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The External iSight Mystery

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I have been scouring the Internet in an attempt to find answers to the external iSight mystery.

Video Conference Requirements

Lets start by reviewing a checklist of the things that are required for a successful 4-way video conference using iChat:

  1. Participants need Mac computers running iChat.
  2. 500-1500 Kbps Internet connection (more bandwidth needed to initiate the conference).

That should do it. It is not as difficult as many think!

Story Time

Now that you have everything required, lets get started with a conference.

Hello Gary, Kate, and Sidney -- thank you for joining me in this video conference to discuss merging calls on the iPhone. What? You can't see me? Oh, that's right, this computer doesn't have a built in iSight camera. I had a feeling that checklist on AppleHound was missing something important. I need to run over to my local Apple store to get an external model, please continue without me.