iPhone v1.0 Bugs

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We have spent more than 40 hours tapping around the iPhone screens in an effort to find issues with the applications. This was not an easy task. The OS X graphical interface and applications are extremely solid!

The bugs range from minor display issues to application crashes. All 68 are should be reproducible by every iPhone owner!

Please note:
  • Some of the steps required to reproduce unexpected results are obscure and may not occur during normal usage.
  • We received several messages in response to a previous bug list we created asking what we were trying to accomplish by finding flaws in the iPhone. It is our thought that if we stumble upon an issue and Apple fixes it, then we will all have a better iPhone update!
  • Each bug has been tested on two iPhones.
  • While we interpret the following items as bugs, it is possible that the results are in line with the Apple iPhone User Interface design specifications.
  • We have submitted these bugs to Apple.
  • We will update this list with any additional bugs we find and can reproduce!
  • Please feel free to add any bugs you have found to the comment section at the bottom of this posting.

iPhone Other
Category Description
Serious Bug
Fixed in 1.01
The screen will begin flashing off and on when the proximity sensor detects an object for only one second. To reproduce, call a friend -> press the home button -> slowly run your hand over the proximity sensor near the receiver (not the speaker on the bottom of the phone). Move your hand more quickly if the screen turns off and back on once. Move your hand more slowly if the screen doesn't turn off at all. The trick is to cover the sensor for about 1 second. Stop the screen flashing by covering the sensor again for more than 1 second, pressing the home button, or launching an application. The expected result would be for the screen to turn off for a second then come back on without flickering.
UI/Usability The animated shrinking of the current application to the center of the screen that occurs when syncing begins does not complete when syncing starts from the Photos, Camera, Stocks, Weather, Calculator, Notes, Safari, or iPod. To reproduce, from the home screen tap the 'Calendar' icon -> start a sync. Notice that the Calendar application is shrunk toward the center of the screen. Now, press the home button -> start any of the applications listed as having issues (for example Calculator) -> start a sync. Notice that the Calculator application starts to shrink then disappears early on in the animation when the 'Sync in progress' screen takes over the screen. The expected result would be for all applications to shrink into the center of the screen with the same animation.
Other Bug/Has Workaround Caps lock is not maintained after entering a character on the punctuation/number/symbol screen. To reproduce, first enable the caps lock feature by tapping on Settings icon on the home screen -> General -> Keyboard -> Set the 'Enable Caps Locks' item to 'ON' -> tap the home button -> tap on the Notes icon -> create a new note -> double tap the shift button (up arrow) it will turn blue -> entered text will appear in all upper case -> tap the '.?123' button and select a character (such as a period) -> tap the space bar -> the primary alpha keyboard will appear with the caps lock turned off. The expected result would be to have the caps lock remain locked until unlocked.
UI/Usability The phone vibrates when switched to silent mode (the Ring/Silent switch is located on the side of the iPhone), but does not provide audible feedback when exiting silent mode. The expected result would be a short notification beep when switching to an audible mode.
iPhone Calendar
Category Description
Crash/Hang/Data Loss Under certain circumstances the calendar application will crash when selecting the current day in the list view. To reproduce, delete all events that occur past the current date -> add an event in the past if one does not exist (this event needs to occur before the current date) -> switch to the list view -> tap on the current date (the blue line). The calendar application will crash. The expected result would be for the application to do nothing if no events exist on the current or future dates.
Crash/Hang/Data Loss In some cases deleting an entry will result in an incorrect item being removed from the day and month views. To reproduce, tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> add 3 all-day events on one day - name the first 'A', second 'B', and third 'C' (make sure to add these as all day events by turning on the 'All-day' switch on the 'Start & End' screen). Verify that the three all-day events show up in the list, day, and month views. Deleting one entry (A, B, or C) from any view will result in 'A' and 'C' remaining in the day and month views. The events in the list view remain accurate. Note: This issue also appears when testing with more than 3 all-day events, though the results are slightly different. We have limited the number of events in an effort to make the bug easier to report and reproduce. The expected result is to have the selected event deleted on request with all views showing the same events.
Crash/Hang/Data Loss Deleting all events from the day or month views will result in some remaining events in the list view. To reproduce, tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> add 3 all-day events on one day - name the first 'A', second 'B', and third 'C' (make sure to add these as all day events by turning on the 'All-day' switch on the 'Start & End' screen). Verify that the three all-day events show up in the list, day, and month views. Deleting all three test events from the day or month view will result in 'C' and 'B' remaining in the list view. Note: This issue also appears when testing with more than 3 all-day events, though the results are slightly different. We have limited the number of events in an effort to make the bug easier to report and reproduce. The expected result is to have all events deleted from all views.
UI/Usability Under certain circumstances the end date and AM/PM values of events are incorrectly changed by the calendar application. To reproduce, from the home screen tap the 'Calendar' icon -> tap the '+' button in the upper right corner of the application to add a new event -> set a 'Starts' time to any day with the hour dial set to 12, minute set to any value, AM/PM dial set to AM -> set the 'Ends' time to be at least 1 day in the future with the hour dial set between 6 and 10, minute set to any value, and AM/PM dial set to PM. Before saving, tap back and forth between the 'Starts' and 'Ends' items a few times. Notice the AM/PM values change as well as the end date. The expected result is for the times to remain as set without modifications caused by interaction with the application.
UI/Usability An incorrect event is loaded when clicking on the current day in the list view. To reproduce, tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'List' button on the top of the application to switch to the List view -> remove any events that occur on the current day (tap on the event -> tap edit -> tap the 'Delete Event' button) -> add an event on a date in the future (if one does not already exist) -> tap the current date (the line with the blue text). Notice the next event that occurs after the current date is selected. The expected result is to to have nothing to occur if there are no entries for the selected day.
UI/Usability The sequence in which events are listed varies depending on the order in which they are entered and by the selected view. To reproduce, tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> add 3 all-day events that occur on the same day - name the first 'A', second 'B', and third 'C' (make sure to add these as all day events by turning on the 'All-day' switch on the 'Start & End' screen). The List view will display the events in the following order (C-B-A), day shows (A-B-C), and month shows (A-B-C). Adding the items in reverse order (C-B-A) will result in the list view showing (A-B-C), day (C-B-A), and month (C-B-A). Note: Adding or editing events will cause them to show up in a variety of orders. The expected result is for all-day events to be sorted alphabetical order in all views.
UI/Usability When adding an all-day event between the hours of 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, the start and end times span two days. This appears to be an automatic calculation that assumes the event should be created for a future time. The results are expected except when switching to an all-day event. The all-day event spans two days. To reproduce (assuming the current time is not between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM), tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> tap the '+' button located in the upper right corner of the application -> tap the 'Start & End' item. Notice the 'Starts' and 'Ends' items occur on the same day. Switching the 'All-day' switch to 'On' will result in a one day event. Tap the home button -> tap the 'Settings' icon -> tap the 'General' item -> tap the 'Date & Time' item -> turn the 'Set Automatically switch to 'Off' -> Tap the 'Set Date & Time' item -> tap the time item -> change the time to 10:xx (minutes do not change the result) -> press the home button -> tap the 'Calendar' icon -> tap the '+' button located in the upper right corner of the application -> tap the 'Start & End' item -> switch the 'All-day' switch to 'On'. Notice the 'Starts' date is today and the 'Ends' date is tomorrow. The expected result is for new all-day events to occur on the selected date rather than spanning days. Reminder... return to the time settings screen and turn the 'Set Automatically' switch back to 'On'.
UI/Usability Having more than 14 all-day events on a single day will cause the all-day event box on the 'Day' screen to be too large. To reproduce, tap the 'Calendar' icon on the home screen -> add 14 all-day events on a single day (make sure to add these as all day events by turning on the 'All-day' switch on the 'Start & End' screen) -> tap the 'Day' button located on the top of the application. Notice that the all-day event container is taking up the entire application display area. This is an issue because the all-day event list does not support scrolling. The expected result is to have all day events on the screen without impacting the rest of the hour view. To accomplish this the all-day event container needs to support scrolling and be limited to 6 items.
iPhone Photos
Category Description
UI/Usability When viewing a photo album (thumbnail list of images) with 21 or more photos an image count will appear at the bottom of the content area. Albums with 20 or less images do not display an image count. To be consistent with other applications such as email and notes, the total number of images should be listed at the top of the application with the album title. For example 'Photo Library (35)'.
UI/Usability The image zoom level and position is maintained after exiting the image viewer. To reproduce, tap on the 'Photos' icon on the home screen -> select a photo album -> select an image -> zoom in to a picture (double tap on the screen or pinch) -> move to an area of the picture (drag the image around using your finger) -> tap the image once to bring up the on-screen controls -> tap the album name in the upper left corner of the application (assuming the phone is in the portrait orientation) -> click to view the same image again. Notice the image has maintained the zoom level and position. The expected result is to have the image reloaded without maintaining the zoom level or position. This would be consistent with other interactions with the album such as moving between images or selecting other photos from an album.
UI/Usability The initial scroll position of the 'Camera Roll' album forces the view the last image in the list. This is useful after taking photos in the camera application because the view is set to display the last images that were taken (because the newest images appear at the bottom of the list). The expected result when viewing 'Camera Roll' images from the Photos application would be to treat the album as any other album (with the scroll position set to the top).
UI/Usability When starting a sync while viewing any screen in the Photos application, the display instantly changes to a graphical representation of two stacked photographs. To reproduce, tap the 'Photos' icon on the home screen -> start a sync from iTunes. To remain consistent with other applications, the screen should not be replaced with another graphic before the animation affect occurs. This also occurs when starting a sync when editing a photo assigned This does not occur when running the photo application from Settings -> Wallpaper.
UI/Usability After starting a sync from the thumbnail view of a photo album, the screen returns to the 'Photo Albums' screen. To reproduce, tap the 'Photos' icon on the home screen -> tap a photo album such as the 'Photo Library' item -> start a sync. The return location is the 'Photo Albums' screen. To remain consistent with other applications, the interface should return to the thumbnail view of photos.
UI/Usability After completing a sync while viewing a photo, with a popup menu visible the screen returns to the 'Photo Albums' screen with the menu and photo navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. To reproduce, tap the 'Photos' icon on the home screen -> tap a photo album such as the 'Photo Library' item -> tap a photo -> tap the icon in the lower left corner of the application (assuming the phone is in the portrait orientation). A menu appears on the screen with options to set the wallpaper, email the photo, or assign it to a contact. Before making a selection from the displayed options, start a sync. Notice that after the sync occurs the return location is the 'Photo Albums' screen with the image popup options menu still on the screen. Tapping the 'Cancel' button will cause the interface to return to the 'Photo Album' screen, but the photo navigation bar remains on the bottom of the application. The expect result after syncing the phone is to return to the application as it appeared before the sync.
iPhone YouTube
Category Description
UI/Usability The bookmark deletion screen contains visual flaws. To reproduce, tap the 'YouTube' icon on the home screen -> tap the featured icon in the lower left -> tap one of the blue arrows that appears to the right of each record -> tap the 'Bookmark' button to bookmark the video -> tap the 'Bookmarks' icon that appears on the bottom of the application (depending on your configuration you may need to tap the 'More' button to find the bookmarks page) -> tap the 'Edit' button that appears in the upper right of the application -> tap one of the red minus symbols located on the left of each item when in edit mode. Notice the delete button that appears to the right is drawn over the item text. The expected result is to have the selected record altered to allow room for the delete button. In this case a possible solution would be to hide the rating, view count, play time, and the name of the submitter. Also, positioning the delete button down about 10-15 pixels below the title.
UI/Usability The height of bookmark items is tall enough to support the swipe to delete shortcut, though it is not supported on this screen.
iPhone Stocks
Category Description
UI/Usability The '%' symbol on the stock settings screen is not horizontally centered on the button at the bottom of the screen.
UI/Usability The symbol list management interface is not consistent with other areas of the iPhone. For example, the delete icon to the left of each item should not be visible unless the user taps an 'Edit' button.
iPhone Maps
Category Description
Crash/Hang/Data Loss
Fixed in 1.01
Google maps may crash when traffic information is enabled and during zooming and scrolling actions. To reproduce, tap the 'Maps' icon on the home screen -> switch to the map or satellite view -> turn on the traffic layer by clicking the car icon in the lower right corner of the application -> zoom into an area of the map that contains traffic information (most major cities in the USA) -> tap and drag the map to view other areas in the selected city that contain traffic data. Causing a crash can take several minutes of scrolling around the view. Zoom in and out to different levels if the crash does not occur after a reasonable amount of interaction. If iPod media is playing at the time of the crash it will also stop. The expected result is to have the application continue to function without crashing. Music should not stop playing.
UI/Usability When viewing cached maps without EDGE or Wi-Fi (airplane mode) the 'Info' page for requested locations will display a black box for the map thumbnail for those items that were not previously loaded while on a network. To reproduce, tap the 'Maps' icon on the home screen -> zoom in to an area that has not been previously viewed -> search for a business by entering a category in the search box on the top of the application (pizza will work in most areas) -> tap one of the pins that appears on the map -> tap on the blue arrow that appears on the right side of the business name. Notice a small preview map that appears in the upper left corner -> tap the 'Map' button that appears in the upper left corner of the application -> press the home button -> tap the 'Settings' icon -> turn on 'Airplane Mode' by tapping on the on/off switch on that line. A small airplane icon should appear in the upper left corner of the display. Tap the home button -> tap the 'Maps' icon -> tap 'Cancel' to confirm the message that appears concerning disabling airplane mode to access data -> tap on a pin on the map that has not previously been viewed -> tap on the blue arrow that appears on the right side of the business name. Notice that the map graphic is replaced with a black background. This appears to be because a zoomed in view of the map was not collected from Google at the time when the pins were placed on the map. While not providing the same zoomed in view, the expected result is to have the application cropped and displayed the map from the most zoomed in view available in cache. If that is not possible, displaying a 'not available' graphic or simply removing the thumbnail would look better than the black box.
UI/Usability Under certain circumstances the thumbnail graphic that appears on the Info page will reload when it does not appear necessary. To reproduce, tap the 'Maps' icon on the home screen -> search for a business (pizza will work in most areas) -> tap on one of the pins that are displayed on the map -> tap the arrow to the right of the business name. Notice the zoomed-in preview of the map directly around the business in the upper left corner of the application. Press the home button -> tap the 'Maps' icon again. Notice the Info screen is still loaded and the thumbnail graphic appears as expected. Press the home button again -> load another application such as Photos -> view some of the photos in one of the libraries -> press the home button -> tap the 'Maps' icon. Watch the thumbnail map graphic. It will appear as it did before but after approximately one second it will disappear then re-appear (look close for the flicker). As far as we can tell the image remained loaded because it continues to load the preview when in airplane mode. The amount of interaction with other applications before returning to the business info page can affect the results -- simply loading the photos application and returning to maps application may not cause the flicker. The expected result is to have the icon remain loaded without flickering.
UI/Usability The bookmark deletion interface contains visual flaws. To view, tap the 'Maps' icon on the home screen -> search for a business (pizza will work in most areas) -> tap on one of the pins that are displayed on the map -> tap the arrow to the right of the business name -> scroll down and tap the 'Add to Bookmarks' button -> tap the 'Save' button in the upper right corner of the application -> return to the map view -> tap the image of the book that appears to the right of the search textbox -> tap the 'Bookmarks' button located on the bottom of the application -> tap the 'Edit' button in the upper left corner of the application -> tap one of the red minus symbols located to the left of each item. Notice that the delete button is drawn over a vertical line that separates an arrow and the three list sorting bars. The expected result is to have other obstructing elements removed from view for the selected item.
iPhone Weather
Category Description
UI/Usability Weather data will not appear when disconnected from Wi-Fi/EDGE resulting in widget containing city names and the days of the week. Cached weather data is deleted after several hours. This does not appear to be the case with the stocks application which stores the data for a longer period of time. The expected result is to have weather data (though possibly out of date) stored longer so it can be viewed when disconnected from networks.
UI/Usability The '°F' and '°C' text is not horizontally centered on the buttons located at the bottom of the 'i'/settings screen.
UI/Usability The location list management interface is not consistent with other areas of the iPhone. For example, the delete icon to the left of each item should not be visible unless the user taps an 'Edit' button.
UI/Usability The location list management interface allows duplicate cities to be added. The expected result is to not allow duplicates (like the stocks application).
UI/Usability When deleting locations from lists with more than one item the rounded corners of the list will flicker showing what appears to be the white background behind the rounded black image. The expected result is to not have the corner graphics flicker.
UI/Usability When deleting the second to the last item from the list of locations the first item in the list will jump upward for a split second before floating down to the correct location. The expected result is to have items deleted without impacting other items.
Upon loading the application the background for daytime weather is displayed momentarily then loaded with data and depending on the time of day switched to a night background. The expected result is to have the the application loaded with the correct background and location data when launched rather than having to make altercations after partially visible.
Updated 7/17: Apple engineering has determined this issue behaves as intended based on Apple interface guidelines and specifications.
As we have said before, the iPhone interface is extremely smooth and logical. Have you turned on airplane mode yet? The airplane icon could simply appear on the screen, but that wouldn't be very Apple. It is like they sat in a room and said... "Alright people -- airplane mode! Is there anything we can do to make this look cool?". It is for this reason we noted this as a possible issue. There are other ways this could be handled (if it was an issue) that wouldn't cause for an odd flashing between these graphics. A spinning loading graphic or even better a light gray background that transitions to the correct day/night graphic. Oh well, mark another 'bug' off the list.
iPhone Clock
Category Description
Other Bug/Has Workaround Under some circumstances the stopwatch counting becomes inaccurate. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Stopwatch' icon -> tap the 'Reset' button -> tap the 'Start' button -> tap the 'Stop' button -> tap the 'Start' button -> tap between the timer and stopwatch pages several times. Notice that the stopwatch jumps forward 10+ seconds each time the view is changed. Another option is to press the home button then re-enter the clock application to see the seconds increment faster than time. The expected result is to have the timer increment normally rather than in increments faster than time passes.
Other Bug/Has Workaround Under certain circumstances the timer selects an invalid time. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Timer' icon -> set the timer to one minute -> tap the 'Start' button -> press the home button -> tap the 'Clock' icon -> tap the 'Cancel' button -> the time selection wheel is set to zero hours and zero minutes, a value that is normally not allowed. Also, the application will refuse to start the timer (as it should). Running through the same steps with a timer greater than one minute will produce different results. The timer takes the current minute value and subtracts one minute. If the subtraction of one minute is by design, the expected result would be to not allow 0 hour, 0 minute timer. If the subtraction is not by design, the expected result would be to not alter the time.
Other Bug/Has Workaround Under certain circumstances the timer selects an invalid time. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Timer' icon -> set the timer to one minute -> tap the 'Start' button -> press the home button -> tap the 'Clock' icon -> note the time remaining. As soon as the timer expires the time selection wheel is set to zero hours and zero minutes. Start the timer without modifying the time value. The timer starts at the time close to when the application was loaded the second time. Now tap the 'Cancel' button before the timer reaches zero. It is no longer possible to start the timer (without setting a time value). Starting and stopping the timer at different times will cause a variety of results such as countdowns larger than requested. The expected result is for the timer to not alter the time value when performing these interactions.
UI/Usability When re-entering the timer application from the home screen the timer value will read an incorrect value for a split second. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon from the home screen -> tap the 'Timer' icon -> tap the 'Start' button -> press the home button -> tap the 'Clock' icon. For a split second the timer will read 00:00. The same occurs with the stopwatch application. The expected result is to have the stopwatch and timer values display their actual times rather than being set after the application is loaded.
UI/Usability The animation used in the time selection interface is not consistent when automatically switching between AM and PM hours. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Alarm' icon -> add a new alarm by clicking the '+' button in the upper right corner of the application -> set the time to 12:00 PM -> click on 11th hour that appears above 12. The hour will change to 11 and simultaneously the AM/PM wheel will change to AM. Clicking on 12 will first change the hour then set the AM/PM wheel to PM. This also appears to occur in other applications such as the calendar. While incredibly minor, the expected result would be a simultaneous change of the two value no matter which hour was being selected.
UI/Usability The 'When Timer Ends' alert sound on the Timer page can not be changed once the timer begins, though the interface appears to allow it. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Timer' icon -> set a 1 minute timer -> tap the 'Start' button -> tap the 'When Timer Ends' button -> tap a different sound -> tap the 'Set' button in the upper right corner of the application. The interface is updated with the new selection. Wait for the timer to expire. The sound that was selected before the timer was started with play. Start another 1 minute timer, change the sound, and press the home button. Return to the Timer screen by tapping the 'Clock' icon. The original sound has replaced the requested sound. The expected result is for the selected sound to be saved and utilized or the 'When Timer Ends' item should not be enabled when a timer is running.
UI/Usability Double tapping on a value in the upper or lower visible range of a time selection wheel will generate a spinning sound (assuming keyboard clicks are enabled) but will not adjust the time to the requested value. To reproduce, tap the 'Clock' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Alarm' icon -> tap the '+' button in the upper right corner of the application -> set the hour to 12. The earliest visible hour on the screen is now 10 and the latest visible hour is 2. Quickly double tap on the 10 on the hour selection wheel. The expected result is unclear. It should either not change and not make clicking/changing sounds or the double tapped item should be selected.
UI/Usability When viewing the World Clock page, notice the phone clock that appears on the same line as the battery indicator is approximately 1 second behind the configured World clocks.
iPhone Calculator
Category Description
UI/Usability When loading the calculator application while on a call, all elements above the 4/5/6 row will be drawn too low, then adjusted up after the program fully loads. To reproduce, tap the 'Phone' icon on the home screen and call a friend -> press the home button -> tap the 'Calculator' icon. Notice the buttons above the row with the number 4 are drawn too low. The buttons on the 7 row are cut off on the bottom. The expected behavior on this screen would be to have all of the buttons loaded in the correct position rather than being moved after the fact. This issue only occurs when on a call.
iPhone Notes
Category Description
UI/Usability Under certain circumstances an incorrect button is displayed momentarily when the Notes application is starting. To reproduce, tap the 'Notes' icon on the home screen -> tap the '+' button that appears in the upper right corner of the Notes application -> enter some text -> press the home button -> watch the upper right corner of the application as the 'Notes' application starts. The 'Done' button is still displayed from the previous run then after a second it is replaced with the '+' button. The expected result is for the correct button to be displayed immediately or no buttons followed by the correct button.
iPhone Settings
Category Description
The 'Time Zone' items listed on the 'Date & Time' screen are truly city selectors. To view, tap the 'Settings' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'General' item -> tap the 'Date & Time' item. The 'Time Zone' item listed under calendar takes the input of a city, not a time zone. This may cause confusion for some users. The expected result would be that the item be labeled 'Time Zone City' or the selection should be altered to a list of actual time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, etc). Another 'Time Zone' item appears under the 'Date & Time' selection on the same screen (need to turn off the 'Set Automatically' setting).
Updated 7/17: Apple engineering has determined this issue behaves as intended based on Apple interface guidelines and specifications.
The label of this configuration item on Mac OS X (v10.4.10) is 'Closest City'. Windows users (who also purchased the iPhone) are accustomed to this item being an actual time zone name.
UI/Usability Visual inconstancy appears on the VPN screen when switching Proxy between 'Off' and 'Manual or Auto'. To view, tap the 'Settings' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'General' item -> tap the 'Network' item -> tap the 'VPN' item -> tap the 'Settings' item -> tap between the 'Off' and 'Manual' or 'Auto' buttons that appear on the bottom of the content area. Notice that the proxy settings items fly in from the top of the content area. The expected result is to have the items expand in place rather than flying in. Compare this setting with a similar interface under Settings -> Wi-Fi -> tap the blue arrow to the left of a wireless network -> scroll to the bottom of the content area -> tap between the 'Off' and 'Manual' or 'Auto' buttons.
Fixed in 1.01
Minor display issue with 'Current Period' usage data field. To view, tap the 'Settings' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Usage' item. Notice the word 'Minutes' is cut short on the 'Current Period' item because the field is not large enough. The expected result is to have the entire word 'minutes' visible for the item.
iPhone Phone
Category Description
Crash/Hang/Data Loss The Phone application will become unresponsive when starting a sync when editing a contact photo. To reproduce, tap the 'Phone' icon from the home screen -> tap the 'Contacts' icon -> select a contact that has a photo assigned (if none exist add one) -> tap the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner of the application -> tap the photo in the upper left corner of the application -> tap the 'Edit Photo' button -> start a sync. When the sync process completes the contact info page will return but be unresponsive. Press the home button to exit the Phone application. The expected behavior would be to return to photo editing application rather than then info screen (locked).
UI/Usability The proximity sensor is enabled in the voicemail application causing the screen to turn off whenever the sensor is covered. To test, tap the 'Phone' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Voicemail' icon -> hold your hand over the proximity sensor near the receiver (not the speaker on the bottom of the phone). The display will turn off. The expected result is for the proximity sensor to be enabled when the user is likely to have the phone to their ear, such as playing a message without the Speaker.
UI/Usability The bottom navigation bar covers items in the list when adding a field to a new contact for the first time. To reproduce, tap the 'Phone' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Contacts' icon -> tap the '+' button in the upper right corner of the application to add a new contact -> enter a name for the contact -> tap the 'Save' button -> without leaving the new contact record, tap the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner of the application -> scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the 'Add Field' item. Notice the bottom navigation bar disappears for a second, then reappears. This makes it difficult (though not impossible) to select the last item in the list of fields, in our case 'Note'. The expected result is for the navigation button bar to not remain visible, resulting in the easier selection of the last item in the list. This issue only occurs the first time a record record is edited.
UI/Usability The labels that appear on the contact info screen are too narrow to display longer custom label text. The current label width appears to have been set to allow for longer data strings that appear in fields such as email address. While it looks nice to have all the fields lined up, there is more than enough screen real estate to the right of the phone number to allow the label to be larger. A possible solution if the UI specification does not allow for such a change would be an option to tap on the labels to see the full text.
UI/Usability The voicemail interface does not appear consistent with the other applications loaded on the iPhone. To view, tap the 'Phone' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Voicemail' button. The playback time, 'Call Back' button, and 'Delete' button are disabled when no messages are selected or when no messages exist. The expected interface methodology should be similar to the keyboard and photo navigation controls -- only display buttons and other controls when needed or requested. The container with the playback time, 'Call Back' button, and 'Delete' button should be hidden prior to selecting a message or if no messages exist. This would initially allow more messages to be displayed on the screen as appears to be the standard in other applications.
UI/Usability The voicemail play/pause button is not consistent with other audio playback interfaces on the iPhone. The play/pause button is too close to the edge of the screen and has the appearance of the more information button that appears to the right of each voicemail item. To view, tap the 'Phone' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Voicemail' icon -> call the number associated to the iPhone and leave a voicemail if none already exist. Notice the location and appearance of the the play/pause button. The expected design would have the play/pause button located near the bottom of the content area. This is more inline with the iPod application.
iPhone Mail
Category Description
UI/Usability The scroll position of a mailbox can change to an unexpected position when arrowing through messages. To reproduce, tap the 'Settings' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Mail' item -> tap the 'Preview' item -> tap the '3 Lines' item -> press the home button -> tap the 'Mail' icon -> navigate to an Inbox that contains 5 or more messages and is not divisible by 4 (5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, ...) -> tap and scroll the list so the last message is not visible -> tap any message -> continue tapping the down arrow button located in the upper right corner of the application until reaching the last message -> tap the 'Inbox' arrow button that appears in the upper left corner of the application. The current view will change to the Inbox, however the scroll position will be incorrect. the last message should be on the bottom of the content area. Tapping on the last message or any white space will cause the scroll position to return to normal (displaying 4 messages). To see the "normal" scroll position of the last item try scrolling past the last message in the list of messages. The list will rubber band back to having the last message on the bottom of the content area. Altering the number of preview lines will change the number of messages it takes to reproduce this bug. The expected result is to have the scroll position correctly set to have the last message on the bottom of the content area.
UI/Usability A save as draft option exists, though the interface does not clearly identify the method to initiate the save (when composing a new message tap the 'Cancel' button in the upper left corner of the application then tap the save button to create the draft). The expected view would change the 'Cancel' button to read 'Action'. Tapping the action button could bring up a dialog to cancel, save as draft, add attachment (image or other data files if supported in the future).
iPhone Safari
Category Description
Crash/Hang/Data Loss Web pages do not remain loaded after powering off the iPhone. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> load a web page if none currently appear loaded (tap the address bar -> enter 'www.apple.com' in the address bar -> tap the 'Go' button in the lower right corner of the keyboard) -> press and hold the power button -> wait for the iPhone to shutdown -> press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears -> tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen. Notice the web page or pages that were loaded are no longer. Seeing as the Safari application remembers the pages that were visited, the expected result is for the page content to remain loaded. Depending on the user interaction with the loaded site, the user will lose any data that had been stored in web forms. We have witnessed this occurring in situations when the phone was not powered down, though we are unable to come up with steps to reproduce.
Other Bug/Has Workaround Attempting to pause an MP3 launched from a web page such as DL.TV by clicking the iPhone stereo headset mic button once will result in a track from the iPod library starting. To reproduce, plug an iPhone stereo headset in to the headset jack -> tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> tap the address bar -> enter the following URL in the top address textbox 'http://dl.tv' -> tap the 'Go' button in the lower right corner of the keyboard -> zoom in to the main content area -> select the 'MP3 (Audio Only) link that appears next to the latest episode. A QuickTime player will load and begin playing the MP3 file. Attempt to pause the audio playback by clicking the mic button once. Technically the MP3 stops but only to start playing a track from the iPod application. The expected result is to pause the currently playing media.
Enhancement When playing an MP3 launched from a web page such as TWiT it becomes impossible to continue browsing. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> tap the address bar -> enter the following URL in the top address textbox 'http://www.twit.tv' -> tap the 'Go' button in the lower right corner of the keyboard -> in the content area zoom in to the 'Latest Release' -> tap the 'Download MP3 file' link. A QuickTime player will load and begin playing the MP3 file. Tap the home button -> tap the 'Safari' icon. The QuickTime player will come up again. The issue is that the MP3 player that Safari launches takes over the entire screen and the Safari application. The expected result is to be able to continue browsing the internet while streaming an MP3.
Improved in 1.01
It is difficult to scroll and zoom to view content that is visible prior to the entire page being loaded. These interactions with Safari are slow and choppy. To reproduce, disconnect from Wi-Fi (tap the 'Settings' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Wi-Fi' item -> flip the 'Wi-Fi' switch to 'Off') -> tap the home button -> tap the 'Safari' icon -> tap the address bar -> enter 'www.cnn.com' in the address bar -> tap the 'Go' button in the lower right corner of the keyboard -> while the page loads double tap to zoom in on loaded content and scroll on the page by flicking and dragging. Depending on how much of the content has been cached the interface becomes slow and unresponsive to double-tap and drag requests. View another web site if for some reason this page seems responsive. The expected result is to be able to zoom in on content that has already loaded and scroll around the page while it is being loaded.
Other Bug/Has Workaround After starting a sync blank pages will be closed. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> browse to a web site -> tap the open pages icon in the lower right corner of the application -> tap the 'New Page' button (do not browse to web sites). Continue tapping the open pages icon and adding new blank pages. Notice the open pages icon in the lower right shows the number of open pages. Start a sync. Upon returning from the sync the blank pages have removed. This also occurs by pressing the home button and re-entering the Safari application. The expected result is to return with all pages remaining as they were before the sync began.
UI/Usability The screen orientation will not change when the keyboard is visible. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> turn the phone to a landscape orientation -> tap in the address bar to bring up the keyboard -> turn the phone to a portrait orientation. The screen does not change to portrait. The expected result is to have Safari and the keyboard change position to the portrait orientation.
UI/Usability The bookmark deletion interface contains visual flaws. To view, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> tap the bookmark icon on the bottom of the application -> tap the 'Edit' button in the lower left corner of the application -> tap one of the red minus symbols located to the left of each item. Notice that the delete button is drawn over a vertical line that separates an arrow and the three list sorting bars. The expected result is to have other obstructing elements removed from view for the selected item.
UI/Usability To be more consistent with other applications, the 'Edit' button on the Bookmarks page should be located in the upper left corner of the application. When in edit mode the 'New Folder' button should appear in the upper right corner. This change would result in a larger view of the bookmark list because the bottom bar could be removed.
UI/Usability Web page preview images and page appearances differ based on the orientation of the phone at the time pages are loaded. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> tap the address bar -> enter 'www.apple.com' in the address bar -> tap the 'Go' button in the lower right corner of the keyboard -> hold the iPhone in a portrait orientation -> double tap the content area until the entire width of the web page is visible without having the scroll around -> tap the open pages icon located in the lower right corner of the application -> tap the 'New Page' button in the lower left corner of the application -> change the orientation of the phone to a landscape orientation -> tap the open pages icon. Flip to the preview image of Apple's web site. Notice the preview image shows a cropped/zoomed version of the site. Selecting the apple.com page displays the page zoomed in to a level that was not selected before changing the orientation of the iPhone. The expected result is to have the preview image and actual page view maintained or appropriately modified after changing the phone orientation.
UI/Usability After starting a sync while viewing the open pages screen, the screen returns to the last viewed page. To reproduce, tap the 'Safari' icon on the home screen -> browse to a web site -> tap the open pages icon in the lower right corner of the application -> tap the 'New Page' button -> browse to a web page -> tap the open pages icon in the lower right corner of the application again -> start a sync. Notice that upon returning the previously viewed web page is selected. The expected result is to be returned to the screen that was viewed before the sync began.
iPhone iPod
Category Description
Crash/Hang/Data Loss The iPod application will crash after syncing begins. To reproduce, tap the 'iPod' icon on the home screen -> make note of the current view (Playlists, Artists, etc) -> tap another view icon from the icons on the bottom of the application -> start a sync. Upon returning from the sync, the home screen is selected. Tapping on the 'iPod' icon again will restart the iPod application with the original view selected (this is one way to determine this was a crash and not the sync process sending returning to the wrong screen). The expected result would be to return to the iPod view that was selected before the sync began. If media was playing prior to the sync (and still exists after the sync), it should resume playing.
UI/Usability Videos can be deleted by using the swipe shortcut, though the 'Edit' button does not appear on the screen to initiate the delete action. There are two primary methods used to delete data items on the iPhone. First, tap the 'Edit' button -> tap one of the red minus symbols located on the left of each item -> tap the 'Delete' button to the right of the selected item. The second method is to use the swipe shortcut. Swipe left or right over an item -> tap the 'Delete' button to the right of the selected item. The swipe method is not available in all areas because the height of the data items can make swiping the correct item difficult. The expected design would include the 'Edit' button on all screens that support deleting data elements (including the 'Videos' list).
When selecting a song to play (in the portrait orientation), the track list icon (looks like a bulleted list) in the upper right corner of the screen is initially set to the album artwork. To view, tap the 'iPod' icon on the home screen -> tap the 'Playlists' icon (it may be necessary to tap the 'More' icon on the bottom of the screen to find the Playlist view) -> tap a playlist -> tap any item to begin playback. Watch the upper right corner of the application. A thumbnail of the album artwork will appear then flip around to the track list icon. To view again, tap the left arrow located in the upper left corner of the application -> tap the 'Now Playing' button in the upper right corner of the application. The expected result is to have the screen setup in its end state rather than being adjusted after becoming visible.
Updated 7/17: Apple engineering has determined this issue behaves as intended based on Apple interface guidelines and specifications.
It is unclear to us the benefit or usefulness of having the album artwork momentarily appear twice on the Now Playing screen. Nonetheless, since this is by design we can confirm that it is working very well.
UI/Usability or Enhancement
The current media being played is paused when the headset is unplugged during playback. To reproduce, tap the 'iPod' icon on the home screen -> plug in a headset -> navigate the menu system and being playing any media -> unplug the headset. The media pauses. This may be the expected result for situations when the headset becomes accidently unplugged. However, another expected result may be for the media to continue playback with audio routed through the speaker. Both results could be supported by adding an option in 'Settings' -> 'iPod'. Add an item named 'On Headset Remove' -> options (pause, continue). Media appears to be paused in any application that routes audio through the headset jack (YouTube and MP3 streaming through Safari).
Updated 7/17: Apple engineering has determined this issue behaves as intended based on Apple interface guidelines and specifications.
We will move this over to our enhancement post (not published yet) where we will propose a new configuration item be created to support this option.


Jen said:

Safari crashes sometimes when pages are loading, has anyone else had this happen? I'll come back here to post the bug officially if I can figure out how to reproduce it. I hope Apple takes these bugs seriously and doesn't pull a Microsoft by saying "we meant for it to do that". This is the largest bug list in one place that I’ve seen. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said:

playing songs while surfing with safari will cause the songs to stop playing

SWilkins said:

Wow! That is one hell of a list.

It's amazing that a baby playing with an iPhone gets more diggs than an post that could help us get a better iPhone software release.

eBooksBay said:

Very nice article & list. wish everyone could write like this.
Thanks, Dugg.


hadi farnoud said:

lets find a bug to unlock it
iPhone Unlock Contest

Anonymous said:

how about the fact that the iphone is SLOW AS HELL when it's loaded up with music, and freezes much more. it performs significantly better with no music on there. this is not surprising, just typical apple crap software.

PowerLlama said:

Another "bug" is that it doesn't sync up with Mail as well as it does with iPhoto and iCal and such. It's getting old to have to delete e-mails twice, and is something that should be changed, especially with how well it integrates with everything else.

Anonymous said:

Most serious bug: iPhone is not available in Poland yet ;-)

Anonymous said:

The biggest bug is that Iphone not available in europe at al at the moment

Bradster said:

I've also noticed that when I'm using Safari on my iPhone and try to enter a comment to a blog posting, Safari quits altogether and takes me back to the home screen every time.

Anonymous said:

In Safari, I've noticed that extremely long pages won't load entirely. They'll get cut-off.

10668844 said:

Thanks for posting this. I wish that others in the 'cult of mac' could be as honest. This article has been dug.

Uncle J said:

These are not all bugs, some are just opinions. (Wrong ones =)

"The current media being played is paused when the headset is unplugged during playback. To reproduce, tap the 'iPod' icon on the home screen -> plug in a headset -> navigate the menu system and being playing any media -> unplug the headset. The media pauses. This may be the expected result for situations when the headset becomes accidently unplugged. However, another expected result may be for the media to continue playback with audio routed through the speaker. Both results could be supported by adding an option in 'Settings' -> 'iPod'. Add an item named 'On Headset Remove' -> options (pause, continue). Media appears to be paused in any application that routes audio through the headset jack (YouTube and MP3 streaming through Safari)."

You really do not want the iPhone speakers fire up and let everyone around you know what you are listening. That would be just annoying.

Pwn3d said:

Bug #1: iPhone is a 499$ pile of crap.

Bug #2: 90% of all Apple costumers are gay. 10% left are simply women or male retards.

Ronnyguru2 said:

Reproducible Bug in UI on Safari: Open Safari, Hold in Landscape mode, click on a Input text area such as this one I am typing in right now, type some text, then use your finger to drag along the text just typed to reposition your cursor *while keyboard open in landscape), the zoom view (Circular Magnified view) shows the wrong location- it's about 1" off from where you finger is.

I have only tested this on my iPhone.
PS: I've been looking for a site like this, since I'm really good at finding/reporting bugs. Great JOB! DUGG!

Anonymous said:

Most of these seem pretty minor (some of them are *really* minor). The biggest problems I've discovered are that Safari seems to crash a fair bit, though I have not found a page that I can reliably reproduce this on. Also, after removing headphones while a movie is playing, the sound does not always switch to speaker. I occasionally have to go to the Settings->Sounds and select a ring tone to make the sound switch back, and then flip back to the movie.

iphone said:

i couldn't understand
how could be lots of bug?

Anonymous said:

Bug #3: Your budget doesn't allow you to buy one. Just because you dont have one, doesn't mean it's a piece of crap.

Posted from my piece of crap, on the train.

Bug #4: It didn't come out sooner.

Anonymous said:

I'd like to add that the stopwatch feature does not work at all.
- Click start.
- Click Lap
- Click Lap
- Click Lap
- Click Stop

Each time lap is clicked, the main counter is reset. This is not proper behavior (and negates the need for a lap function. The main counter should never stop -- it should keep a complete total of time from start to stop. the lap shows increments.. In this current implementation it is impossible to get a total time without committing the lap number to memory then adding them in calc ;-)

Anonymous said:

When adding cities to the Weather app, I can add Johannesburg, but I can't add Cape Town, both in South Africa. But, if I select 'I' for Johannesburg and then in the web page, search for Cape Town, it finds it. Strange...

dfbills said:

Please tell me you've logged all of these bugs into radar- http://radar.apple.com

Anonymous said:

When the VPN is set to always require a password, only a numeric dialpad is provided in the software. No alphanumeric keypad is available, and so VPN passwords using letters or symbols cannot be used.

This makes a VPN unusable to me, as I don't want to always have my password entered, and I cannot type in my real password in the screen provided.

Great roundup! You guys rock. Thanks for taking the time for such a thorough trial.

DoubleDown said:

If you have two albums from different artists with the same name (i.e. Keasbey Nights from both Catch 22 and Streetlight Manifesto) iTunes on Windows distinguishes the different albums - however iPhone shows them as one album.

Knightwalker said:

I have 2 Iphones in the house and both have a odd high pitched tone once in a blue moon.
Apple care told me to restart and told me this happens sometimes because of interference.
Did anyone else get this?

Anonymous said:


Unless you file it at bugreport. apple.com, it's not a bug, it's just a gripe. Nobody at Apple scours the web to find complaints.

Anonymous said:

Ever notice that you can't open an MP3 mail attachment? That's my main gripe so far.

Carlos said:

Yahoo mail is full of bugs...

Share (email) a YouTube video with someone. Yahoo does not send the email and locks your email up for day or more. Same as with sharing a website from safari by emailing it.

I have made new Yahoo accounts, even exchanged to a new iPhone. Still the same issue.

Also tried it with Gmail, but with Gmail it simply CC to your inbox the exact email you just sent (youtube/safari link). CC my email option being turned and never even set.

I really hoping and update comes soon.

Anonymous said:

I have seen several instance of safari crashing while the ipod is already playing a song, and then I try to open a web page and subsequently resize it before the entire page loads.

Scoot said:

LOL. Why doesn't Apple just ditch it's QA department.

Anonymous said:

I agree with the comments about Safari. If it crashed this much on a desktop no one would use it.

#21 and #26 - In the bullet points at the top of this page it says they reported these things to Apple.

kWeb said:

That's quite the big list, that is!

Anonymous said:

Workaround for issue #22

To allow alphanumeric characters in your VPN password you must go to Settings->General->Network->VPN->Settings

Enter the password in the password field; don't worry, this password doesn't seem to be remembered and you will be asked for your password again after you later disconnect from the VPN (at least this is how it works on my phone). After entering the password You will be dumped back onto the VPN settings screen (Settings->General->Network->VPN). Enable VPN and it'll use the password you just entered on the previous screen.

Mad Ned said:

Not surprising, considering we are talking about fairly complex software that is literally version 1.0. The interesting thing about iPhone though is that Apple designed it from the ground up to be connected to your computer - (comes with USB cable, you activate it online, syncs with itunes, etc.)

Because of this, Apple is in a good position to update iPhone software for their user base. We're just going to go home one day, dock the thing, and an update is going to be there waiting.

While most other cell phones and smart phones allow connections to your computer, I doubt many of them have as large a percentage of users actually doing it. I know on my old phone it was always a trip to the Verizon store to have the phone 're-flashed'..

skip said:


(the comment system is messing up the real email tags since they're also html tags... see the above blog for properly formatted info)

I seem to have found a bug in the SMTP implementation on the iPhone’s Mail.app. When the iPhone sends an email the recipient will actually see two distinct senders, one sender is “Appleseed” and the other is “John” . Both sending addresses will be wrong and un-reply-able. Somehow, during the SMTP conversation, the iPhone is mishandling the from address if the display name contains a comma.

At work we have a naming convention for email addresses as:

"Last, First"

For example, assume your email account is set up like this:

Name: Appleseed, John


When the iPhone sends email the recipient will actually see two distinct senders, one sender is "Appleseed" and the other is "John"

The sending account should of course be: "Appleseed, John"

I’ve tested this out sending email from the iPhone through various email servers and I’m fairly certain the bug is on the iPhone, as it happens no matter which SMTP server I use. If the email account has a comma in the display name the message will have a corrupt “From:” address, and the recipient will be unable to reply (since the address gets munged in transport).

I’ve also tested this out with other email clients, and they all properly send email from accounts with “Appleseed, John” as the display name.

Rand said:

Interesting list, but nothing on there looked really scarey. If you want a truely scarey experience use Windows Mobile. All in all its remarkably stable for a ver 1.0 phone. Not perfect, but remarkably stable.

meme said:

Comment # 36 Nothing Scary, how about the second one under calendar? That one seems REALLY SCARY to me, but I use calendar for everything. I also tested the first one under "other", that's pretty freaky. I will be checking back here to see updates to this post.
I think this is the largest list of bugs that I've seen for the iPhone. Keep up the excellent work people! When are you going to have something about future enhancements to the iPhone?

MxM said:

The most annoying thing I have with iPhone is constant crashing on some sites like digg.com. It is to the point that I can not browse the site at all due to crash after crash.

Alex said:

If you're using a Gmail account to send mail on the iPhone, all mail that you send is also sent to you and arrives in your inbox.

electricalen said:

I can lock up the entire phone everytime on Flickr. Just find a photo on the site that has multiple sizes available. Look for the "original" size. It my case, the original is 2400x1600, or the like, and click on that size. Locks up the phone everytime. You have to do a hard reset to get it working again. I tried it on different pictures and different sizes, and it works almost everytime.

Anonymous said:


Become an ADC member for free.


That will give you access to bugreport.apple.com. Then, enter your own bugs and watch them get tracked. If you find something really unique, you may actually be contacted by Apple for followup information!!! :)

Anonymous said:

@#38, for digg.com go to digg.com/iphone

also you said that the ipod crashes when you go to sync, it doesnt crash. the real iPod does this as well.

rob f said:

for Google Maps:

how about how the auto correction for the keyboard is not implemented in gmaps?

this is where i need this the MOST, as i use it when in the car etc and fumble the keayboard a lot.....

Anonymous said:

@#39 to shut off the send send mail to inbox thing go into settings >> mail >> (your gmail email account) >> advanced >> [turn off] use recent mode

Vintory said:

When you first setup the phone, it imports all contacts.
finding a way to delete all contacts is escaping me.
Could just be me.
Love the phone over all though. It is truly a breakthrough in convergence.

Shannin said:

my previous post numbers: 42 & 44


go into contacts >> select contact you want to delete >> edit (top right) >> scroll all the way down to the bottom >> select delete contact

Climbrate said:

Another Bug and verified on several phones. Under settings, mail, your account (eg. earthlink), advanced, selecting under "Delete From Server:" If you try to change from "Never" to "When Removed From Inbox" and exit out of settings, the change will not hold/take. This is a pain as all the email you managed/deleted off the phone throughout the day is all there for you when you get home to your main computer.

Nequam said:

For #41, I would be truly excited if they would pay me to debug their stuff. A lot of the issues that I am reading would seem to me that they didn't really regression test their interface library. I am happy that I didn't go out and buy the phone, still with WM6 and my 3g phone. Not as pretty, but very functional, connects to almost any kind of email, including blackberry, and a entire library of software that I can use with it. I can even add my own memory cards, replace the battery, and have a full keyboard that doesn't keep my fingerprints. (I will buy the IPhone as soon as its 3G or Broadband).

anonym said:

Bug #69:
Costs 600$ with the contract

mr. blue said:


"While most other cell phones and smart phones allow connections to your computer, I doubt many of them have as large a percentage of users actually doing it. I know on my old phone it was always a trip to the Verizon store to have the phone 're-flashed'.."

Yeah, with a normal phone.. but if you're gonna compare, why not compare a smart phone with a dock? (you know.. like the iPhone you're actually talking about?)

I have a Treo 700w with verizon and just yesterday all I had to do was click on the link at Palm and pop my phone in the dock. It updated all of the software in under 30 minutes and notified me when it was done updating everything. Settings, files, and OS intact. Not to mention that before I did the update, all I had to do was click on Sprite and "backup" and it backed up my entire phone before the update... just in case. So I have a back up point and an updated phone.. all for free, without leaving my desk, and with only a couple clicks.

batchingitgup said:

My iPhone Wish List (typed on my iPhone)
# Spotlight like search in addressbook / contact list
# Systemwide spotlight like search
# I.M. Client ( aim, gtalk, yahoo, MSN, bonjoure )
# Java support (Safari)
# Some flash support (really not as big a deal to me as the java, but would be nice)
# Ability to highlight,copy paste text system-wide
# Show letters in keyboard with proper case as they will be typed
( uppercase when shift pressed, lower case when it is not. )
# custom ringtones
# when iPhone is sideways (with volume switch on bottom/towards you) for movies etc the volume switch needs to be reversed or the on screen volume indicator needs to show right to left
not left to right to give proper/consistant visual clues
# more bluetooth options ( transfer files (like pics, downloads,word docs,pdfs) to computer(s) other iPhones 'n such, sync, portable keyboard,etc. )
# mobile versions of iWork, (better excel,word support)
# a home folder or somewhere I can download files to from safari,emails, etc. and then access in drive-mode on my computer
# Direct iTunes store access from iPhone
# Modem mode, ability to shre internet connection *through USB or Bluetooth) with a computer
# Be able to send appointments/tasks from the iPhone's Cal. (through email)

cory said:

I an not sure if this qualifies as a bug or not but it drives me nuts that I can't send a text to more that on addressee at a time. You also can't send a text to an e-mail address because the keyboard doesn't have an @ symbol or period when you are typing in the SMS address line.

schininis said:

Re: Jen (and others)
I had the crashing Safari syndrome . . . mainly when using the iPhone on Edge. That problem completely went away when I did EXACTLY what you have to do (unfortunately) with any web browser (on any computer or phone) after using for a while. I went to Setting>Safari> and then clear history,clear cookies, clear cache. Then just for safe measure power down the unit all the way once a week or so.

Anonymous said:

Mail Bug:
When offline (no wifi, and in a phone call) mail will not let you scroll cached messages. it constantly tries to connect.

pinnatus said:

If you use 'Google for Domains' the iPhone "smartly" realizes it's hosted by Google and appends to your username thus rendering logins to your email impossible. To make matters worse, the portion of your username is grayed out, so you cannot correct this bug manually.

HPV said:

There was no doubt there were going to be bugs in the Iphone, but this amount is unreal. Hacking the Iphone just got easier.

Anonymous said:

way to go Robert (OP)

While you are trying to do a service, most you've managed to attract are haters who never even bought an iphone

A.Nonymous said:

I hope someone forwards this list to Apple!

hugblue said:

i'm glad that i have not buyed this shit. seems that they are as crappy as microsoft.
i think no matter what, that they will never get to a final release without errors.
and i cannot understand how they can sell a thing like that, that are so full of errors.
if i had buyed one, i would now try to get my money back and wait for another system, that are lot more error free and much more tested before release.

Anonymous said:

Found a few as well.

Email unable to view attached jpeg file.

Podcasts are showing up as songs.

When you email a picture, signature is not put in.

riffola said:

You're missing this big bag serious bug in the Calculator.

Larry Friedman said:

Weather data will not appear when disconnected from Wi-Fi/EDGE resulting in widget containing city names and the days of the week. Cached weather data is deleted after several hours. The expected result is to have weather data (though possibly out of date) stored longer so it can be viewed when disconnected from networks.

I disagree with this. Weather information needs to be current, I don't want to have old weather info displayed and possibly confused with current weather info. If I'm off network I'll just call someone for the current weather, or jot it down in notes.

Anonymous said:

Safari: "Web pages do not remain loaded after powering off the iPhone."

This is by design from what I understand.

Most of these are just usability issues that unless you have the requirements from the designers, are wish list items.

Anonymous said:

ANOTHER BUG - when viewing an email with many, many addresses in the "To:" field, the screen FREAKS out. It starts swapping and glitching between home screen, wallpaper and the email when you are scrolling down the list of emails trying to get to the content of the email.

Once you get 2/3 down the list, it stops. I have reproduced this on two iPhones, using 250 email addresses in the "to:" field

I know it's a rare (very rare) instance, but some a**hole friend of mine included me in a list of 250 email address inthe "to:" field -- to wich i replied "BCC a**hole!".


lookmark said:

Handy list, guys, but you need to separate the real bugs from the UI/Usability issues, a lot of which are not bugs but opinions.

e.g. the "UI bug" about pausing when headphones are removed - this is intended behavior, and which has existed on iPods from day 1, as far as I can remember. You may prefer to have the option to choose whether or not it does this, but it's not a bug.

Anonymous said:

When another windows launches a page, once you close that page the address bar of the original page shows the address of the closed page (if you use "share" it shares the closed page", unless you hit reload first).

fuzzy said:

Some Comments.

# 59 "i'm glad that i have not buyed this shit. seems that they are as crappy as microsoft.
i think no matter what, that they will never get to a final release without errors.
and i cannot understand how they can sell a thing like that, that are so full of errors.
if i had buyed one, i would now try to get my money back and wait for another system, that are lot more error free and much more tested before release."

For starters it's 'bleeding edge' technology - and just because of that fact it's going to have bugs. If you want less buggy devices, then wait for v2 when they have refined it a bit. All technology goes through this process upon first release.

Also, you have to realize that the iPhone obviously went through a ton of testing, but when you release it to hundreds of thousands of people they are going to discover things the Apple guys didn't find. Some of the "bugs" listed above are not bugs, it's just expectations of how the software should behave and the expectation isn't met - that's not necessarily a bug.

And lastly, due to the complexity of the system/device there's no way to make it 100% bug free. Look at Windows, OS X, Linux - any major OS has issues and bugs. I'd be willing to bet that your 'simple' cell phone has some bugs in it, and the iPhone is 1000 times more complex than that.

PS: "buyed" isn't a word.

David said:

>UI/Usability The phone vibrates when switched to silent mode, but does not provide audible feedback when exiting silent mode.

-I prefer this, on my razr whenever I switched it from silent to ring it would make and audible beep I really hated that.

Anonymous said:

I have also had serious issues with Safari crashing. Particularly common when navigating pages in Ebay.

My second issue, while I know it is simply the network, is that you do not receive calls while in Safari. I can certainly understand not receiving them or being able to answer them, but they should have a function to show a missed call or something of that nature. As it is now, when i'm using the web function, which i use much more often then the phone, people have called me and I have not had any way of telling if/when someone called.

Vince said:

Calendar doesn't support birthdays in the 1930s, 1920s, maybe more years? If you have a contact in Address book on your Mac with a birthday, let's say 1928, it shows up in the iCal app, but when you sync it with the iphone, it disappears. To fix, I just put a different year and it works.

Anonymous said:

A lot of these seem more like feature requests NOT bugs...

Anonymous said:

Most of those are not bugs just complaints.

Anonymous said:

Please post the Radar bug numbers for each item!

Anonymous said:

I agree with some of your actual bugs (Safari, et al.) but a lot of your UI/Usability issues should be in a separate list. As others are saying, some of those 'bugs' are actually features some of us like: music pausing when the headphones are taken out, the calendar keeping all day events in the order I put them in, not automatically alphabetizing them (what if I'm prioritizing them?), the voicemail buttons always being there.

Other than that, great list and I hope you submit these to Apple. I'm excited about v2. :)

Ventrilo said:

I hope they get a lot of these corrected soon

Anonymous said:

When syncing photos to an Aperture library, the selected projects sometimes change to a seemingly random selection. IE, if you selected three albums called monday, tuesday and wednesday, the next time you sync, it selects three completely different albums.

Anonymous said:

Now if only Apple Hound's design wasn't a rip of AppleGazette's.

firesign said:

Sadly, many of these "bugs" -- especially the "UI/Usability" ones -- are simply items where the tester seems to disagree with Apple's design decisions. For example: the delete button "visual flaw" described is remarkably consistent across applications... that's because it's not a bug. The design was clearly for the delete button to "wipe" in over the underlying content, vertically centered between the row borders. The only place where this is inconsistent is in the stocks app, where the underlying text gets truncated with ellipses.

Especially in the UI/Usability department, how can you focus on the way the delete button is drawn in the YouTube app, misidentifying it as a bug, and yet miss more serious and obvious issues like the fact that long titles are truncated in the detail view, making several similarly titled videos indistinguishable?

There are many REAL bugs in the iPhone, that seriously impact usability. Nitpicking design decisions and labeling them "bugs" (or worse: putting "enhancements" on your bug list) is not going to help anyone.

Peter said:

Application: Visual Voice mail

Severity: Annoying

Pre-conditions: you have a working, activated iPhone.

Event: The SIM card is replaced by AT&T

Behaviour: Once you've re-activated your phone via iTunes (good luck with that), you go to the phone application, click on the voice mail button. The button highlights and the screen doesn't change. You can't get to voice mail.

Solution: Call your phone and leave a voice mail. When the phone is notified that a voice mail is present it will popup a enter password dialog that will store it back into the SIM and Visual Voicemail starts working again.

It appears that Apple uses the SIM card to store WiFi hotspot information and Voice Mail password.

Anonymous said:

I agree with the guy who wrote this article. UI/Usability problems should be viewed as bugs when the program display looks different than the rest of the phone. At least it seems like more of a bug than a feature request. Many things on the phone are setup to look or work the same way so it makes me think that it is a bug if it is different because Apple probably didn't intend it to look that way.

Eliot said:

Safari also crashes on me roughly 1/3 of the time I use it. Very frustrating. I'll be loading a new page and Poof! Safari is gone and I'm back to the main app button page.

I noticed yesterday that when adding a new contact if you take a picture of the contact during the add process, the contact will not save at all and you have to start over. Must add contact without picture, save, then look up contact, add picture. Can live with this more than the Safari crashes.

Battery life for me is not sufficient. I've never had a Treo or Windows Mobile PDA that I had to recharge during a typical day of use. I'd estimate that the iPhone has approximately 50% of the battery life that it really needs. I'd put up with additional thickness for longer battery life. Too bad that's not an option. I always carry a charger with me now for car and wall, recharging when ever I sit down.

With the exceptions above, I really like the iPhone. So much to like. I'm sure Apple and others will work out the bugs over the coming months.

DUBB said:

Some of these are things I would actually call a bug, but others are just dumb and not a big deal. Things like not having to hit edit when deleting stocks is just how it is. Just because one app makes you hit edit before deleting doesn't mean that all should. Other things like the F/C not being horizontally centered is also dumb. When someone mentions a bug I am expecting something like a glitch that crashes a program or phone, not a minor imperfection that someone extremely anal might notice. As far as for the actual bugs found, good work.

Anonymous said:



Anonymous said:

Whoa, whoa...wait a minute, you can't even copy and paste text on the iPhone?

My Sidekick has been able to do this for years.

Is that even correct?? I thought Apple was supposed to be so user friendly and cutting edge? You can't copy and paste text?????

Ty said:

Very very well done list. I hope people keep in mind that this seems like more of an effort to make the iPhone even better than it already is and NOT to point out that it's a shitty phone. The majority of these are very minor. But I guess it's the little things count when it comes to phones.

Anonymous said:

Bug#2 80 dollars a month MINIMUM?

Anonymous said:

I found my first major bug (perhaps an annoyance) with calculator when trying to tally up my portion of store reciept.

try the following:

1 + 1 x 4

on a simple calculator ( like dashboard) the answer would be 8

but the iphone calculator carries out multiplication first and returns 5

I understand that this is technically correct, however when using a simple calculator, it is much more common to execute each command before moving onto the next. This isn't as easily noticed when tallying a huge sum and than multiplying by tax. I almost overpaid by about $50

Tim Laughlin said:

Let me say one thing.. no one has ever taken the time to do this kind of bug list on the Samsung Blackjack (former phone).. It would be several more pages and if usability/enhancements were included.. it would be easier to start completely over with the OS than write about how to fix Windows Mobile.

End of discussion.. quit your bitchin!

One thing I would like.. the "Edit" button is missing when you view a contact from your favorites.

Tom said:

After a week of heavy use, I noticed that Safari would quit suddenly while loading a page. Soon, other applications began to quit suddenly and repeatedly, such as the Weather and Photo widgets. Restarting the iPhone stabilized everything.

I also had to restart the iPhone for SIM registration to work, even though iTunes reported the activation ready in just a couple of minutes. I didn't think to restart the iPhone until I realized my old phone's SIM card had become unregistered.

Funny, even nowadays, restarting any computer is the easiest way to troubleshoot.

Anonymous said:

This is more a request than a bug, but i've noticed that the ipod only keeps track of play counts, but it does not track skip counts when syncing to iTunes. This is useful in creating smart playlists.

TexRob said:

BUG: Camera does not apply a photo to the contact when taken from the phonebook route. To reproduce, go to phone, contacts, select a contact, hit edit, click the blank photo icon, it will ask if you want to assign a photo or take one. Click take picture, and take a picture, then accept the picture. For some reason, the first time, nothing happens and the picture is gone forever. Do the whole process again and it seems to work.

There should be like 10 things on there for Safari crashing, and google maps (does Google Maps use AJAX through a Safari window in reality though? kind of seemed that way). So much evil lies in the problems with Safari on the iPhone. Fix Safari, the rest will get fixed is my guess.

Anonymous said:

how about user error, people is to dumb to figure out their brand new phone

Michael Long said:

Agree about most of these things being UI disagreements.

One should also note that older iPods also "paused" when the earbuds were unplugged. You could just unplug and you were done. No need to unplug AND unlock and pause. Feature, not a bug.

Koray said:

Weather Istanbul, Turkey called Byzantium, which is politacally incorrect because current name of city is Istanbul

Flex RIA said:

Amazing how details you guys came up with those bugs. I seriously think that Apple should pay you guys for this kind of efforts.

Martin Christensen said:


From iPhone manual:

"Note: While iPhone is actively transferring data over EDGE—downloading a webpage,
for example—you may not be able to receive calls. Incoming calls may go to voicemail."


"Note: Because iPhone uses EDGE

Diribe said:

This is a bug I have confirmed. If bluetooth is turned on and you are browsing the web, all calls go to voice mail. Try it.

Anonymous said:

I think there is a timezone related bug associated with the mail client. I noticed that today when I check my email, the application will report "updated " but the time it reports for an update is exactly one hour behind the current time at my current location. It just so happens that I was in a different time zone yesterday, and the time there was one hour behind the time here. After I powered the phone off, and turned it back on, the times were once again in sync.

Reens said:

In The Weather Application, many Cities are not available (Warsaw, Poland) is one, but also Istanbul comes up as it's Turkish name (Byzantion). I'm sure there are others missing. The clock app has them... You'd imagine a similar database would be used. These issues don't occur in the OSX dashboard widget for weather. hmmmm.

Anonymous said:

Great idea Apple. Release buggy software and make people go to your bugtrack site to point it out to you. Then you don't have to pay QA because the public will do it for you.

Oh wait. Steve stole that idea from Microsoft! First Xerox ... who will be next?

hamsammich said:

I didn't see an SMS heading in that bug list, although the rest is very extensive.

This is a small bug, but a bug nonetheless. When I've got an SMS "chat" going on, sometimes the bubbles' alpha channels overlap, creating a squared-off area in the bottom bubble's upper edge.

Spanner said:

I do not have an iPhone. Is this a bug?

Anonymous said:

While the iPhone is connected to one of those iPod adapters for the vehicles out there it seems that the unit should maintain its SCI session. However, I have noticed that the SCI session will terminate at times if I am browsing the web and try to play one of those unsupported videos. I get the error display on the iPhone indicating incompatible format and the iPhone has to then be reconnected to the iPod adapter before the iPhone will sync with the device again. Has anyone else noticed this?

Aymr said:

One I've submitted; one other I've heard of but haven't tried to duplicate (so haven't submitted myself):

1) When in cover flow on an album with different artists on each song the wrong artist is shown (the artist for the first song is shown on all songs), but clicking on the (i) shows the correct song's artist in the header as the album's artist. (5338021)

2) When syncing smart playlists that are dependent on most played/least played or most recently/least recently or most recently/least recently added seem to behave the exact opposite of expected (ex: Most played playlist contains least played songs, etc.)

Mike said:

Good hint there in #2: Playing MP3/MP4 tracks while surfing. Currently I am browsing over wi-fi and playing my MP4 tracks with my Nokia E90 Communicator. It's amazing, how many tracks you can load to a 2 GB uSD card. Literarly hundreds and hundreds more.

I have not yet found a page, that won't open with the E90. E.g http://www.espn.com http://www.cnn.com and http://www.ft.com opens flawlessly with it's Safari browser. I have seen, that Nokia N95 can do all of this also.

Just waiting, when I can upload firmware update including A-GPS update to Maps application promised to be released later this year. The SW update can be done over internet with with Nokia PC Suite. Just in the same way as iPhone with iTunes. :-)

Currently playing: Anastacia - I dreamed you. Cool, isn't it?

Jayant said:

GMaps pinch/zoom issue. This is not consistently reproducible. When using GMaps to zoom into a map (by pinching-out your fingers), the map recenters to an arbitrary point, in most cases just north/above the area of interest. Have not been able to reproduce this when pinching-in to zoom out.

Pissed! said:

Dude you cant send picture messages? WTF? I'm sooo mad!!

MacManWA said:

In the "Other" section, you've got the vibrate thing backwards. When you move the switch on the side of the iPhone to silent mode, the phone doesn't do anything (vibrate or make a sound). When you switch the phone back to regular mode via that switch, it vibrates once. That seems like correct behavior to me.

Anonymous said:

in safari you Are un able to grab the scroll bar on the side or bottom of the page so you can go all the way to the top or bottom or the left or right. As it is now you have to scroll with you finger. This sucks especially on long pages like this one.

mostly love it said:

The email client is buggy and unreliable.

I just emailed a photo via my Yahoo account, and the iPhone failed to send it (and gave me an error message) because I work on the 33rd floor of a building with bad EDGE connectivity and it just didn't go through. The iPhone responded by putting it in the Out Box for later delivery.

That's OK...but what happened next is not. When the iPhone tried to send it a second time, it not only failed again, it ALSO deleted the email completely. Now it's not in the Out Box, not in the InBox, not in the Send Box...it's nowhere. And it's nowhere on the Yahoo server, either.

This has happened more than once. I have to recreate the entire email and try to send it again.

I love the iPhone, but I never had these kinds of problems with email delivery (and reliability) with my Blackberry.

Eric James said:

If you navigate to pages like iGoogle, Google Reader or other pages that use Javascript (ECMAScript) and/or AJAX you will find that the Safari Browser crashes frequently and without any apparent warning taking you back to the Home screen.

The Google Map seems to also exhibit this when in some case when you are zooming in or out of a map.

Larry Friedman said:

in safari you Are un able to grab the scroll bar on the side or bottom of the page so you can go all the way to the top or bottom or the left or right. As it is now you have to scroll with you finger. This sucks especially on long pages like this one.

Tap the top bar where the clock is (really anywhere on the top bar) and the page scrolls back up to the top.

Anonymous said:

I have an issue with yahoo mail.
No messages will send using yahoo mail.
They show up in my sent folder but never reach their recipients!

Try setting up a new yahoo account. Then set up on iphone.
Send yourself an email.
Notice the message shows up as sent but you never get it.

Anonymous said:

This is a list of mostly things that will never happen. You are going out of your way to find problems that would only show up under odd circumstances....give it up to apple.

Anonymous said:

I'm predicting these headlines:
iPhone service pack coming to the iPhone.
iPhone security patch coming to the iPhone.

I can't imagine the idea of someone exploiting these crashes. Imagine a buffer overflow allowing someone to write a virus for your iPhone. A virus that will send out emails and SMS messages every second. Just imagine what your phone bill will be like.

Mike said:

Usability/Data Loss:
If you set bluetooth to off then turn on airplane mode, when you turn airplane mode off bluetooth will by default turned on.

To be more clear:
1. Turn off bluetooth
2. Turn airplane mode on
3. Turn airplane mode off
4. You will see that bluetooth is now ON

Anonymous said:


Josh said:

My Yahoo account password used to contain a space at the end, which worked fine on a pc or laptop. However, when I tried to set up Yahoo mail on my iPhone, it did not recognize the password as valid. Once I changed the password (from my laptop) to something without a space, Yahoo worked fine on the iPhone.

Jim said:

Thank you for posting these bugs. This will give the software developers to come up with an update to fix all if not most of them.

Next iPhone will be a better device because of people like you.



Picard said:

Does not Reach the Enterprise without using your 'Roaming' minutes...

Anonymous said:

I'm not sure if this is just my phone, I'm going to check with the Apple geniuses later this week. But the Search function of YouTube appears to be nonoperational on both WiFi and AT&T's EDGE network.
1) Enter any entry into the search field and enter.
2) Phone appears to be searching.
3) Says there are "No Videos".
I've also found that the Mail screen constantly freezes when it is in progress of finding new e-mails, leaving the phone stuck on that screen until it has finished.

Techwatch said:

It's quite an impressive list, though most the bugs are pretty minor to say the least. However, I think few big releases can ever be free of bugs - heck, look at Microsoft. :) Still, will be nice to see most bugs eliminated...

Anonymous said:

this guy is making a ton of $$ with the hits from iphone haters and trolls

Anonymous said:

When playing a song in iTunes either on battery or docked, turn off the screen so that nothing is displayed on the iPhone and after a couple of songs the iPhone will just lock up and will need a soft reset. This happens eight out of ten times when I do this.

RonW said:

I concur with Post 111. Safari crashes frequently and unexpectedly taking you to the home screen. It may be javascript or ajax related, this is something I cannot accurately test for.

Otherwise I am very happy with the phone. It is extremely solid for this type of device on an early release.

Apu said:

I was loading a web page (ESPN.com) over the weekend and the Safari browser just froze. After waiting patiently for several minutes, I decided that it would be best to reset the phone. One problem, none of the buttons on the phone will respond. So I was forced to do a reset thinking that it would fix the problem, but now my iPhone is permanently stuck at the start-up "apple" screen. It will not boot nor respond to many tries of resets. I brought the phone to my local Apple store and one of the sales clerk tried reseting the phone, needless to say that didn't work either. I have set an appointment with the Genius Bar later this afternoon and I have a feeling I will be either without a phone for a long period of time or best case scenario getting a new phone by the end of the day...to be continued.

Alex Pachikov said:

MobileMail.app keyboard that comes up on the To: address does not have an asterick as a symbol (like in email *) - but this is allowed in the RFC and in all mail servers I worked with.

David George said:

I have an iPhone. Love it. Couldn't reproduce even half of the above bugs. Fork you.

Anonymous said:

IF THIS WAS AN M$ PRODUCT, the world would be ENDING.

Good thing it's an Apple, and it's based off of stolen Unix code. At least GPLv3 is coming, and Apple is F#####.

Anonymous said:

I love my iPhone too. #129 You're a dork or you didn't even try any of these...maybe try turning the iPhone around and try again. :) These comments and post are meant to help us have an even better product. P.S. I know I speak for many, Fork yourself.

Felicia said:

I've noticed that my iPhone seems to act strange when I view nude photos of myself. It starts to vibrate and hum making it a little difficult to see the picture as it makes the picture appear that my breasts are constantly bouncing up and down. The only solution is to quickly move the iPhone down between my legs for the next 20 minutes until I have had a sufficient number of macgasms.

Seriously, most of the posts here are from Palm/MS employees. There are a few good observations but short of that, just a bunch of useless opinions.

I should take those boys across my lap and spank them until they can't walk anymore.

Anonymous said:

You've filed all these bugs with Apple via , correct?

JcMarin said:

Hopefully we will see an update soon for some of these.

Btw. I would not categorize some of the things you have here as bugs or issues, ex.:

The proximity sensor in Visual Voicemail is not a bug

It will only activate if you do not have the Speaker on (meaning your supposed to be holding the iPhone to your ear)
The music pausing if headphone is disconnected is a feature, and one that is very useful not a bug

Luke said:

The good thing about Apple is that they do listen and all of the bugs so far reported are software related and will be fixed via updates .. this list is not as big as people might think
and only a few people will experience some of the bugs

stephanie said:

I cannot get my iPhone to connect to gmail at all.....it continually tells me that the user account/password is incorrect and authentication fails... ( even after password resets, etc.)

Very frustrating, especially because my partner had no trouble connecting to gmail at all....however, I have read that others have this problem as well...seems I'm one of the "lucky" ones.

Mia said:

Thanks for the list :)

Hopefully It will all get fixed when the iPhone reaches europe.. ;)

vordo said:

there is a bug in the mail settings. you can not set 'delete from server' under the advance settings under the advanced tab. what ever you select revert back to 'Never.' upon exiting.

pvtclubs said:

My phone is the iphone is my phone i love my iphone, ET iphone home. Nice job to jobs on the iphone and to you guys for spending the time that i do not have to find flaws. I am sure they will keep ahead of the curve. Apple ROCKS!!! Look at the stock from six months ago and now. The numbers don't lie baby!

M. Price said:

On the main screen, why doesn't the weather icon change in regard to the weather like the calendar icon changes in relation to the day of the month? It seems that one should expect that whatever their primary weather location setting is, just like an RSS feed or like periodic email check works, the icon should iconically represent the weather (rain, clouds, sunny, snow, etc.) and a numerical representation for the tempature overlayed.

Otherwise, its always 73 degrees and sunny on an iphone!

PhilH said:

iPod: Cover art gets horribly mismatched after a smart playlist has significant content change.

- Create a smart playlist, limited by file size. (Not sure if that's needed - it's just how mine are set up. I have the following: Match all rules: Playlist is not x2, Genre is not x3, My Rating is not x2, limit to 5GB selected by random, match only checked items, live updating.)
- Sync the iPhone.
- Go into the smart playlist settings, uncheck the "Limit to 5GB" box, then click OK
- Go back into the smart playlist, re-check the "limit..." box, then click OK
(This will refresh the playlist with a new list of music to sync. Novel concept, eh?)
- Again, sync the iPhone

In the iPod application, cover art displayed while holding the iPhone vertically (e.g. non-coverflow) will be incorrect at times. I've seen this happen on 10-50% of the albums. However, rotating to horizontal mode will show the CORRECT cover art in coverflow.

Other possible parameters/notes:
- 99.5%+ of my .m4a files are self-ripped, with cover art added after ripping, either manually, or with iTunes' self-download feature. (Mostly manual adds, though - 8000+ tracks were ripped before that neat feature...)
- This is similar behavior to what I've seen on a 5G iPod (not 5.5G). However, both normal (small) and full-screen cover art are incorrect on the iPod.
- The problem can be "fixed" by syncing the iPhone (or iPod), then removing all audio content from the device, then re-syncing the same playlist. Certainly not optimal.
- I showed this to a non-Genius (no offense) at the local Apple store who said that the iPhone looked possessed. He advised me to set up an appointment with a Genius, but I have not had time, and the workaround above was sufficient for my needs.
- I've been meaning to report this to Apple directly, but this article was just the thing to motivate me. I'll submit it now, provided I can find the link.


Their are more bugs on a windows phone.

What's is the big deal?

I use my windows phone the crash as a door stopper.

ac said:

i have seen a data loss from taking a contacts photo bug several times, but not on your list (other than another commenter.)

1. go to enter new contact
2. add name
3. press "save"
4. add number
5. press "save"
6. press to add photo
7. use 'take photo' option
8. take it
9. don't zoom or scroll just accept it

this worked a few times for me but at least 4 times it would drop me back to main menu, all of the just-entered info gone.
now i just save and make a contact, and take the pic separately using camera mode, and assign the pic later.

Anonymous said:

Well most of this stuff is crap, you have to hold your right big toe with your left hand then the left toe with your right hand, all while working the iPhone. Most state expected results, who's expected result.. his or Apples?

Anonymous said:

Clock/Alarm Bug: Alarm On/Off button does not always show correct status. Set an alarm in the near future and turn it on, note the clock icon in the upper right next to the battery icon. Lock the phone. Let the alarm go off and snooze the alarm. Unlock the phone. Note the clock icon in the upper right...alarm is still on. Now select Home/Clock. Alarm will show as off. In order to turn it off, you must first turn it on, and then turn it off.

djd said:

Wow. That's comprehensive.

Hope Apple makes some of the tweaks you mentioned but the bottom line is, I'd love to see someone try to be this meticulous with a Razr or something similar. We would be here FOREVER.

dougom said:

Been hammering on the iPhone as part of my testing for a review for Gear Diary (www.geardiary.com). Found a few bugs that I don't see here:

UI/Usability: Calendar syncs inconsistently when attempting to sync with Outlook that uses a Microsoft Exchange server. Entries created on the iPhone are synced correctly to Outlook, but entries created on Outlook are not synced to the iPhone.

Crash/Hang/Data Loss: The phone application becomes unresponsive/slow when the amount of data on the iPhone approaches the maximum limit of 8Gb. This was noticed at approximately 7.725 Gb of used space. Workaround is to remove enough data so that there is more free space.

UI/Usability: POP3 mailbox folders are not copied/synced to the iPhone.

UI/Usability: There is no way to create mailbox folders on the iPhone. With the above bug, this is a serious lack.

UI/Usability: Email text cannot be read in landscape mode. This is inconsistent with many of the other utilities on the iPhone (e.g., Safari).

Crash/Hang/Data Loss: Similar to the same problem in the Google Map utility mentioned in this article, Safari may crash during zooming and scrolling actions. To reproduce, surf to a lengthy web page, zoom in and rotate to landscape mode (or vice-versa), and scroll down multiple times (preferably in excess of 10 times). If this happens when listening to music, the music playback stops, Safari crashes, and you are returned to the "Home" screen.


Rajazz said:

Bug #55
Gmail for Domains... I use g-mail for domains and able to access my e-mail. You have to add an account in order for it to work, can't use gmail option. Use the e-mail address you use to login to your domains account not just the user name. Be sure to use the pop.gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com. The key is using the full e-mail address as the user name. Set Password for SMTP!

It works...

ekivemark said:

Regarding Number 45 - Deleting contacts.

Go to iTunes and connect your iPhone.
Select info tab in the iPhone pane.
Goto Contacts section and choose which set of contacts you want on your phone.
eg. Family, Phone, Friends etc. You set up these groups in AddressBook on your Mac or in Outlook on your PC.
Scroll to bottom of pane.
Find Advanced section
Choose Replace Contacts check box in Advanced section.
same process applies for:Calendars, Mail Accounts and Bookmarks

J'son said:

im so mad that u cant send picture messages or attach them to emails or save pictures received in an email..that is a must fix..its 2007 for Christ's sake

When the temperature is set to display in Celcius, it appears in Fahrenheit instead in the "Temperature" icon when the Home button is pressed.

Mr. C said:

Missing features:

- Spotlight search of contacts list

- PDF viewing of a file synced from my PC (reference material)

- Printing to PDF file from Safari, so you can look something up and save it for offline viewing later.

- some way to lock scrolling when viewing web pages, so the touch screen can be used to drag items. One big example of when this would be nice is the Google maps route changing feature.

- Instant Messaging client

- Preference setting to make it always wake up and present the main screen, rather than the last thing you were working on. More often than not, I finish doing something, and turn it off/put back in pocket rather than returning to home screen and doing same. So when I come back it's staring at the wrong stuff for me. Maybe a good solution would be to bring back previous work if they wake up from the On/Off, and bring back the main menu if they press the select button.

- Bluetooth OBEX send/receive, with file storage access to hold the stuff to send/receive

- Seamless Integration with the existing AT&T picture messaging system. If you send a picture from another AT&T phone to your iPhone, you get a text message with a URL, imageID, and passcode. If you want to see the picture, you have to write that info on a piece of paper, and surf to the website and get it. Then you can look at the picture, but you don't have a copy on your iPhone. It seems it would be *pretty easy* to pick up those keywords in a txt message, and allow the user to warp over to the web location and pick up the picture. Or even better yet, display the picture within in the txt message application.

Hopefully some of these things are on the Apple "To Do" list.

Anonymous said:

Photo Albums issue: The default "Photo Library" (the default pictures Apple gives you on the phone) got stepped on by a directory that I different lib I synced to called "iPhone". If tell iTunes to nolonger synce my "iPhone" photo directory both the "Photo Library" and "iPhone" directory locations are removed.

Anonymous said:

*Removed Spam*

Anonymous said:

The following are reasons why I did not buy an Iphone for myself although I bought one for my son.

1. I do not like the built in SIMM card. I want to be able to use the phone with other networks when I travel. I can do that with the Treo.

2. The battery should not be built in. If battery becomes a problem, the entire phone must be sent for repairs.

3. Contacts. While it is nice that there is a list of the alphabet which you can use to maneuver to the contact you are looking for, Apple needs to have a lookup button which once it is selected, should pop up the keyboard so that the user can start typing the name of the party they are looking for. Similar to what you can do with a treo from its home page.

4. The memory needs to be increased significantly. What would be the best addition would be a removable hard drive that you can switch to a different Iphone in the event something else (Screen) goes wrong with your iphone.

Mike K said:

The number of bugs listed here, 68, seems like a large number, but it isn't. I work in software dev and can certainly say that no piece of software or hardware ships with zero bugs.

bill gates said:

Nice work guys! Do you feel better now?
Maybe you should find a girlfriend instead of trying put down a product that's 10 years ahead of everything else out there.
Nothing is perfect, especially the first time around.

Enjoying the Ride said:

Thanks #147 - worked like a charm with gmail domains. Fixed that "bug" or whatever this list is. Sounds more like some kind of desired creature feature list than anything else. Oh well, whatever - if there are bugs, fixes will come. I've dumped my previous "Smart Phones" and am choosing to move on with the inevitable evolution to beyond phones.

I'm sure there will be lots of improvements with the iPhone software updates to come.... But, overall, Apple made a big hit with this puppy (IMHO), right out of the gate. Robust, stable, great interface and tightly integrated with most needs/wants (I'd like 3G, GPS and Flash, but I'm patient). The iPhone is the best $500 mobile, handheld, wireless, multimedia computer I've ever experienced. Oh yeah, it's also a very cool phone and the music/video is well, an iPod.....;-)

Randyksf said:

From Post 1
Safari crashes sometimes when pages are loading, has anyone else had this happen? YES all the time. Reloaded it twice no luck. Per Apple I should return it. However it happened when my partner tried to load some pages.

Photos crash and the system goes back to the slider mode.

unab0mb said:

While reading this, the UI bugs/glitches and things being mismatched seemed eerily similar to users' complaints about Windows Vista's UI not being uniform. Guess it's not just an MS problem. Just a thought. I would like an iPhone but I'll prorbably wait for the next revision as all new tech has these initial problems and I'd prefer to save myself the headaches. I wish I would have waited to update to Vista after SP1.

Tom said:

I've had iPod stop playing when browsing pages in Safari: I believe it happens most often when switching to Page ("tabs") view. The play icon disappears; I'm not sure if iPod itself crashes.

I also had Safari crash once, but I couldn't offer a reproduction scenario.

Oh, and 156: You're missing the point of this list. Cf. bullet #2 in the introduction above.

Anonymous said:

Why don't you setup a bugzilla thing so that we can actually track these bugs with bugids?

That way people can associate their email ids to a bug that bothers them and get updated when there are updates ... Sort of like mozilla has here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67421

Byron said:

3 main things

1. I had Verizon before and they had text messaging that you could set a ringtone for certain people. This way I could distinguish what was a generic update message vs. an important text message.

2. I get a lot of email and cannot delete "all read" emails at once vs. doing each one individually. Give me Jobs email and this problem will be solved in seconds!!

3. Ringtone, download what you want from I tunes.

4. (I said 3) but remembered another important one. If you miss a call or message it should have a function to remind you that you need to address it. I am a golfer and I do not wear my phone on me when I golf, however, usually when I get back to the golf cart I am remin(sooner or later) of a text or VM that was left. This is very important and the Iphone has missed this one (big time). Obviously, Jobs has his phone on him all the time and never misses a call and does not need a reminder.

I love the iphone, but am really thinking of selling it and paying ATT my fee due to these four big issues which my previous phone had and verizon was able to supply me. I love the iphone but if I miss an important call it could be costly.

Anonymous said:

most of these I cannot reproduce. I must not be doing it right, because my iPhone keeps on working.

jshields said:

Great list. I have one more bug to add.

I have a problem with syncing my email accounts to the iPhone from my laptop. If I sync any acount to the phone, it will corrupt the .mac account and the result is that I can't send email through .mac even though I can receive mail through .mac and all my other accounts. Spent 2+ hours talkig to an Apple tech support person and discovered that this is totally repeatable. I don't know if it's just my laptop's email account or a bug in syncing, but if I set up my .mac account by hand on the iPhone and then syncing any other account over, my .mac mail send function is disabled.

The tech mentioned that they have been getting reports of .mac mail problems from other iPhone users.

The solution was to not sync any email accounts but just set them up on the iPhone.

Mike said:

Can not cut and paste?
Can send only a one attachment in per e-mail?
Can not save an on-line document with browsrer?
Lousy battery life for a 2G phone?

That's what you get with 500 bucks?
(2 000$+ including the data plan)

You are kiddin', right?

Anonymous said:

I wanted to report that when I hit the iphone with a hammer it stops working, but then I seen the first note above...

"Some of the steps required to reproduce unexpected results are obscure and may not occur during normal usage."


JB1 said:

SAFARI crashes and you are sent straight back home. Sometimes the crashes are consistent and some other times it works fine... Other people have complained about it.

Anonymous said:

Look, I am an official apple hater over the years...I even have (still) the stock shorted OUCH! BUT...listen, do you people realize that the space shuttle leaves the earth with an average of over 10,000 software bugs each journey? It is not the Jesus Phone, the phones in Asia blow this thing away and the Treo that I own got used ummmm about...ONE time as the battery life sux royally AND the MS explorer crashed all the time on it. So..give this thing a break. No I don't own one...I would probably make sure that I "had" to fumble with it when in crowded places too like all you posers! haha

Anonymous said:

I hate the fact that the mic on the headphones always gets caught on my shirt collar, wish they would just get rid of the edges and smooth it out!

SouDesuKa said:

A bit more detail on the bug in post# 15.

When trying to use the magnifying-glass feature when the cursor is too close to the top of the screen, the magnifying glass is off the top of the screen.

Steps to reproduce:
Start Safari. Hold in landscape mode. Load google.com Click the text field to go into text entry mode. Type something. Drag your finger across what you've just typed. Observe that the magnifying glass is off the top of the screen.

Expected results:
Magnifying glass should stay on screen at all times, possibly by pivoting around your finger so that it's beside your finger (rather than above it)

Anonymous said:

Stopwatch feature does not work correctly when using the lap timer.

If someone was keeping track of a race car's lap times and there were 100 laps all together (for this example) once the final lap was completed, you would normally press "STOP" and get a total time (with the individual lap times preserved on the screen).

With the iPhone, you get the time of their final lap, but in order to get a total "race" time, you'd have to manually go back and add up each of the 100 lap times stored on the screen.

This isn't how a typical stopwatch behaves. Normally it would show the tally of all the laps combined.

Thanks for your excellent work.

SouDesuKa said:

Another one that bugs me

There's no way to open a link in another tab/page.

With multi-touch, an easy way to accomplish this would be to:
With one finger tap and hold the link
With another finger hit the "Tabs/Pages" button on the bottom toolbar.

Currently, this just cancels the link-tap

Anonymous said:

I think what is going on is great! every piece of software will have issues/bugs... but only the apple fan base are the ones who will work as a team to help the company and synergistically help evolve the iPhone. everyone help out and we will have a superior product... that really already is one heck of a device.


Anonymous said:

When you open e-mail attachments that are .pdf or word documents they should be able to be rotated to landscape mode to allow reading the width of a letter at a larger size without having to scroll the page left and right constantly. The sceen is there that can do it and ease reading what is the most common size (letter) for a word or .pdf document, but this lack of rotation seems inconsistent with other occasions when rotation does occur.

Anonymous said:

There seems to be a glitch with the battery indicator when charging. Sometimes I get the giant glass battery filled with glowing power. Sometimes it just goes to the home page and shows the little battery indicator in the upper right corner as being connected to power.

Safari crashes after watching several movie trailers on apple's site. I haven't counted the number, but if you watch, say 8 to 10 trailers in a row (I was testing battery life), the next one will hang, requiring a hard reset. It happens over and over.

Also, what's with not being able to re-order entries just about everywhere, weather, stocks, world clock, etc. I can't believe there's not a way to re-order the lists without deleting and re-entering.

Phil said:

In response to comment #87:

1 + 1 x 4
on a simple calculator ( like dashboard) the answer would be 8
but the iphone calculator carries out multiplication first and returns 5

-- the iPhone can do it either way -- if you want to add 1+1, and then multiply by 4, just use "=" more -- for example:

1 + 1 =
shows "2". Then type:

x 4 =
shows the "8" you wanted to see!

P.S. I'd like to be able to group or classify my contacts.
Also synch Notes, Calendar, and myabe Photos to Yahoo.

Anybody test how completely the backup recovers you?

Steve said:

I've experienced Safari crashing and closing back to the 'Home' page on numerous occassions. Quite often while entering data (usernames/passwords, etc.) each letter has a 1 or 2 second delay and if you scroll through or zoom in and out too often on these pages, it just quits and goes home usually in about 30-60 seconds.

And while I know it's not a bug, surfing outside of a wi-fi spot with Edge is PAINFULLY slllloooooooooooooowww!

Anonymous said:

Bug in YouTube app, where your bookmarks are not backed up. If you restore an iPhone from a backup almost all the used data is restored accept our YouTube bookmarks.

Jim said:

Remember, when Microsoft puts out a new OS, they have millions of beta testers.

We are the beta testers, over a million strong.

iPhone will be a better product before of us.



tristanhunt said:

Despite the fact that this phone has really grown on me, I'd like to add to the list:

imap sync with exchange server does not work OTA when syncing with desktop/itunes if matching IMAP account is not present in outlook (2003/XP) or on mail.app or entourage (OS X).

Mysteriously loses emails. Currently missing all of June and Julys emails up until yesterday, all still present on exchange server, outlook, entourage, blackberry and desktop imap sync. This is a really serious, wholly inexplicable flaw.

It seems that doing anything and then plugging in to sync is a VERY bad idea.

- Only permits 1 recipient per SMS

- Can't play ubiquitous .wav voicemail attachments from IP PBX or VoIP providers

- Mail gets VERY slow with high volume email (I get over 400 a day, stare at that loading message waaay to much.)

tristanhunt said:

to the person who mentioned that we are beta testers, such testers are generally piad, not like us paying the 600 bucks plus tax! its a bit steep to be testing out someone else's product and paying for he privilege.

But if this thing could get better email support, at least on par with a blackberry pearl, I'd be a very happy beta tester indeed.

Anonymous said:

big bear lake never has the right temperature. its off by more than 25 degrees

Anonymous said:

Hell, if I knew I'd have such a buggy phone, I'd probably skip it. My biggest annoyance is that it locks up - the Unlock Bar will not work swipe after swipe driving me nuts!!! UI must work absolutely without any problems because this device does not have any freaking buttons except for Home one. Apple better release a patch for the most annoying bugs or they will hear the roar of dissatisfied customers! Crashing apps on iPhone is like a "normal" thing with it, and I also noticed a significant slowdown of its interface after loading a few dozen of MP3s and pics. Should not be happenning!

Anonymous said:

iPhone v1.0 Bugs ... found by ONE user in 40 hours. How many bugs is there in Apple's internal buglist? Hundreds? Thousands? How it is possible, that some one is allowed sell this buggy product?

Crap is crap, even when wrapped in beautiful wrap.

There are a number of web developer related bugs posted at www.iPhoneWebDev.com.

Anonymous said:

To 13.

I completely agree. This is also the way the iPod works so it would definately be the expected result.

To everyone else - Im not surprised to find iPhone v1 contains so many bugs. Moreover, it would also be the expected result from having 1 Million people testing the phone compared to Apple's small testing audience!

I am happy Apple launch the iPhone later in Europe so all mayor bug fixes and tweaks have been ironed out before lauch...

Anonymous said:

What I can do with my 3G smartphone, but what will be forever a no go for iPhone/EDGE:

While commuting, if getting a urgent call from a friend or work mate and discuss with him/her about a e-mail sent to you just a minute ago and. Or, during a voice call, go to a web page your friend is referring to and discuss about it.

With every 3G phone you can dot that. With EDGE you can not, because voice call will block EDGE and Wi-Fi stations (if iPhone could hear those) are switching every second or so.

Anonymous said:
Goodtime said:

Bugs that I find annoying are:

Slide to answer call does not always work. Sometimes this UI locks up and becomes unresponsive; especially when asking a call. I wish the UI had a tap to answer mode and I rarely put the iPhone in my pocket. Slide to unlock is fine. . But slide to Answer sucks.

Try making a mail account with two of the same email addresses. Enter all your info and watch once of the accounts get duplicated exactly. Very annoying if you are trying to test different SMTP's but also want to keep an account that works running.


Anonymous said:

Another solution to issue #22 - When you are negotiating the numeric keyboard upon entry, type some 'jibba - jabba' (anything) and submit this. You will be prompted with another dialog box which displays the correct alpha-numeric keyboard. Hopefully there will be a fix from Apple on this, but I have still yet to wait before it comes to the UK - argh

John said:

Bug 1: iPhone cannot run 3rd party software. No Java, no BREW - no nothing.

Bug 2: Too expensive

Bug 3: Seems to have exactly the same problems as some smartphones. Only some other smartphones are actually working better.

Bug 4: The virtual keyboard and lack of tactile input simply sucks ass

Bug 5: iTunes is not the holy grail of music stores

Bug 6: Unless it is significantly changed/upgraded for europe, the europeans will not be impressed, based in their already excellent 3G phone standards in the likes of Nokia and Sony-Ericsson.

When they start to fix some of these bugs, I *might* go get one.

Anonymous said:

My simple wish list
Access to iTunes, even if it only works when on a Wi-Fi network

A single In box for all mail accounts, like Mail has


Data storage

Mr. Munk said:

Sure hope these error will be fixed before the release in europe and around.

Looking forward to see this phone in action.

Jez Chill said:

I pay for e-mail aliases on Yahoo, but the iPhone does not give me an option to use them. Resulting in my iPhone e-mails appearing like they are from a strange e-mail address.

smokeonit said:

other bugs:

#1 no gps
#2 no bluetooth modem capability for laptop, nor can bluetooth handle anything else than wireless headset....

2 bugs keeping me from buying the iphone...

hopefully iphone rev.2 will have those bugs fixed;-)

E-Dawz said:

I have a problem when viewing music videos or movies on my iphone. When playing video for a couple minutes, the sound cuts out all of a sudden and the video stops and goes back to the menu list. This happens every time the video gets to a specific point on the time line. The only way to continue watching the video/movie is to fast forward past that point where the error occurs.

Anonymous said:

Today I placed a phone call as i was listening to the iPod feature i placed the call right as a song was ending and another song was about to start, the call went through but the music to the upcoming song did not fade away and kept playing during the duration the call was ringing, when my friend answered the music faded...weird..lol.

gregg said:

Not sure if I missed this but this seems to be a GLARING OMISSION/ERROR -

Add a contact to the PHONE. Sync the phone. The contact should now be in your address book, but it IS NOT THERE. That is not "syncing," is it?

both my friend and I have this issue.. is it just us?

Expected behavior would be that when a contact is added to the phone it is placed in the address book on the next Sync.

Anonymous said:

Every time I sync the iPhone to my computer, the syncing process opens up iPhoto even though I have DE-selected the "sync photos" option on iTunes. No one on 800-MY-IPHONE had a solution for this either (though they were quite nice). This is obviosuly not a disaster, but I have a bunch of photos and opening iPhoto can be a drag on the system. maybe there is a way to change this that I don't know about.

Bum-G said:

Most of the bugs I see on this list are very minor and we are working on version 1.0...Try using a motorola Q...I went through 4 defected units and 5 Razrs....windows smart phones are junk...for a 1.0 release the iphone is outstanding... I have not experienced the crashes in safari that every else seems to have had.....I'm sure apple will fix any and all problems as they find them.....People complain bcuz its new...I've had a good experience with this unit so far...I had a total of 5 dropped calls on this phone so far and I used this phone like a house phone its my main phone...It will only get better...

shadowIT said:

The iPhone's price is not a bug. $600 is not that much money, especially for the people at whom this phone is targeted. If you think $600 is a lot of money, the iPhone is not for you. It's not a "great deal" or a "bargain" nor is it meant to be. It's a nifty toy for people with money to burn.

TekWiz said:

From a developer's POV, this is quite a small list for an initial release. Good job Apple and good job to ya'll for finding them!! Bet it wasn't easy.

But here's the question of the day: How will we update our iPhones when Apple releases updates? Or will it be automatic via the cell network?

Teddy said:

I just noticed on another mac site, they were balking and bashing this article. Saying that they have better things to do with thier time than to try atypical steps to find bugs. Well, I couldn't disagree more, I praise your efforts. I can imagine when you try to find bugs the most serious don't all just jump out at you and I'm glad you listed them all so I could judge for myself.(what is important to me, may not be to others and vice versa)
I've experienced a few of these, some were minor, one was an important bit of data. I did not know how to reproduce them and was a bit frustrated, as being a fairly new product, wasn't even sure if I had caused them inadvertently. I see now that my lost data is a bug and will work around it until an update is release.
It was clear as day to me, from reading the intro that you created this list to make everyones iPhone better today and in the future. Even stating how solid the interface and OS really are already.
Thanks for all your efforts, many of us really appreciate it!
A final note, Apple creates products that are beautiful with the nicest graphics. I think that even the minor display inconsistancies you've listed are in fact bugs. (or whatever you call something that you would fix after it's been released) I doubt they'll leave any display flaw, that they're aware of on this iPhone, they're Apple.

Kris said:

UI/Usability bug in Call Forwarding (Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding)

First of all when I use Call Forwarding I would expect that iPhone will remember the last number I used for that feature. I would like to just turn Call Forwarding on/off and DONT ENTER Call Forwarding number every time. Right now on my iPhone I need to enter that number on every time.

Secondly , on next page where you asked to enter Call Forwarding number , then you start typing number iPhone (sometimes) will give you a tip with previously typed number that could match number you start typing , same tip you can see in every text typing situation but in Call Forwarding case where is no SPACE button to insert suggested in tip number so you must finish typing that number until the end by yourself.

Anyway , I would like to see last used number to be remembered by iPhone then you switch Call Forwarding on/off.

Anonymous said:

The iPhone will be updated via iTunes. In order to do anything with an iWhatever from here on out, you will need iTunes. Wireless networks in NA are not fast/efficient enough to deliver the ~100MB patch file to every owner to update their iPhone (ESPECIALLY not the EDGE network...) iTunes will be the new resource sucking hub for Apple's proprietary nation of somewhat wealthy, narrow-minded individuals.

I don't think I'll ever own anything Apple (unless I am forced to), but they sure do make things easy to use. I'll give 'em that!

Steve said:

Recurring events which have been deleted in the past continue to show up on the calender for the past year. For example, a recurring item that I deleted in April 2006 continues to show up in April 2006, as well as future years. It should not appear in April 2006, only in April 2007 and into the future.

Steve said:

I use Earthink for email. iTunes downloaded all my Earthlink settings. I receive email and can send email but receiving attachments is problematic. I did receive one small Word document but larger ones do not download at all. I get some PDFs but not others. Often the screen just says "loading" but it never comes.

The email program looks like a rush job and I am confident that Apple will improve it. As things stand, the email program is unusable for business purposes.

Steve said:

The sounds for incoming email, text messages, and voicemails are much too quiet. Also the vibration should last longer.

Anonymous said:

Bug #1: iPhone is a 499$
By: Pwn3d (not verified) | Posted: July 16, 2007 at 06:12 AM
To who post number 14

You need get your fact straight
1. The price will go down over time.
2. The bugs will be fixed by the 2nd or 3rd version of the iPhone
3. If anyone learn not to get the first version of the iPhone there will be bugs whene it comes out like other products that comes out for the first time. Don't get wrong it's a good product, personly I don't own one, my self just like some of the features in it
4. and no one is an retard or gay.
5. you should never judge anyone by the book of the cover, some got it for the feature, some got it for the looks, some got it for research to write a paper on it. and ect..

Clint L said:

More on comment 15. I have seen this to (trying to reposition cursor while in landscape mode text entry on the web). Not only is it a bit off, but when the text box is near the top of the page, the magnifier is off the screen not allowing me to view it while in portrait mode, it compensates.

geeez! said:

#206 sounds almost like conflic with ETSI standars. Any of such will cripple sales in EU or Asia.

Why you have to pay 10$ forI-can- copy-files-to-my-iPhone program, when other manufactures gives the phone suite for free? Hidden Apple costs policy, eh?

Chris said:

I haven't had any problems with mine......So y'all can suck it!!!

Anonymity said:

I really NEED more memory, and NOT dozens of memory cards just to keep my music with me! I know most people suffice with 4/8 gb, but it's pretty pitiful when I found out that the average person has about 10gb of music/videos. AVERAGE.

Gerardo said:

Do not try to edit and forward any email messages sent to you with a large picture attachment. It will crash the mail program and no matter what I tried (reset, remove mail accounts), the mail application does not come up again. I had to restore the iPhone completely to get Mail working again.

Anonymous said:

Quite obvious many of you are not in the software QA business, many of these are very minor bugs for a new product with such interelated software points.

I think Apple QA did a wonderful job to deliver the product as when Steve told the market it would be.

Look at how long Microsoft's software has been out and it still has several thousand bugs and nuiances.

Anonymous said:

bug #1: it does not have a start button to turn the device off

Anonymous said:


My Cingular 8125 on the AT&T has no problem receiving calls while connected to the EDGE network. It ALWAYS cancels any active EDGE transfers to handle the incoming call. I'd consider this a bug.

Anonymous said:

Auto dial code ;)

[title]Iphone Autodial[/title]
[script type="text/javascript"]
function autoClick()
var dial=document.getElementById('dial');
[body onload="autoClick();"]
[form method="GET" action="tel:1-"]
[input type="submit" id="dial" value="dial" style="display:none"/]

Anonymous said:

""""Bug #2: 90% of all Apple costumers are gay. 10% left are simply women or male retards.""""

Man you non mac users really HAVE NO LIFE, NONE, NoTHING

Heidi14 said:

Can't pick up calls!
This is another bug that no one else has mentioned, and it has happened twice now. The iphone rings, it's not in use. I pull it out of my purse and try to "slide" to answer, to no avail. I'll hit it over and over, and nothing happens - the touch screen is out of commission apparently. The phone rings and rings, and finally goes to voicemail. After a couple minutes I'm able to call the person back, and the touch screen is once again responsive.

Anonymous said:

Great list...one issue I noticed with my iPhone is sometimes I have to press the power switch or the "home" button a couple of times before it wakes up from its sleep mode. When this happens the most I'll see on the screen is a quick flash likes it's turning on but then it goes back to sleep mode. This happens rarely (about 1-2 times a week) but enough to wonder if it's a bug. Anybody else notice this on their iPhone?

hamsammich said:

Overall I have been extremely happy with my iPhone. It does everything I need for it to, with just a very few little annoying bugs (Safari/iPod crashes) here and there.

The iPhone is the best looking, most gawked-at device I've ever owned, and again, it does everything I need it to, so I'm satisfied.

1.1 will be good times...

Dan said:

Once I got hands on my friends iPhone I realzied the the AT&T 8525 is the phone for me to get!

iFrustrated said:

One thing I've found w/ the forwarding function of the phone service, is that the iPhone doesn't store the numbers that have been used, requiring the user to re-enter the numbers everytime...

Easy Ethan said:

I took mine back because I had a stuck pixel after four days. Has anybody else had a problem like this?

Clay said:

VPN settings don't work

I've tried several times and ways, does anyone else have a problem setting the encryption to auto (or none) and putting a pw in?
I try putting this in and it always reverts to maximum and no password.

Clay said:

Re: Comment 14:

Yes, you must be gay to own and iPhone, if you are not gay, you must sell it as quickly as you can. Please tell all of your friends ONLY gay people can own iPhones.

Also, you must be older than twelve and not be pissed off because your daddy won't buy you one no matter how big a fit you through.

The really cool gay with the really really gay (yes, even the ring is gay) phone.

PS: don't forget to tell your friends to sell their iPhones quick before they start getting all gay and stuff.

Greg Baz said:

Click on a text box when in Safari landscape mode. The page will zoom in and the horizontal keyboard will appear. Type in a few letters. Now press and hold on a letter to bring up the cursor position magnifying glass. The top half of the glass is cut off (it goes above the screen). You can not see the text you are selecting. You must first click on the box let the keyboard appear and the page zooms. The text box is centered in the small viewing area, you must scroll down then press and hold to see the cursor location (some of the top of the circle is still cut off.) You would expect the text box to be bottom justified in the viewing area.

Bennett Prescott said:

I've found a few myself,

When using "tabbed browsing" in Safari, tabs that have just been started but have loaded no (?) data cannot be closed from the window-overview screen without selecting them, loading a little of their data, and then going back and tapping the X to make them go away.

Sometimes very large emails (read: with lots of photos) will crash the phone if you return to the home screen after selecting them to be read and they're still loading.

My Gmail inbox for some reason gets all of my sent email, which means that every time I send an email I have to go back and delete it 5 minutes later.

I wish more applications were available horizontally, especially Mail, mostly so I can get the larger keyboard for typing longer emails.

Bennett Prescott said:

Another Safari Sync bug I forgot:

iPhone Safari Sync has trashed my bookmarks folders, everything got smooshed into my bookmarks menu root, lost all sub-directories.

Anonymous said:

I have trouble with Maps that I've not seen reported. There seems to be a creeping corruption of the map images. I get a TILE of one image over a whole area at various zoom levels, once an area has been corrupted, it seems to remain that way and the map is not useable at that zoom in that area. Right now, major parts of San Francisco show up as a Tile of some other section of some map somewhere and I can't see the streets in those tiles.

Anyone else have that problem?

Anonymous said:

My iPhone enhancement suggestions

As a long time Window Mobile user (i.e., iPaqs, Dell Axims, & HTCs) I was finally relieved that I no longer have to use Microsoft's crash prone and clunky products to help stay productive and entertained on the road. I purchased the 8 GB version of the iPhone and like almost everyone else I was impressed with its characteristics. I know that no phone is perfect, but the iPhone is certainly leading in the smart phone category. Microsoft is probably feeling like they got their a*! kicked and its engineers are probably trying to reverse engineer the iPhone. Personally, to improve my experience with the iPhone I would like to see the following:

1) software fix to improve the speaker volume when using the iPhone w/o the headphone (it's too low.);
2) software update for a customer to sync the iCal To Do List;
3) software update to download & save e-mail attachments;
4) software update to sync Notes data with my Mac; and
5) a personal finance software similar to "Cash Organizer 2007 Premium."

Great job Apple!

The iphone, has an UI problem at mail software.
when you are looking for your mails there is always present the option to throw them to the garbage...

ok, where is the problem...???

is a thing so obviously, that is amazing how they didn't think put an confirmation box when you press to delete a mail..

it's simple.. people make mistakes, people do it all the time.. and the business of a good UI designer is to avoid them.

windows has an alert box... mac os has it too.. mi nokia 5300 too... why iphone don't?

Anonymous said:

The touch screen freezes. When it does that you can put your entire hand on the phone and not a damn thing happens. Other than that (its happened 2x) its wonderful

Anonymous said:

it's not captain kirks communicator....nice of the guys to make a list, though no one should be deterred by any of this...for normal stuff in a futuristic UI...it's super cool, super easy..and does a great job on each app. i just sent my blackberry 8700 to the door stop farm with that windows mobile a few posts up...latah.

Chris said:

I actually like the fact that the iPod stops playing after you unplug the earphones. Imagine you're getting out of the car or something or goin to a friends house and your phone is in your pocket and you're listening to music. just unplug the earphones without taking out the phone and having the music stop is perfect. just stick the earbuds away and your good!


when listening to an album with 3 songs or less, and your on the now playing screen in normal(tall) oreientation, clicking the button to view the rest of the songs on the album doesn't display the rest of the songs on the album.

greg said:

my battery life went down very fast the first one i had
didnt last that long any one else have that problem?

Khirsah said:

iTunes restores / backups: Maps:
iTunes does not save your book marked Google Maps and there is no way to back them up if you have to restore your phone, outside of writing down the address of X number of locations, revisiting them, and book marking them.

Mail doesn't sync passwords:
iTunes will sync and add your mail accounts, however if many mail accounts are added via itunes, sometimes it will not store your mailbox imap password, or your smtp username/password. Even though they are configured in outlook 2007. This has been tested on 2 phones (just replaced an iphone and re synced). This happened on the 1st phone and now on the 2nd. Have to manually go into settings and enter IMAP and SMTP for 3 of my 8 mailboxes. And they are all configured the same in outlook. Once manually configured via the phone, the passwords will remain. Just itunes does not send them over in the initial configuration of the mailbox.

CJ said:

Seriously?! This is ridiculous. I tried a few of these "complaints", which ended up being ludicrous. Having the "delete" button over and entry of a bookmarked Youtube video as a complaint is so petty I was flabbergasted. These complaints seem more like splitting hairs, or someone who is obsessed with finding flaws where none exist. Some serious complaints are:

1) Lack of 3G (EDGE is extremely too slow)

2) No voice dialing

3) No custom ringtones (although I found a way to hack into the iPhone on my Intel Mac Pro pretty easily to download my own ring tones on http://www.hacktheiphone.com/ )

4) No custom wallpaper variation on main screen (it only appears on the "slide to unlock screen). A faded out version of the main chosen wallpaper as to not interfere with the icons seems appropriate, otherwise what is the point of a desktop wallpaper if only seen for a few seconds?

5) No manual syncing. Apple has a tight control on the iPhone by not allowing manually "drag and dropping" of music/videos/pictures, and forcing the user to use "Playlists" for everything. Seems a bit obsessive and archaic.

6) Crippled Bluetooth ObEx. My Cingular RAZR was able to Bluetooth connect to my Mac Pro in order to upload/download custom ring tones, pictures, movies, etc. Apple has crippled this feature (something Verizon did and is doing on all their phones, resulting in a California originated civil lawsuit they lost on the Motorola v710).

7) Users can not download and save email attachments such as pictures into their phones (if someone mails you a photo you may want to use as a contact image of desktop wallpaper, you can't unless you download it to your computer first, and then re-upload it to your phone).

8) No Flash (enough said)

Those are the major complaints that need addressing ASAP. This "list" is just a bunch of people whiny about silly things that don't make a difference in the actual operation of the device, and are more or less a nit picking the iPhone.

Otherwise, Apple will address all major issues soon. Even with my list of flaws (a list many, many in the business agree is perplexing), I still love my iPhone. No regrets.

Matthew Monahan said:

While the iPhone is clearly no technological masterpiece, I believe that the biggest problem is that there is no third party software. have such limitations will unquestionably begin to make this smartphone (hardly) noteably boring. Especially considering that it is not gettings exceptional reviews with what it had during the release.

Knowing apple they also probably havent plan ahead much. Which means the hardware probaly is not configured correctly to handle very significant updates.

In a perfect world there would be a company as daring as Apple but as intuitive and experienced as Microsoft. Well we cant all have what we wish.

NewYork Technological Review said:

I think the Iphone was well portraide in comment #242. hes right about Apple. The only thing I would like to ask is, "what did you expect from them". Apple is clearly not a company that any "tech-savy" intellectual would ever even consider buying from.

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Comment#241 must be on a number of things if he actually believes what he claims. I would recommend the local athoraties to pursue this lost soul and hel him out of his addiction problem.

Anonymous said:

Comment243 is completelly right, im with that guy.

Tom said:

#223: Yes, I've observed this as well, with about the same frequency as you described.

Anonymous said:

Is iPhone GUI really worth of whole MOTorola???

Why I ask that question:

- AAPL market cap today 120B$. + 60B$(+100%) in 52wks, +42B$(+55%) in last 3 months. iPhone is Apple's only major product launch this year and the only differentiator to competition is it's GUI. Or at least that seems to be consencus on that matter.

- MOT market cap today 41B$, analysts/Ed Zander said couple of months agom, that 60% of Motorola's 2006 profits came from the handsets.

- NOK market cap 117B$ today. Around 70% of it's profit comes from handsets (owns major stake of Nokia Siemens Networks, otherwise consentrates on handsets business).

- both Nokia and Motorola do have substancial IPR portfolio on different kind of handset technologies (CDMA/GSM/WCDMA/data sync/GUI/etc.)

Anonymous said:

#219/#69 would be direct violation of GSM standards and therefore sales stopper for all wireless carriers - including AT&T/Cingular. All GSM handsets should be capable of receiving voice calls, when EDGE data transmission is on.

owen said:

even with auto-capitalization off, when one types words like "i" and "i've" they are changed to "I" and "I've".

this is a problem for my internal business communications where i type company wide messages in all lower case, and my partner uses mixed case.

owen said:

alarm clock vibrate only does not seem to be an option. when one selects "none" for the alarm audio, this cancels the vibrate mode too.

it seems to me that if you select "none" for the audio, the iphone should still vibrate when the alarm goes off.

da most!!! said:

I just going to wait for the next version.

Anonymous said:

#249 Not a fault, if iPhone is having Class C GPRS modem in. But I have not heard, that Class C GPRS codecs has of been used in any other devices than in early GPRS data cards (late 90's). Of which user could select between cllular or packet data and there is really not requirement to receive a call duging GPRS data session.

Class C GPRS would be severe usability issue. iPhone would behave always as out-of-GSM-coverage every time, you are using it with EDGE (browsing, checking e-mail, syncing iTunes, etc). Upgrading GPRS modem to Class B would mean new product in certification point of view and that takes months to complete.


#249 is fault, if iPhone is Class B GPRS/EDGE device.

Anonymous said:

#253 iPhone is Class C GPRS device according Apple:


"Edit: Having said that, some people over on Howard's are saying Apple told them this is a design decision by Apple - the network will route the call but the iPhone will silently refuse it. Pretty surprising if so, though it neatly avoids some nasty audio routing race conditions."

iPhone will silently refuse it = iPhone has no way of detecting the call, because Apple decided to settle to Class C.

Anonymous said:

Syncing JPG photos from a Windows machine corrupts 90% of the photos or doesn't transfer them at all. Other formats, such as PNG or TIFF synch properly, but JPG transcoding is very buggy.

Anonymous said:

Waiting for SP1

what ? said:

no wondering but a sh## with some many problem ~ i will wait for it getting prefect and lower $

huh ~ that's big problem said:


Anonymous said:

This GPRS Class C issue could be the reason, why there is no streaming of audio/video of Java or Flash in iPhone: all of those tecnologies load the internet interface heavily - if the interface is EDGE, it is very likely (100% change in case of streaming) that you can not place*) or receive calls.

Situation: You are streaming music with your iPhone and have a car accident. In the panic you try to establish 911 call, but due (because of your panic you do not notice it) streaming going on, the iPhone refuces to deliver the call and informs "No network coverage" or gives busy network tone or does something similar.

Much more regular situation for a Class C device would be, that you will miss call from your boss or from your girl friend, if you happen to be downloading a web page over EDGE at the moment network is routing the call to your phone.

*) at least with zero user interaction with other application than the Phone app.

Richard Atkin said:

I won't buy one until it comes with LCD glasses and the whole thing can be moved around on my thigh like a mouse, while I view everything through the glasses (in 3D).
Maybe the glasses should have a little webcam built into them so I can see when people are laughing at me :)

Once the iPhone has evolved into this, nothing will ever be able to compete with it...ever...not in a million years.....aaaahahahahahaaaaa....

Anonymous said:

#2: I verified this on my iPhone. If I try to surf the web (using Edge) while listening to the iPod, the iPod application will crash. Happens usually within 10-20 seconds of trying to load the first page. However, my friend's iPhone doesn't seem to have the same problem. It's easily reproducable on mine.

DDD said:


I've been in love with the iPhone until it has arrived. It has no 3G support, no GPS support, not even thru bluetooth. Lots of multimedia features, but no video calling option (has only 1 camera). The system is locked down like hell, only iTunes, only Apple. Its UI is also not very consistent: double tap means zoom-in or zooming-out depending on the application, double-finger tap used only in maps app etc. The keyboard is very uncomfortable (puncation for example), and inconsistent (vertical keyboard exist only in safari). I thought that Dynamic keyboards could be customized easily, but it is static. No special keys support to use with an SSH client for example. As a phone, iphone is very-very uncomfortable. 6 taps to make a call.... Steve should have used a nokia phone for a while!

The bottom line is: Apple has been very innovative, but they ideas are implemented very partialy. I think the programers needed at least a half year to finish this device correctly.

CJ said:

Yeah, I guess I am a little pissed (my comment from 241 in reference to the responses from 247, etc.). When I see a bunch of Microshaft losers who are so delusional about Apple that they go into personal attacks as they have NOTHING else to write (so I'll do the same).

Let's see, Apple sucks eh guys? Well, then why are people ditching Windoze and moving over to Apple in droves? The stock has more than DOUBLED this year alone, and the iPhone has sold well over 1 million since its release two weeks ago, with excellent reviews for a FIRST TIME PRODUCT (with J.D. Power and a few other companies rating it the best 21st century innovation thus far, no joke). As someone who has used Windows 3.1 and used to custom build PC's (including my own), I realized years ago that there are actual computers out here that don't crash! Wow, imagine that!

So whine all you want, I'll call you a Waaaaambulance, and go back to your Windows Mobile devices. I'm sure after a few crashes you'll be able to make a call to your pocket protector wearing friends. In the mean time, I have a call coming in... on my iPhone... :P

Erik said:

Add to bug list: I imported a Outlook Calendar from one computer onto another computer which serves as my iPhone sync calendar. Everything was fine before I did this. After I did this, the iPhone calender now indicates that there is an event on every day even when the calendar clearly shows there isn't.

CJ said:

That was addressed to 244 and 245, not 247. Further, I made a list of valid complaints, and hardly came off as having "drunk the kool-aid" in my original post (and yet, the Microshaft PR people came out to flame me right away, good job boys).

Again, there are some limitations with the iPhone, and aside from the lack of 3G and GPS (another complaint I forgot to list), most of these issues are correctable through software updates.

Keep in mind, the release of Mac OS X Leopard (of which I have been using as a developer) is due out in October, and a lot of features on the iPhone are still not enacted as they coincide with new features on Leopard (such as the camera's ability to take videos AND conference, another little ditty not yet known).

So all the complaints are great, I hope someone at Apple is reading. However, for a first generation device, the iPhone is leaps and bounds in new methodology in smart phone devices.

Anonymous said:

Bug: when phone is in silent mode (orange dot external switch), Alarms from the Clock still ring audibly, instead of just vibrating. What's the point of a "silencing" switch if it only silences calls, not alarms?? Very embarassing to be at a funeral and have the Pinball alarm go off to remind me to water the plants.

Anonymous said:

267 what ya smokin' babe? Of COURSE the alarm will go off. If I'm using my phone as an alarm clock, of course I want my calls silenced so my alarm can wake me up in the morning. What are you doing bringing a phone with active alarms to a funeral any ways? Turn the thing OFF. lol Wow, people really are either digging for complaints now or are just that dumb. :rollseyes:

Anonymous said:

I don't know if this is a bug or a design flaw but you can't enter new contact info when you are on a call.

ktula said:

There is another bug that i have just discovered that may not have been mentioned.

1. Create a repeating event in iCal that repeats every 2 weeks (assume the event is scheduled for every other Thursday), schedule it such that the first event is older than the current date/time.
2. Sync iPhone.
3. From Calendar on iPhone, change the date of the repeating event by selecting the one of the repeated events that is older than the current date/time. Change the event day to a different day of the week (for example, i changed it to Tuesday).
4. You will be prompted for choose between changing this event only or all future events. Select all future events.

You will notice at this point only that particular date has been changed. All future days for the repeated event remains the unchanged (still occurring on Thursdays).

Anonymous said:

When an email is forwarded from an AOL account, the forwarded section shows up as a mime-attachment and is unreadable on the iPhone.

For instance, let's say Bob uses AOL. Bob gets an email from Shirley and thinks I should also read it . So he forwards Shirley's email to me with an addendum at the top that says "That you might like to see this. - Bob".

When I get the email on my iPhone, I can see Bob's note at the top, but Shirley's original email comes across as a mime-attachment and I can't see it.

Back on a desktop (PC or Mac) I can see Shirley's message without problem.

Anonymous said:

in mail, there is the option to move a message to another folder, however, there is no way to create new folders, thus making the moving of an email to a given folder unusable.

That is a pretty good compilation of BUGS!! When are they going to release an update?
You guys should be in the QA team of Apple's iPhone dept ;)

Keep up the good work :)

carterfrancis said:

other #3 cap lock
i actually found this odd at first but really love it now. the only time i use multiple caps is when entering passwords that are case sensitive. and that is only when i check my webmail. not very often.

now that i've used the keyboard i find this "feature" really useful and i love it. it seems very natural to separate "typing" functionality from "mobile keyboard" functionality. the phone is not for writing word docs or creating excel spreadsheets. it's for all sorts of "quick" functions that don't generally need a "cap lock" feature.

it seems most of what's listed is based on how things function on laptops and desktops. mobile is a different space and requires differnet functionality that may conflict with our previous conventions.

as an ixd i find this a very smart product and incredibly easy to use, so easy it's almost transparent.

and i don't expect it to function like my laptop. it's a different space and requires different conventions that don't always map to what has come before. remember tabs?

William G said:

It's not really a bug, but in the music videos section of the iphone it only groups the artists videos if they have more than three. So if the same artists have two videos, it will show them indivdually instead of just by the artist. This took me forever to figure out!

Anonymous said:

iASign = BIG trouble

According Engadget iPhone's SIM lock is already bypassed (the 1st phone mode yor years, by the way). If that claim is true and AT&T is going to follow general policy in the industry, it will stop selling iPhones until Apple fixes the problem. It might also mean, that iPhones architecture is not very robust in security wise: it took only couple of weeks to have working SIM lock hack...

I just wonder, how ancient system architecture iPhone has, if it can be hacked this fast.

There is no mobile carrier, which will make AT&T-like deal with Apple, unless they can prove that SIM lock is better secured in iPhone. Actually the other carriers will most likely decline to sell iPhone, if Engadget's story is proven to be true.

David said:

iPod Cover Flow Bug ------------------

Cover Flow doesn't advance to next song.
Here's how to reproduct this bug:

Plug iPhone into power adapter or USB port on computer (to make sure the screen stays on).
In iPod mode, click the "Songs" icon.
Click "Shuffle".
Place the iPhone in landscape orientation.
The first song plays and its cover art is displayed.
When the next song is played, the cover art does not change.
If you turn it to portrait mode momentarily and then back to landscape mode, the cover art advances to the current song.

Wayne said:

bug/annoyance: I have my email set to auto refresh every 15 mins but, if I happen to be on a phone call
when this happens, i get a message telling me I can't use edge while I'm talking that I have to dismiss
before I can end the call... Should be smart enough to defer the auto update until I'm done talking, IMO

bhakti said:

yeah, most of these are not bugs, but feature requests. i wish you'd make that distinction.
but following your tradition, here is another bug:

The sound that indicates a new SMS message has been received is the exact same sound that iTunes on my MacBookPro makes when a CD has finished burning! what's up with that?

expected behavior: there would be a new, different, catchy SMS notification sound, not one that already has another meaning.

how's that one?


Anonymous said:

more ringtone options. I just wish we could have more tone options, or have the abilty to set a tune downloaded from itunes up as a ringtone. oh well, let's hope that gets updated in a future release.

Anonymous said:

GOD DAMN!!! The desperatey of these foolish apple loyalist attempting to defend the IPhone (#266,#241) Is hilarious. HAHAHA He talks about how apple's stock has doubled in the last year. HAHAHA thats not saying much considering how small the company is. AND, 98.96% of that is in the US. If you are a traveler (bussiness man, CEO, Tourist) you will notice that there are basicly NO NO NO MAC products in other parts of the world. Especially in Japan, India, Chile, Russia, and other developed countries. Thats because unfortunately the American public is so technically blind that they are willing to believe Steve Jobb's lies. It saddens me to see that other countries public is so obviousely surpassing us in technical knowledge. Any Tech-savy person could see that the largest problem with apple is that their products do not support creativitey on a large scale. I mean that there is no third party software. If there were no Microsoft or Linux the development of consumer Technology would draasticly slow. PC's (Microsoft, Linux, Etc.) support so many companies which are all attempting to develop while apple only supports itself. If Apple Ruled our economy would suffer quite drasticly.

Anonymous said:

iPod Bug music bug:
iPod can't play files that have no extension. Sure, it's wierd to have no extension (can happen when transfering file across file systems), but neither iTunes nor the other iPods have this problem. iPhone OS may be being too strict, but the song is just skipped and no error is generated. It takes a while to figure out why your music won't play on the phone...

eD said:

My Iphone froze up completly and I was forced to use the system restore and to delete all my photos. There are also bugs when listening to music and going through cover flow the iphone just randomly goes back to home screen. Also many times my screen is unresponsive and i am forced to restart my phone, I am very dissapointed apple would make these mistakes in the software.

Anonymous said:

Oh dear! Apple has designed iPhone so, that YOU WILL MISS INCOMING CALLS, when using EDGE:


"I replicated this five times. The page that I typically used was a bandwidth test from DSLReports.com. I would pick the 600K test and then call the phone, and at the third ring, it would reroute the call to voicemail. It would seem as if I had sent the call to voicemail, but the phone got no notice at all that there was an incoming call."

Monkey man said:

Apple fanboyism reacts again....

Lookatthemonkeys said:

My magnifying glass is useless when I am in safari and my iphone is in horizontal mode. If you want to test it out, go to Google, put the iphone in horizontal mode, type something into the search field, now try to use the magnify glass. The glass pops up, but for some reason it is zooming in on an area way below the text, which makes it useless. It also makes it annoying to put the cursor on a specific letter in a word.

Anonymous said:

I have had a situation that occurs when the iPhone has been in my pants pocket facing inward. Twice I have pulled my phone from my pocket, woke it up to find my battery to be draining at a rapid rate. the phone is very warm to the touch and not receiving calls.

I believe this is having something to do with warming the entire touch screen for long periods of time.

rerstarting the phone fixes this but not after 75% of my battery is gone within an hours time.

Anyone else?

Anonymous said:

Apple did a pretty good job building a killer app; but forgot to include a few key features:

1. iPhone does not properly function as a universal remote
2. iPhone is not available on Verizon
3. iPhone missing a built-in taser function
4. iPhone lacks an RPN calculator with symbolic logic
5. No midi plug

As a youngster, I used to read the Dick Tracy Comic strip. Dick had a rudimentary iPhone strapped to his wrist. Thank you Apple Inc for bringing this product from the obscurity of imagination and into reality. Absolutely amazing product!!!

iPhone User said:

Category: Phone> Voicemail> Greeting> *Default *Custom> The Play/Record Greeting option is not functioning well.

First, when I found out from a friend who set up his voicemail by using the "Custom" Greeting, I very like the way he did because when his voicemail is on, you won't hear a female voice from AT&T after your greeting. All you hear will be whatever the person recorded on his Voicemail set up. In other words, you don't have to wait for the *long* message of "...*your own greeting*… *then an AT&T female voice at the end*…" I think that’s a very nice way to set up your own voicemail. Then, I follow what my friend did, used the Greeting set up from my iPhone, chosed the "Custom" option then recorded my own greetings to the iPhone. I also could play back what I recorded. Of course, the first couple of records were not what I like, then I re-recorded and recorded ... played back for several of times. I don't even know how many times I re-recorded and played, for some reasons, the speaker was no longer working; I couldn’t hear anything when I pressed “Play”, even though I still can see the bar is moving when I pressed the "Play" button. I thought the speaker was broken, then I tried to make a call by using the speaker phone. It works fine. I went back to the "Greeting". Replaced by "Default" setting instead. I called myself using a different phone. Somehow, I didn’t even know, my first recording was taken in place. I have no idea what I have done wrong. I wonder if anyone has the same kind of problem. Or if anyone wants to try to use the "Custom" setting Greeting, make sue you don't record and re-record for too many times.

3 iPhones? said:

Apple's bussiness plan has a leak: the latest leak from AppleInsider and MacDailyNews reports that reliable sources from Apple has told to them that there will not be only one, but two iPhones following iPhone v1.0 THIS YEAR. And 2nd iPhone is to be launched only months after v1.0 (September?).

Why anybody should buy iPhone v1.0 and spend $ 2 000 (including contract) for it in this situation? At least I would like to know my options (iPhone v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0) before buying a iPhone.

Voice of Reality said:

People keep complaining about the up-front costs but nobody seems to mention the month-to-month costs. Consider this: the iPhone is $300 more expensive than the AT&T 8525 Windows Mobile phone. But a plan for the 8525 with 450 minutes, unlimited data, and 1500 text messages is $85/month while the SAME plan for the iPhone is only $70/month. That doesn't seem like much, but since both phones are on a 24 month contract, your month-to-month plan with an 8525 will cost you $2040 over the life of the contract while the iPhone will only cost you $1680. Even though you pay $300 more up front, you actually SAVE $60 in month-to-month payments.

Jenn said:

I am not sure if this a bug - likely not but accessing phone contacts via the phone keypad is not possible. You can however see the contact name after the number is dialed.

I can't understand why there is the auto-add function with email but not the phone. With this function missing it makes driving and dialing very challenging as two hands and much attention must be given to scrolling to a contact not located in favorites.

Managing my aol email account is also very confusing. I have not quite figured out why the phone loads messages after I have read them in aol? Keeps deleted messages? Deletes message in aol and on my phone. I am so confused my this.

Anonymous said:

Boy... some of these "issues" are a hell of a stretch! I also think the black color on the "home button" is 1/332 of a shade off the color of the black color on the back of the phone. Better add this to your list boneheads :)

ew said:

Bug not on list.
If you visit a site in portrait, then add page, go to another site and change to landscape, then click the "pages" button in the lower right corner, you can't flick to the page you'd visited in portrait and close it, because the text for the description of the site covers the red ex.

Anonymous said:

Bug not on list:
Links that wrap because of the small screen do not work on iPhone.

(links that wrap on PC DO work)

Anonymous said:

No more iPhones or a tecnical clitch?


Anonymous said:

Here's the world's 1st Video iPhone like gadget ... by NOKIA!!! A guy is demonstrating the TV-out feature of that piece of marvel here:

scrowner said:

Bug: Stocks, UI Usability.

Description: Some stocks will never display the whole day of graphical data even long after the market has closed. Specifically, stock CSV, seems to only get to about 11am for the 1 day data. This occurs only with some stocks and yahoo data seems to be complete. At the start of the market for the day, the stock will begin correctly with graph data and then stop at 11am.

I phone with iPhone.

scrowner said:

Bug: iPod, iTunes and UI.

Description: If you have two different artist that have the same album name, iPod of the iPhone will combine all the songs into the first album - I think alphabetically the first album. For example, if you have two albums named "Greatest Hits", iTunes will show them uniquely but the iPhone iPod will combine all the songs into one album.

Work Around: I changed the album title on one of the albums.

I phone with iPhone.

Anonymous said:

How EDGE works / Nokia N95 out of 3G coverage.

When browsing with EDGE: if a voice call comes in EDGE is suspended and call connected. In any state of the EDGE modem. After the call has ended, the previous state is resumed.

And that is, how the GPRS/EDGE phones have been working since the 1st GPRS enabled models.

Ed said:

When using my Gmail account to send mail on the iPhone, all mail that I send is also sent back to me and shows up in my inbox.

Safari crashes when going to the MAC website, my Google account and others.

Photos has two problems that I've encountered, one is the photo selected and enlarged does not return to postage stamp size after returning to the photo page and back again.

After syncing lost contacts that were in my favorites, had to reinstall.

Unable to set up my established email accounts on my iphone and had to establish "G" mail.

Free songs from iTunes, such as "Love Songs" by Sara Bareilles and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat have static during the song, whereas the older songs are okay with the exception of the uneven audio from one song to another.

Haven't figured out how to stop a song playing other than pausing it, whereas movies have that capability.

Here is a big one, cannot slide to unlock when a call comes in. Started on 7/20/2007.

Corinne said:

If you have non-square photos associated with your contacts in Outlook (2007 on Windows) and sync your contacts with Outlook, then the contact photo on the iPhone appears squished. That is, the photo is there but it has been stretched or squished to fit the square thumbnail size on the iPhone.

Anonymous said:

On 7/19/07 I visited an Apple Store and found a bug in the PDF reader of the iphone. It was reproducible on 2 different iphones in the store. Here are the steps:

1) goto www.panerabread.com
2) Goto the "Menu & Nutrition" link
3) Click "Download the entire menu" (gets you a pdf file). You'll then see the pdf file so up in a Safari window. At first it looks like everything is OK, until you compare to what you will see on an actual Macintosh or Windows computer. There's a whole bunch of text in the menu that is completely missing or whited out.

I tried to next download the pdf file to my Macintosh as a file and then email to an iphone. The iphone receieved the email and attached pdf file. I opened up the pdf file and I get the same result, a bunch of missing text.

Chanz said:

A serious bug that I have encountered is that my iPhone drains its own battery. I know some of you are probably thinking "oh he left the music on" or "he had the check mail settings to every 15 mins" or something like that but I assure you I do not. The first time it happened was when I started out with an approx. 90% full battery and left it alone while I went to sleep for the night. The next morning, I found that my battery drained to 10% (the phone said so) and my usage statistics was of several hours (about the time I was asleep). Please note that my iPhone was not performing any functions while I was asleep. Something similar happened again today when I had my iPhone charging. I came to see if my iPhone is fully charged and found that while it was, the usage statistics and standby statistics were the same at 6 hrs. 30 mins. This leads me to believe that after my iPhone "fully charged" it decided to go off and do its own thing. Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

Thanks for reading my long post.

Corinne said:

Under Settings > Contacts the 'sort by' and 'display by' options give two choices: "Last, First" and "First, Last." The latter shouldn't have a comma. It should be just "First Last"

rgunther said:

For #1: Not only do I occasionally experience Safari crashes - I experience it all the time. I was unable to load one complete page today without Safari crashing after a minute or so. I've heard that this has something to do with having multiple pages open simultaneously. Regardless, it's annoying and needs to get fixed.

Anonymous said:

Some songs will not play for more than 3 to 10 seconds on my IPHONE. The same song will play with no problem on my ipods and itunes with no issues. when loaded to my iphone they simply dont play properly. this happens with several songs. whats even wierder is that the next day they will play perfectly but a diffrent song will then stop playing properly. has this happend to some one else

AlanC said:

I have a few to include here:

a) the keypad should go "landscape" in EMAIL and SMS mode, but it doesn't

b) No Video (everyone knows that by now)

c) BUG! >> If you forward your calls to your iPhone, AND a call comes in while you are already on a phone call... then a warning pop up tells you that an INCOMING FORWARDED CALL is coming in, and ask you to DISMISS it.... HOWEVER, the problem is that you can NOT answer the call, NOR can you tie it into a conference call because that option is not appearing on the screen. Your only choice is to press DISMISS and let it go to Voicemail.

This would be a hard one for a user to find because of the unique scenario.

d) Weather gets in a bad mood and will not update, and there is NO option to manually refresh it. My weather is two days old and will not update

e) Photos: You cannot receive photos from people to your text messaging. Instead they need to email them to you. So there is no direct send or receive for photos. Big PROBLEM.

f) BLUETOOTH: You cannot initiate a call using your bluetooth headset.

g) BlueTooth: You have to manually select your BlueTooth EACH TIME when listening to a VoiceMail! Terrible Bug! This requires three steps.... 1) Press "audio" top right corner 2) Press the "BlueTooth Apparatus" button 3) click your voicemail twice to start hearing it.

You have to repeat these steps for each voicemail! bad.

AlanC said:


a) Calculator: Doesn't have a PERCENTAGE button, nor are there any additional options such as "scientific" calculator mode. I mean come on, this is so 1998.

b) MAP: HOW cool would it be to have an infrared port and send your map data to your Magellan GPS in your car? Or Garmin? All GPS units have Infrared receiver ports.

c) GPS: no gps option with this phone

d) Photos do not show up for contacts in the right corner when you are on a call with them as advertised

e) Of course no "Macromedia Flash" support in Safari browser


AlanC said:


a) No Zoom for the Camera either

b) No Voice Dialing from BlueTooth or Handset, big problem when driving because the iPhone commands more attention than a regular phone because you cannot "feel" the buttons, you have to look at the keypad


Jedhed said:

i've read hundreds of posts since iphone hit the stores..but i've heard almost nothing about how soft the ear piece is, as well as, trying to have a conversation on the speaker. unless i'm in a closed room, it's very difficult to hear. did apple do this on purpose? are they pushing their bluetooth ear piece? can this be corrected in a future software update?

Anonymous said:

Ipod. when you are playing a song of a downloaded album cover. The cover sometimes turns into a music symbol instead of the album cover. If you scrol to the next album cover the previous album cover reappears but then when you scroll back to the original album cover it disappears again. It's a bug.

Anonymous said:

Serious flaw:
iPhone is more expensive, than N95

iPhone (4MB) $500
N95 $749

AT&T data plans:

$59,99 for 450 / Nation / 5000 mins weekend/night
$79,99 for 900 / Nation / Unlimited mins weekend/night

Standard prices for above (e.g. with N95):
$39,99 for 450 / Nation / 5000 mins weekend/night
$59,99 for 900 / Nation / Unlimited mins weekend/night

Total cost

Apple iPhone
450 mins / Nation $500 + 24 x $59,99 = $1439,76 + $500 = $1939,76
900 mins / Nation $500 + 24 x $79,99 = $1919,76 + $500 = $ 2419,76

Nokia N95
450 mins / Nation $500 + 24 x $39,99 = $959,76 + $749 = $1708,76
900 mins / Nation $500 + 24 x $59,99 = $1439,76 + $749 = $2188,76

So 4GB iPhone with 2 yrs AT&T data plan is $231 more excpensive, than with Nokia N95. With 8GB iphone the difference is excactely $331.

weed said:

im so high but, the ipod feature will crash when you are using safari sometimes. sometimes safari will crash as well.

D watkins said:

SMS in Europe, roaming in france, any SMS sent would continue resending until I powered off the phone. Friends had to writ and tell me they got my texts 10 times.

StrikerG2 said:

How about an "Empty Deleted Items" button or menu option when in Mail's Deleted folder. I hate having to delete items from the Deleted folder individually.

bill said:

iphone sucks!!!! waste of money!!!!!!

Anonymous said:

To number 314: you forgot to mention that the iPhone plans include an unlimited data plan, which is not included in the $39.99 plan that you mentioned. Adding the data plan is an additional $40, making the plan $80 a month, $20 MORE than the iphone plan. That means that over 24 months, you spend $480 less in month-to-month charges with an iPhone.

Let's compare apples to apples next time.

Jedhed said:

Does anyone have a hard time hearing a conversation on the iphone? Is it loud enough for everybody?

teebs said:

I found a bug in the alarm clock. Turning off key clicks in settings causes the alarm clock to vibrate instead of making the selected sound, which results in missed appointments and angry girlfriends.

You have a very nice site and you have done a bunch of work on the iPhone. We have just started an open database to store iPhone bugs and track them. Feel free to take a look: http://www.iphonebuglist.com


Anonymous said:


My mistake not to include data & messaging plans. But also your numbers are wrong. To have the equivalent service plan with non-subsidied phone, as in iPhone you need:

SmartPhone Connect
Unlimited data plan including Xpress Mail = $19,99/month


Messaging Starter w/Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging
200 SMS/Picture/Video/IM messages (unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile)
= 9,99$/month


Messaging Unlimited
unlimited SMS/Picture/Video/IM messages
= $19,99/month

=> iPhone SMS 200 450/Nation $59,99/month and 900/Nation = $79,99
=> equivalent plan with Nokia N95 = $69,97/month and 89,97/month
=> difference with 2yrs contract is the price of device+$240 = $737/$537 or $498/$398 in advance to (4GB/8GB) iPhone.

=> iPhone SMS 200 900/Nation $79,99/month and 900/Nation = $99,99
=> equivalent plan with Nokia N95 = $99,97/month and 99,97/month
=> difference is only the price of device - in advance to iPhone ($248/$148).

You have to remember, that iPhone restricts your SMS:es to 160 chars (90's tech.), where as with N95 (or any other Symbian S60 phone) you can send up to 4 096 chars (could be even more nowadays) SMS messages or multimedia (picture/video) messages or instant messages etc. Multimedia messages can be sent also to a e-mail address; not only to the mobile phones. One multimedia message can be up to 300kB. In a word: messaging service of iPhone is svrly limtd compared to any other modern mobile handset.

There is also other messaging services starting from $4,99, which you can not get with iPhone. And I quess, you can have discount from AT&T, when you're bundling the three wireless services. You just have to ask it.

You choose: looks or substance.


Current price: $689.99
Price w/Contract: $549.99 (T-Mobile)

USD$ 675.00

Anonymous said:

But is it secure?


Automatic Wi-Fi connection - even to malicous apn:s? All processes run with full priviledges?? Do they know, how to code OS in Apple at all??? Is Mac OS X as stupid as that, too???? This means, that anyone knowing OS X programming could use your iPhone to anything he/she wants. With couple of hundreds of hours work needed. Wellcome to campus :\

Anonymous said:

power consumption

(has Sunpower's 1 400 mAh battery)

Typical 2G product can achieve better battery life than iPhony with sub 1 000 mAh battery. The UI(?) sucks battery empty?

Anonymous said:

power consumption

(has Sunpower's 1 400 mAh battery)

Typical 2G product can achieve better battery life than iPhony with sub 1 000 mAh battery. The UI(?) sucks battery empty?

Anonymousx said:

VPN password problems clarification

Settings->General->Network->VPN->Settings allows for alphanumeric passwords but does not save the password.

Once VPN is setup you should be able to use Settings->VPN to connect however you only get a numeric keypad for password entry. This is incorrect behavior.

As 33 states you can go back to Settings->General->Network->VPN->Settings to enter an alphanumeric password. The password is never saved beyond that current session and VPN connections are lost when the iPhone sleeps. Usability is sub par when you must to go back to Settings->General->Network->VPN->Settings every 10 minutes or less to enter a password so you can check mail.

This has been entered in the Apple Bugreporter.

Anonymous said:

When using a web form that asks for a phone number with as the formatting, in a field that is for numbers only, the iPhone pulls up a keyboard that does not include dashes. If the field requires the proper formatting, you will not be able to submit your form.

Bob said:

Here is another bug:

Select an Account
Delete from Server always stays on Never. When you change it to When Removed from InBox it does not save the change and reverts back to Never

Brinky said:

Crash/Hang/Data Loss Web pages do not remain loaded after powering off the iPhone.

Does this work on any other device you have every used? PC or other smart phone? I don't see this as a issue? And why would you ever power off the iPhone in the first place?

samrolken said:


When dragging the weather widget beyond where it should go, then all the way off the screen.

Not likely to be encountered in everyday use.

John said:

iPhone owner since 7/20/07 - Greatest phone I've ever owned, puts Palm Mobile phones and Windows Mobile phones to shame (I've had both and used both extensively as corporate user), IMO. I architect and program Windows based applications for a living for a Cable/Satellite Biller.

My system....
Dell Laptop OS: Windows XP Pro, Latest Service Packs and MS Fixes w/ Outlook 2003 PRO and iTunes 7.3
iPhone: 1.0 (1A543a) Model MA712 2.1 GB available space

Usability: No Contacts button to go to Contacts directly on Home Menu. I use contacts for other things than just phone numbers, text messaging, and email addresses. I use them for storing account numbers and other data. I shouldn't have to go into Phone to get to Contacts.

Usability/Bug?: Unable to sync Outlook Notes to iPhone Notes. I store a lot of miscellaneous info on Outlook Notes, which I used to sync with my Treo 650 running Palm.

Usability: Slide to Unlock gets annoying to slide finger all the way over it when on the go. This is a nitnoid of mine.

Usability: Physical home button should have a corresponding virtual home button on the applications, using the physical button is annoying when just touching the virtual buttons all the time. Maybe this should be a "back" virtual button instead. It's so beneath me now to touch "real" buttons!

Usability: Should have virtual volume control as well as the physical volume buttons on the left side of the iPhone.

Usability: Should have virtual "lock" or "off" buttons as well as the physical button on the top left of the iPhone.

Usability: Should move the "trash" virtual button away (left or right) from the "home" physical button since easy to mis-push either one due to their proximity. I've accidentally deleted several emails doing this "blindly".

Usability: Mail list should show date, not just the "Yesterday", "Saturday", "Sunday", etc.

Usability: Phone Recents list should show date, not just the "Yesterday", "Saturday", "Sunday", etc.

Usability: Top status bar "AT&T E 2:12 PM bluetooth battery" should have today's date listed as well for us who loose track of the date and are senile.

Usability: Should be a way to "Mark all as read" in the inbox view. Sometimes you don't need to fully read messages (due to the preview) but want them to hang around and not show up as unread.
OR allow "Mark as read" during the preview of a single message.

Bug: Contacts list sometimes isn't showing all contacts and in my iPhone stops ar the "R''s. This occurred just once. I recovered this by going into settings for phone and changing the sort order, then all contacts were visable again. I have several hundred contacts on my Outlook/iPhone that sync. I will attempt to recreate. Happend at bank when I was attempting to look up account numbers for my US Bank accounts.

Bug: iPod Videos that I made from recordings from DVD/DVR files that play perfectly on my iPod 30g Video will not play on iPhone, however they do get imported/synced via iTunes correctly. If iPod can play them then why can't iPhone? They can also play in iTunes.

Usability: Safari browser doesn't automatically resize a webpage for the full iPhone screen. For example, www.usbank.com, initially takes up only 1/4-1/3 of the iPhone screen.

Usability: Wallpaper image should also cover "Home" screen, not just the lock/unlock screen and "while on phone call" screen.

Usability: Wallpaper image should also cover "Battery/Lock" screen, not just the lock/unlock screen and "while on phone call" screen.

Usability: Phone Recents should colorize the "Missed", "Outgoing Made", and "Incoming Made" calls not just "Missed" vs "Made" calls. Treo 650 and new Windows Treo 700-something has these distictions.

Usability: Visual Voice mail speaker option volume should have a louder maximum upper range.

Usability: Contacts should allow to type in letters/numbers to use as a search for matching contacts in the list. Scrolling list, and the alpha-scroll bar on the right are good, but a search would make it complete. Could put "search action button" near the "All Contacts" verbiage.

Bug: Calendar - Going in and out of Calendar sometimes hard-freezes iPhone on the Calendar application. Use physical Home button then virtual Calendar button to lazily switch back and forth. Only can unfreeze by resetting when performing the "Sleep,Home" button reset procedure.

Usability: Calendar - should auto-scroll to the current time during the day, and place a small indicator as to where the current time is on the Today view's day calendar. This request is similar to what Outlook does today with the current time indicator in it's Calendar.

Usability: Photos - There's no way on the iPhone to rotate pictures correctly when they have been imported or originally shot in a non-standard rotation. Such as a picture that was shot with an external digital camera taken side-ways, import into iPhone, and iPhone doesn't allow you to set a proper rotation, so when you try to "flip" the iPhone to see the picture right-side-up, then iPhone "rotates" the picture again. Think of a dog chasing it's tail...


PS: The moderator of this site needs to clean up the unproductive comments and other miscellaneous junk left by users on the "bug" list.

I phone with iPhone too.

Paul said:

Slide to Unlock Stops Working

After operating for nearly 20 days (a record no other phone I have owned could even come close to) the "Slide to Unlock" control stopped functioning. Workaround: Operate "Slide to Unlock" as normal (no response on screen) and then press any button: The phone will unlock. Rebooting the iPhone fixed the problem.

Say it with me - "My cell phone worked for 20 days without a lockup, a hang, a crash, or any other unexpected event."

Question: If the battery completely, totally, utterly dies, will data be lost?

John said:

Usability: iPhone was in the cradle already synced to iTunes and charging while I was working. Was playing an iPod music file on the iPhone, I had to reboot my computer, after my laptop came back in an logged back into Windows, the OS inturn restarted the iTunes sync (I have that option on). Music faded out, sync completed fine, then the music did not fade back in and play where it stopped. I know this may be working as designed since iPhone doesn't really know, and can guarantee) if the new sync moved music around or deleted it, but I would hope that it would have just refaded in and played...hoping for the moon I guess...

Anonymous said:

I have had this phone for only 4 days and have experienced several problems already. Safari has crashed on me numerous times, to the point were it is really just not useable. I have had problems making calls. The person on the other line can hear me talking but I am unable to hear them.It did not sync up to hands free well. Sometimes the bluetooth hands-free feature works and sometimes is doesn't. The map pulls up but the traffic report does not function properly. Sometimes you can view it and sometimes it just won't report.And now my phone just froze up. I tried to check my e-mail and it completely locked up the screen. There is no way to unlock this now, i will have to wait til the battery dies. It will not respond to itunes sync or the charger. On my way back to the store now to return this nightmare of a phone.How apple released this phone with so many serious bugs i do not understand????? Unbelievable!!!!

Anonymous said:

Bug #5 - every phone isnt the iphone (thier goal was to sell at least 1% of phones in 2007 and they have already sold more than 3% as of july 24th)

Bug #6 - i broke my hand and had to quit work so now i can't afford one

ECB said:

There is no SEARCH button, mode, anything, to be able to locate a contact whose name you don't recall. With some type of SEARCH capability the data base of contacts would be much more usable than having to scroll from the first name in a letter of the alpabet until you reach what you're looking for. For example: I have a data base of over 4000 people for my business and many times I can recall their address (I'm a realtor) but not the names (first or last). With my World Phone and with my TREOs there exists the possibility to search for a contact by address or any other "keyword" that you wish. The devices take seconds to search the memory and provide multiple results from which to select the desired contact. With the iPhone unless you know the NAME of the person there is no other way to find a contact. As is stands its fine for people who only use the iPhone with very few friends and family in their contacts. But for business people who depend on the ability to search their data bases this phone NEEDS a way to conduct a search. Also, deleting emails twice is such a drag that I decided not to receive emails on my iPhone since so much of what we all receive today is junk mail. Hope this is fix. I'm returning mine until the next generation comes out.

peter said:


YouTube.. Most Viewed.. "All" and "Today" show the same list with the same view count.. "This Week" shows a different list..

One would assume that there be 3 different lists, and the view counts include only the view counts for that time period..

Bonus - Insert commas in the view counts.. 52339874 is soo much nicer as 52,339,874
Bonus - Top rated should also have All/Today/This week categories to be consistent


Funny said:

Apple Q3/07 results are going to be released today:
(Shouldn't it be Q2/07?)

Maybe there will be info about iPhone sales fiqures, also...

Anonymous said:

If this (Charge Cycles part) is proven false statement:

Maximum Battery Life
iPhone offers up to 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback, or 24 hours of audio playback on a full charge at original capacity. In addition, iPhone features up to 250 hours of standby time.

Charge Cycles
A properly maintained iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 400 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.

...is a battery of a iPhone (bought on iDay) considered to be faulty and thus to be changed by Apple *free of charge*

a) If the battery capacity reaches 80% in next January?
b) Or in June 2008?
c) Or in mid of August 2008? *)
d) Or in X-mas 2008?
c) Or in September 2009? **)

80% batt. capacity means:
- 6,5 hours of talk time
- 5,5 hours of video play back
- 19 hours of audio play back
- 200 hours (8 days 8 hours) of stand by

And how Apple defines "a properly maintained battery"?

*) charging every day equals almost 13,5 months
**) charging every other day equals almost 2 yrs 3 months

Anonymous said:

This may not necessarily be a bug, so much as an unwelcome protocol/feature:
(and forgive me if this was mentioned before...I didn't have time to plow through all pages of comments):

As a prepaid customer, I keep getting notifications of transaction costs (usually $0, since it's data) sent to the phone while it's on (whether in standby/sleep mode or not). This happens frequently throughout the day, and prompts a vibrate notice whenever it happens. It even happens when I'm on WiFi (which seems odd, since I'm not using AT&T's network).

What's particularly annoying is that I'm sure all these unnecessary vibration notifiers are needlessly draining my available battery. I can understand making a phone call that uses my plan minutes (or SMS messages, which I have yet to use), but do I really need to be notified for every single free data transfer?

Lee said:

I've noticed that there's no Clear Entry function in the calculator. Here's the scenerio:

you enter 12+13+14+15+16+18 and realize that the 18 was supposed to be 17
Most calculators either (a)have a dedicated CE (Clear Entry) button that cancels out the last entered number but keeps the stack of previously entered information or (b) let a single tap of the C(lear) button act as a CE.

On the iPhone, there's no way to clear the entry. I have entered this as a bug to apple.

Lou said:

Some of these are pretty damn obscure.

And there are as many typos/misspellings as there are bugs ("inconstancy"?!).

And several I just plain disagree with:

1. Weather and Stocks are widgets, and there's no need for an Edit button for the "-" (delete) graphic to appear. Ever use a Widget on OSX?

2. The stop/start button on the headphones is meant to be dedicated for the iPod functionality. No, I would not expect media from a web page to start/stop when it is clicked. I mean, what if you double-clicked it? How would it know which "next song" to go to?

3. What's wrong with the Photos app remembering what scale/enlargement you were at? This is a feature to me.

4. What's wrong with going to the end of the camera roll every time you open it? I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!! Please, Apple, don't "fix" this "problem".

Something you might've mentioned but I missed: When editing text in web pages, when you place your finger in the text edit area to move the cursor, the enlarged text shows up above the visible area on the screen. And when you're typing, sometimes the correct/suggested word appears below the visible area. Now *those* are significant bugs.

Thanks for trying, anyway.

John said:

Contacts add via Safari touch number....
Usability: Safari/Phone - when searching on Safari you spot a phone number that you'd like to save in your contacts, if you touch the phone number, it displays a popup and asks if you want to "Call" or "Cancel", but there's no way to just add it to a contact. Workaround is that you "Call" then immediately hang up the call, then go to Phone->Recents and add the number from there. Suggestion: The popup should allow you to add to contacts in case you want to save the number for later. My example is a resaurant that we're going to tonight, I googled for it in Safari, but I don't want to call them, I just want to save the number for later use like if I get lost trying to drive there or want to call for a quick reservation or take-out.

John said:

335 - Go to apple's website
For help resetting go to Apples website and follow the reset instructions, Apple has a decent troubleshooting workflow on the site.

Traffic will not work unless you're looking at an area where traffic stats are available at that time you look at them and the computer that runs that is not Apple's so they have no control over it. I'd find out what system is providing traffic data and go yell at them.

Phone issues are normally because of signal issues, regardless of the particular phone model. You may be in a spotty AT&T area. Switching to another phone with AT&T service would not help you.

wrk said:

One thing I haven't heard anyone mention: If you're in silent mode and talking on the phone and you get a text or an email or something else that would normally give you an audio notification, the iPhone vibrates in your ear. It's pretty annoying, I think most phones I've ever had just make a very quiet noise that you can only hear with the speaker up to your ear, like it is when you're talking.

John said:

Bug:iPhone dock error

Sometimes when I plug my iPhone to the iPhone/iPod dock that came in the iPhone box as part of the package, I get the iPhone message that says it's an unsupported device and it wants me to go into Airplane mode.

I'm not sure at this moment what is causing it, although it's happend twice now (not sequentially though).

My guess is that since I took a picture on it a bit ago (usually my Camera photos are empty since I move them to a PC) that there's a conflict with the Scanner and Camera wizard that was either installed by Microsoft or my new Sony cybershot camera software. This may be temporarily causing iPhone to think that the device is not the dock since the other software is apparently accessing the "USB" as a virtual drive. By the way, I have none of that "use your iPhone as a thumb drive" software installed.

Anonymous said:

This has just happened to me twice in the past two days. Steps:

  1. iPhone is locked and in the cradle, which is hooked to a USB port
  2. I get a call, and the screen comes up with "slide to answer"
  3. I slide, and the slider moves, but then sticks at the end, and the screen doesnt change
  4. I pick up the phone from the cradle. The screen either stays the same, or goes black...sometimes black with just the top icons (battery life, bars, etc). The call has been answered, and I am on the phone with that person, but the screen is basically locked up
  5. For a minute or so after this, the iPhone responds like a computer with near 100% cpu load. If I move the phone away from my face, the screen stays black, or if I hit the home button, it will goto the home screen, but will say "touch to return to call" in a green bar at the top of the screen, even though I am still on the call.

The first time it happened, I was only on the phone for like 30 seconds, and so the phone was still ridiculously slow for a good minute or so. This last time, I was on the phone for a few minutes, and it looked like it improved, but then I tried to call the same person back, and it was still not performing as normal.

After the call, I power cycled it, and got another call soon after, but I also took the phone out of the cradle before answering, so I dunno if rebooting helped, or if taking it out of the cradle before answering helped, or both.

John said:

Mail preview lines

Suggestion: The mail preview lines I have set are 5 lines in the settings. However, when an email doesn't have 5 lines in it for example just one line, it still shows up as 5 lines and 4 of them are blank.

I would suggest that if there's not the set number of lines to show, then don't show the blank lines just so the display shows 5, compress it down so you can preview more emails on the screen.

John said:

Reproducing mail delete

I can reproduce the mail settings delete issue where it's not saving the setting once you exit out of the settings.

Home->Settings->Mail->(then your mail account)->Advanced->Delete from server

Pick "When removed from Inbox"

Then either go back via back button on top left of screen, or just hit Home button.

Then go back into this setting and it reverts back to "Never".

John said:

Bug wifi down Edge never kicks in.

Bug: My WiFi at my house is done through a US Robotics Wireless MAXg Router hooked to a Actiontec DSL Gateway then using Qwest DSL service (kinda hokey and lowkey, but works and is cheap).

My DSL connection when down sometime today, and the DSL gateway was not connected to the internet as usual when I got home. The USR Wireless Router was on.

My iPhone automatically will connect to the USR Wireless Router, but since the DSL Gateway Modem was down, it couldn't. However, I would have thought that the iPhone should then use it's "backup" plan, the Edge network, which I have all 5 bars of here at home. It didn't.

In other words, since the Wireless Router was still "on", but the DSL internet service downstream was down, iPhone refused to connect via Edge network as a backup.

Cindy B said:

My problem has been recently with my yahoo email. I had several emails vanish from my account. When I went to my PC and logged into my email account, they were also gone. These emails were not deleted and could not be found in the trash, bulk mail, or any other folder. They just VANISHED! Furthermore, the emails that vanished all came from the same user/email address. Has anyone else had this problem?

Wyatt said:

BUG: The Excel reader doesn't do date formatting correctly (may depend on the version of Excel used to generate document).

Easy way to test this:

1. Go to Excel, make a new document,
2. In the 1st cell, enter the number "0".
3. Reformat that cell to format it as a date. For both my PC (Office 2003), and Mac (Excel 2004 for Mac / v11.3) the date shown is "Mar 14 2001".
4. Email the document to yourself, and view it on the iPhone
5. My iPhone shows the date as "Jan 1, 2004".

Kingshaikh said:

iPod has not launched in India as well!! How will i know the bugs? :)

thomhall said:

SMS - Send to Multiple at one time.

There is no way to send out an SMS message to 10 of my friends at once. Needs the following:
1) Send List
2) Add recipients for custom groups for a specific message.

This is a major oversight at Apple. Then you could receive individual SMS messages from each person and start a chat with them.

Anonymous said:

My iphone speakers has just stop working. I can't make a phone call. I have to use my bluetooth head set to make a call from it. I can't play music from the speakers, I have to use my headphones to hear music. This suck big time.

Anonymous said:

I have noticed that when in coverflo for a long time and making a lot of swipe marks will make the iPhone go back to the home screen. The same thing will happen when you enter a complex webpage, it will crash and go back to the home screen

Mike M. said:

Excel iPhone bug: errors in times/dates in excel downloads. I have viewed two separate excel files attached to 2 separate emails (with the files from different original authors) and both had errors in times or dates when viewed on the iPhone (compared to downloading the files on a PC and opening with Excel). The first file added an hour to all the times. In the second file, all the dates are way off - 27-Jul becomes 17-Jun and 11-Aug becomes 2-Jul.

Major enhancement request: Content-heavy websites (i.e., espn.com) are very difficult to view/navigate as almost any touch of the website launches a new link. Can there be a "turn off link activation" button to allow effortless navigation (rather than trying in vain to touch the website only where there are no links)?

Enhancement request 2: option to view emails in order of sender rather than date. I go back and forth between these modes all the time in my email programs. This option could be selected by touching "edit" first and then viewing order could be chosen.

Enhancement request 3: Search function. THis is most critical for contact list (but would be great for email too). They could do what the treo does - just start typing some part of the contact name and it shows matching contacts (similar also to how the iPhone shows potential email names when typing in the "To:" field).

Mike M. said:

Repeat bug report.
I just saw (above) an earlier report of the excel date/time bug, so it's real and hopefully will get apple's attention.

Michael Calcagno said:

Another bug...

We entering a new time zone, the clock changes to the local time as expected. However, when entering the Mail application and clicking the refresh key, the phone displayed the Updated Date and time, BUT the time is still stuck in the OLD time zone.

Kalle said:

Cant wait to get my hands on the iPhone..
Payed almost the same price for a Sony ericsson P990i..
Will be a joy to smash that phone with a big hammer when iPhone is available here in Norway..

Mr. Chris said:

I did not see this one: When adding a photo from iphoto to a contact, if you scale it and hit "save" the contacts app closes. You can however move it around and put it into a contact.

Anonymous said:

************Another Bug************
This one is annoying!
Under: Settings->Mail->"one of your accounts->Advanced
The "Remove Deleted Messages" does absolutely NOTHING.
I have it set to "After one day" and my Trash bin just grows and grows day by day. And then on top of that not working, there is not a way to delete/remove all deleted messages from your trash bin all at once you have to do it one by one and when you accumulate over 50 of them in one week that makes for a FUN weekend!

John said:

Entering bugs to Apple...

We're here on this forum to help Apple make the iPhone even better than it is. Hardly anyone on here is seriously bashing the iPhone, it's strengths far outway it's weaknesses, although sometimes it may be a little frustrating (but then try to go back and use a Treo after an iPhone! my wife has the 755w).

That said,

if you have a serious bug that you'd like Apple to look at (someday), then by all means post it here, but also post the more serious ones to the apple site.

You have to sign up for Apple Developer Connection to get access to the bug reporter, but that's free if you have an iTunes account or iPhone registered.


As a developer myself, I suggest you follow their format and "rules" that they provide, being verbose about a problem is a godsend to a developer, and I'm sure they feel the same way.

Here's the 4 I've submitted so far...these may be dups of the main applehound list, but sometimes developers need to see the impact of an issue from many different angles since they need to prioritize the issues for work.

iPhone isn't recognized by iTunes sometimes on Windows XP Laptop while attempting sync, iPod is however. iPhone Other Bug 31-Jul-2007 08:15 AM Open

iPhone says own dock is an accessory that is not supported iPhone Other Bug 27-Jul-2007 08:16 AM Open

Flipping between iPhone Calendar and Home hard-freezes iPhone iPhone Performance 26-Jul-2007 02:03 PM Open

iPhone Contacts did not show all contacts available iPhone Other Bug 26-Jul-2007 01:56 PM Open

Andy said:

No other phone has as much built-in memory as the Apple IPhone’s 8 GB, but this could be a disadvantage to the users. For one thing, there’s no external memory card slot to expand your storage space. So between your music, photos, video and PodCasts that are iPod-easy to load, you’ll fill that 8 GB on your first sync. Until I read this post of yours I thoughttThis could be the only flaw in the Apple Iphone

Anonymous said:

Anyone have problems with their mic or the speaker not working (occasional silence or vibrating instead of ringtones)? The volume control also seems messed up at times. I've been missing calls randomly & not because of being with out a network. Tested it @ home with lan line & another cell phone. I hope this is hardware on this one device 'cause I want to take the sh_t back to the store.
p.s. thanks for keeling the bug list up to date...

Bogie said:

I believe this bug is fixed in the 1.0.1 update, as I was able to view weather while disconnected from EDGE/WiFi...can others verify?:

UI/Usability Weather data will not appear when disconnected from Wi-Fi/EDGE resulting in widget containing city names and the days of the week. Cached weather data is deleted after several hours. This does not appear to be the case with the stocks application which stores the data for a longer period of time. The expected result is to have weather data (though possibly out of date) stored longer so it can be viewed when disconnected from networks.

Trent said:

Even with the bugs which I think will get worked out and other stuff I'd like added this is still the greatest multi function phone device I've ever owned! I can only imagine how much better it will be over time. Good going people.

Anonymous said:

love the phone however the "Slide to unlock" does not slide anymore - if I click the main button after i try to slide the "slide to unlock" it enters the main phone menu - sorry, not sure how i did this

another annoyance is i can't text multiple people - i usually text mutiple people every day so now i have to do it 10 different times

lastly on my last phone i could set it up to forward to another number if i did not pick up my cell phone - i live in the mountains and don't get a good signal at home - with the iphone there is only a plane jane forward to a number which i have to setup everytime i get near my house

Shari said:

I have had the problem of Safari crashing too. I dropped the phone once, and only once, and I was afraid it was my fault, but now I see I'm not the only one. I can hardly use Safari now because it always kicks me off and goes back to the home screen!! It is so irritating, I don't even use it anymore. Has anyone tried calling apple and asking about it?

Roger Olivier said:

After the 1.01 update, everytime I come home and I want to connect to my wifi router,I activate the wifi, I must search for the network in order to connect.
I didn't have the problem before, it seems that the "preferred networks" function doesn't work properly.

Anyone with the same problem ?

Anonymous said:

You can't send an SMS to an Email address. There are no characters such as '@' available to type in. SMS does not allow you to send to email address, but work or home phone is ok??

Anonymous said:

I also experienced that WIFI has trouble connecting after 1.01. Safari is coming back "server not found" but when switched to edge, everything loads properly. Did not see this prior to software update. (similar to post #374)

Dave G said:

I have an SMC Barricade wireless router that works fine with my laptop. However, as soon as my iPhone is turned on to WiFi, it crashes my router. The only cure is to reset the router. Anyone having this issue? (Otherwise I love the thing. Amazing, considering everything it does.)

Anonymous said:

I've got a huge peeve that you haven't listed - you can't sync up smart groups in Mail. If you can synch smart playlists from itunes, it should certainly be able to sync smart contact groups from Address book

scolen2 said:

Lose the ability to edit numbers after deleting custom tag

1) Open a contact and add a second number
2) Edit
3) add a custom tag for the second number
4) save and close
5) re-edit that number and delete the custom tag
6) close and save
7) now try to edit that number

you cant edit that number or any other number until you delete that number and start over

Anonymous said:

The character ` does not exist on the keyboard I think. Maybe this is because it is not a Mac character? This character is known as Acute, Back quote, grave, grave accent, left quote, open quote, or a push.

Go5go said:

Anybody have a day +1 issue in the dates set under contacts? I'll set a contact's birthday for March 3rd.. and in the display it will read March 4th. Does with all dates all contacts including special dates like anniversaries.

Marcus said:

In Contacts, the pre-defined drop-down "countries" list, is rather limited and doesn't include ALL countires, neither does it give the option of manually entering a country name.
In particular I, have contacts in the country of Cyprus, which is not included in the drop-down.

Joel said:

Start the timer. Go to home screen. Press sleep button.’
Return to timer and it jumps, sometimes seconds, recently it just two hours at a time.

Anonymous said:

Dates in Outlook prior to 1/1/1933 are dropped when syncing. I use the date on birthdays to know when that person is born and is setup as a recurring event.


people are stranger

Bensawsome said:

You guys are retards. MACS/iPods/Apple RULE!!!

pantheman said:

Wow,I really wanted to buy one of these iphones, but after reading all this stuff, well, i think i will wait for a much later s/w version.

Seems, apple have released this product with the view to letting its customers find its bugs. Then they will want to charge you for the upgrade.

I have worked in the telecoms industry and we had teams of people s/w testing all day long, we never put out any product with this length of bug list.

This is typical microsoft policy, let the world do the work for us then lets charge them for their efforts.

Sad, and i really wanted one.

booklady said:

iphone will not power off -
Just purchased iphone for a Christmas gift. Set it up, loaded music, photos, contacts, etc. and now it will not power off. It acts like a restart on a computer, boots itself back up. It will however, shutdown completely on the dock... not convenient though.

We did a restore with all info, and then a restore as a new phone. Still does the same thing. Any advice? Sure is a bummer gift if it spends Christmas back at Apple.

Michael said:

I searched through all the comments and didn't find this one.
This isn't a big deal, but it's super annoying.

If you have a bluetooth headset in your dual dock and you then place your iPhone into it and hit the lock button immediately, it will light back up once the headset is found and the battery indicator will show up. From here, I believe the backlight will not shut off by itself and you must push the lock button once again.

Jon said:

some of the bugs are:
no recording feature,
Can't send sms to more then one person at a time,
can't watch any videos on net,
freezes alot.

Howard Towt said:

Deleted Items E-Mail Problem

The iphone tends to automatically remove items from the Deleted Items folder without any setting in place to do so. The odd thing is that the symptom occurs with items that are deleted from the Inbox, but not from items that are deleted from the Sent Items folder. It is as if the Deleted Items folder has information about the folder from which the item came, and will only perform the permanent delete on the items that came from the Inbox.

Rohit said:

Feedback on iPhone - Maps Application:
Hi there,
This is regarding feedback on the iPhone - Maps application. It seems this application gets confused when searching for addresses having same house number on the East or West of the same street.

Example: Maps application gets confused between "1177 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087" and "1177 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087". It is the same house-number/zipcode on the same street but different directions.

Steps to reproduce:
- I am using just a generic example, you can use similar searches to verify as well.

1. Open the Maps application on iPhone
2. Do a google search for restaurant 'Madras Cafe Sunnyvale CA'
3. It will find the restaurant and its address would be '1177 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087'
4. Click on the location pin and select the 'Directions to here'
5. Give the start address as '151 Almaden Blvd San Jose CA 95113'.
6. Application will calculate address for location '1177 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087'. Seems this application uses the 'Shortest Path' Algorithim between the start/stop points.

Hope this helps in fixing the issue and look forward to a quicker resolution.


Eric14 said:

Alarm clock bug!!

When a calendar notification is on the screen (you have not yet unlocked the phone), it suppresses alarms going off! I've missed more than one early morning meeting this way!

This is my single biggest complaint about the iPhone! Please add it to your list.

Billy Patterson said:

After 1.1.3 update all my 230 plus contacts addresses were no longer found by Google Maps. I get "No Search Results found" pop up notification. (They were prior to the update) All were imported from my Outlook Contacts.
When I go to the Phone, Contacts, Select a contact to view / edit I see a valid & complete address with "United States of America" as the last line in the address. Here is an example of a valid address that is loacated by Googe Maps on my PC but does not on my iPhone: Hancock Bank, 926 Cedar Lake Road, Biloxi, MS 39532, United States of America. If i go to the Contact Edit screen the "Set Country >" is blank. If I select "Set Country >" you get a list of countries, I select "United States" & save & now Google Maps will locate & drop a "Pin" in the correct location. I have manually corrected the empty "Set Country >" on about 100 of the contacts & verifed that in every case this very timely manual selection process fixed the search error. I hope Apple fixes this in the next update.

Mark Dionne said:

Bug in Mail

Create a contact, mistyping the email address. For example .

Send a mail message to that address, which will bounce.

Correct the entry (to for example)

Try sending another message to that address. A "history" list is displayed to make it easy for you to send again. The bad address appears on the list--in my case as the first item on the list. There is no apparent way to remove the bad email address from this history list.

Ken Ingus said:

The selected ringtones do not always work with a contact. With most calls, the expected ring plays. However, sometimes a contact calls and I get the default ring when I should hear the ring I have selected for that contact.

This is frustrating. The whole point to selecting a ringtone for a contact is so you can hear who is calling without looking at the phone. Is this happening only to me?

John said:

This mega BUG needs to be addressed and made known, I have it too on my phone and I cannot fix it... basically the photo app breaks... forever. BUST


check it out...

silver said:

One thing I haven't heard anyone mention: If you're in silent mode and talking on the phone and you get a text or an email or something else that would normally give you an audio notification, the iPhone vibrates in your ear. It's pretty annoying, I think most phones I've ever had just make a very quiet noise that you can only hear with the speaker up to your ear, like it is when you're talking.

Angelo hernandez said:

I've had my iphone for one month now, and at some point in the last week or so it has started acting up in the following manner. Basically, I cannot use it for more than a full minute or so without the touchscreen stop responding to my finger. It happens for no apparent reason, I could be in Safari or just in the settings menu. The phone did not freeze, as home button still works and if something is loading, it will still load but the screen will Not respond until I turn the screen off (top button) and turn it back on, then it works again...only to stop responding a short while later. It's VERY consistent, I do not believe I could use the phone for more than 1-2 minutes without this happening

I got 1.1.4 3.9bl unlocked I tried restoring but to no avail pls. help.

Dewberry said:

People who leave comments such as "apple fucks cunt u guys are fckng retards!!11" are those who simply can't afford to buy Apple products.

Instead of wasting your time pwning threads like this, why don't you just go on a high paying job hunt so you can stop being so envious.

Anonymous said:

can someone hack into my iphone!!! Pl help
Strange..my iphone is doing things on its own since morning like its got a mind of its own..6-7 times since morning
Can u imagine an hour after I last touched it as it lay in front on work desk- face down....and I was on call on office landline, a song (ipod that I have never used since I use ipod) started full blast..i was scared as I spoke...there were people
all around :(

When I pick up phone as it makes a sound thinking I recd a text message, but i see it has typed half or full password to get in / or gets a wrong password error message; even tried to change my notes by typing in
something else../..v v unthinkable..

V V strange..like a ghost..or A HACKER??? Pl help how to stop???

josh said:

I agree with the Jen girl. Safari does crash while loading. I find that extremely annoying.

skm said:

if two numbers are stored with one name
when he/she calls up
it did not show us from which number he/she is calling
this is not good

Gavin said:

One bug is the interaction between SMS and Clock. Say you set an alarm to wake you up in the morning and during the night you receive an SMS. The alarm then fails to sound! When you later look at the iPhone, you are alerted by a dialog box on the home screen to the fact you have an SMS, and when you confirm the dialog box, the alarm sounds at that point.

When I travel I often use my phone as an alarm clock but obviously I cannot rely on the iPhone for this purpose as I can't be 100% sure the alarm will sound when it is supposed to.

[Apologies if this has already been contributed - I read through the top half of the page, but not through all the comments in the bottom half]

betsson said:

gets a wrong password error message; even tried to change my notes by typing in
something else../..v v unthinkable..

قصص said:

When using a web form that asks for a phone number with as the formatting, in a field that is for numbers only, the iPhone pulls up a keyboard that does not include dashes. If the field requires the proper formatting, you will not be able to submit your form.

diane said:

What makes me laugh is when companies spend all this money on promoting the product, getting it out for the public to buy and all the expense they spend to make sure the packaging and the look of it is ok, but they do not spend the time in making sure that the product has no faults on it. It is not only this product but many other well known products. Just look at the WII when that first came out and all the problems that had. They should wait and make sure that the product is correct before they send it out to be sold

The over all phone functions are good but the only thing i hate is the sensitivity . I broke 2 i phone :((
apple should make it more solid.


D Najmi

mark said:

They'll get it together by the next release I hope.

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