second or third generation iPhone. The iPhone has exceeded our expectations and at this point we can not imagine going back to a Windows Mobile device.
  • To paraphrase several comments -- those aren't bugs they are just a) minor discrepancies in the user interface, b) opinions, c) complaints. Call us crazy, but we consider discrepancies in the user interface to be bugs. It is obvious that Apple has put a great deal of effort into the smooth and logical flow of the iPhone navigation and applications. With this in mind, we looked a little more closely at each screen. Without knowing the intended behavior we were left to our opinion on each item. If you tap on something what do you expect to happen? The bug list would have been a lot shorter had we simply dismissed many items by saying "oh, I am sure they intended it to work that way" or "that is too small to report".
  • We will update bug status if/when we receive updates from https://bugreport.apple.com/.

Alright, I admit we snuck a few enhancement ideas in there. We are working on a list of enhancement requests that we will post soon.

Thank you for your feedback.


Susan said:

Can you tell us which ones are fixed in the 1.0.1 update?


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