New iPhone Model for the Holiday Season?

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I have read several (1 / 2 / 3) posts recently discussing/predicting a new iPhone for the holiday season. While this seems totally reasonable, Apple should think long and hard about how and when they move forward with the next iPhone announcement (whatever it is).

Do you have any idea what would happen if Apple released a 16 GB iPhone with 3G support this year? Oh crap -- I hate even bring it up. The blog posts and comments we can expect to see after the announcement will go something like this:

  • I want the new model, but I am going to wait two months for the price drop.
  • I told you suckers not to buy an iPhone... stupid fanboys.
  • I am going to wait for the third version.
  • A new model already? Why didn't they just include these features in the current iPhone. See, the early adopter gets burned again.
  • What? Still no ****?!? (plug anything in here: Sprint / 5 megapixel camera / GPS / Taser).
  • The "I told you so" posts of all shapes and sizes.
  • I am never going to buy an Apple product again.
  • Why would Steve do this to us?
  • Endless strategies for getting money back from Apple.
  • Yeah, but can I still unlock it? I heart T-mobile so much.
  • I am going to buy a Zune.

So there it is. APPLE! Are you listening? Please, do us all a favor and hold back on the next iPhone for at least 10 months. Let the early adopters enjoy their phones and $100 gift card for a little while. Perhaps you could spend some time working on the software updates we heard so much about. You could also give a little more thought to supporting 3rd party software so we don't have to hack the device to add functionality.


Jean said:

Please - Every tech company releases a mass of new products to keep up... Look at the release rate of Nokia, SonyEricsson and HTC!

I'm a very big euro Apple Fan... We dont have iPhones - and not everybody here wants the current edition - "3G or bust"

Your new apple product WILL be outdated sooner or later, and in these competitive times it'll happen very soon - Get used to it and stop crying - and enjoy your current product which does what it's supposed to do...

We always want more....

Peter said:

We need a iphone with meat!

1. More memory
2. Better Push Email
3. Better Battery
4. Less Lock ps
5. How about a blackberry interface

just a few thoughts!!!

pj said:

This is a question. Does anyone know where I can find a forum where they discuss iPhone problems with possible fixes?

I lost my key click sounds, and it IS ON. I even turned it off and back on, but still I do not hear the key clicks anymore.

Is this a bug? I've been searching the forums for a fix to this issue, but have found nothing. I must be the only one in the world with loss of key click sound :(

Suggestions? thx

Peter said:

I agree with Jean.

Just let them do what they want to.
We live in a competitive world, and so stop crying.
I don't have an iPhone yet because i heard they were coming out with a new model. It's great that you love yours, but don't take it away from the rest of us who are waiting because we know how Apple works.

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