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Apple TV Future Looks Bright

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Apple TV

Many questions have been raised concerning the Apple TV, a product Steve Jobs described as a "hobby" at the All Things Digital conference. Jobs continued to explain "A lot of people have tried and failed to make that a business". This was viewed by many as a hint to the likely demise of the much admired product.

Recently rumors have started to emerge that suggest a strong future for the Apple TV. At the top of the list is movie rentals. AppleInsider posted recently confirmed details about $2-6 movie rentals coming to iTunes 7.6 at Macworld. It seems logical that you would also be able to stream, sync, or purchase the same movies from your Apple TV. Rentals of inexpensive, new release, DVD quality movies would surely help sell Apple TV's.

iPhone Bugs Found

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This entry was created after viewing pre-release videos and demos on Be sure to check out iPhone v1.0 Bugs for a list of issues with the v1.0 release.
iPhone 2007-01

It is very likely that these issues have already been resolved, but here are my findings anyway! Oh, and most of these things are very picky and appeared in the Quicktime animations on the Apple web page. Probably not the preferred method of QA used by Apple staff! :-)

Whenever I pick through software in this way I always think to myself -- I hope no one ever makes a list like this for the applications I have created!

  1. 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 30 seconds in to the Macworld 2007 Keynote Address (iTunes Podcast version): Steve Jobs summed up the iPhone features in a section titled "All together now". While listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers Steve receives a phone call from Phil Schiller. As expected the music fades out, the screen changes, and the phone rings. Steve continues showing off a real world situation of sending an email and looking at a web page. Perfect! The unexpected portion of the presentation occurs after Steve hangs up on Phil. The music fades in and the phone switches to the Voicemail view. Huh? Steve quickly (and smoothly) presses the "Home" button followed by the "iPod" icon. My guess is that after hanging up the device should have switched back to the iPod on its own.