5 Reasons the Fanboy Label is Popular

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It appears that anyone who speaks favorably about Apple or Apple products is labeled a "fanboy" or "drinking the Kool-Aid". Why is that? People who say "Oh, Microsoft Windows Vista this and that blah blah blah" are not assigned any derogatory labels. Lets face it, they aren't calling you names to build you up!

Reason 1 - Think different

You are doing something that is viewed as different, and people are not encouraged to be different in our society. So, the labels are a method to get you back in line with the group. We won't make fun of you anymore if you re-join the group before it is too late.

Reason 2 - Your place

Some may say that the "Hello, I'm a Mac" ads are to blame because supposedly the Mac guy portrays himself as being snobby and superior. So, the labels are used to dramatically put us in our place and show us that we really aren't all that.

Reason 3 - You have lost your mind!

Apple may create better products, but some people are so deeply invested in their current product selections that anything outside their Microsoft comfort zone is scary. You purchased a Mac -- are you crazy? Aren't you afraid of... ah, uh, um, something? Do people make applications for the Mac? Are you opening an ad agency, because those are the only people who run Macs? How is everything at home -- is there anything I can do to help you? So, best to assign a label to the crazy wanderers in an attempt to save them from themselves.

Reason 4 - Proving something?

You purchased a Mac -- what are you trying to prove? There has to be something more to what is going on here than what meets the eye. This has the makings of a great mystery novel, I just need to figure out the plot so I can get this to my publisher. The label is used to make you defensive and share what is really going on in your twisted mind (think back to the "" scene in A Few Good Men).

Reason 5 - You didn't really want to buy a Mac -- did you?

Perhaps the labelers think you regret purchasing a Mac, and your pushing of Apple products is just a way to convince everyone that you made the right choice? Maybe if they could see that the products are better they wouldn't think of me being so different (see reason 1). The label is assigned to help you admit that you had a lapse of judgment.

Can you think of any other reasons why the labels must be assigned in such a hostile fashion?


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