iPhone v1.0.1 Released

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The good news, Apple released an iPhone update! The bad news, it didn't include any of the major items many had hoped for (Flash, massive bug fixes, another row of applications).

There were a few items on our bug list that appear to be resolved, though they did not make it on an official change log.

What do you think are the most critical things Apple needs to address in the next update? New applications like a to-do list or audio recorder? Improvements to existing applications like colored iCal events or multiple recipient SMS? Better integration with PC's/Mac's such as Note syncing?


Anonymous said:

yeah update. I agree, I was hoping to see a new FEATURE of some sort. Which I bet we see in a month or less, that was one of Steve Jobs' bragging points for the iPhone, able to add buttons/programs thanks to the all touch screen.

Trent said:

I thought we were going to get cut & paste, it seems like an easy one and it's one of the biggest one that none iPhone users complain about.

John said:

Not sure if anyone's keeping a list. But here it is to cut through the postings...

This is a list of possible bug fixes with the new iPhone 1.0.1 update.

In my view, this update is

These are fairly unedited and my comments are in the Update or Verified section. Spelling errors were left in.

Thanks to many users here and other sites, too numerous to mention, but you know who you are.

iPhone update 1.0.1 User Reports 8/1/2007

Main fixes verified by multiple iPhone users with this release:

1) 4 Apple security changes.

2) Option to CC changed to BCC instead.

3) IMAP Subfolders appearing.

4) Calculator input changed on start of new calculator, resets input to "new" entry.

5) Many users reporting built in speaker, not external headset, volume seems to be louder in visual voice mail and iPod features.
This is even with users not using the EQ settings.

6) "My AT&T account" bookmark added to end of main bookmark page. Not really a "fix", more like "spam".

7) Server delete option now sticking, was being lost before when exiting screen.

8) 25 more messages to load message is gone. This is a change or a fix depending on how you view this issue.

9) Many users reporting less crashing, not no crashing, but less crashing.


Many User Reports: having to restore if iPhone is hacked in any way (i.e. iFuntastic, Jailbreak, carrier hacks, etc). Be sure to writedown/backup/sync all settings before if you hacked.

User reported: Auto-Lock time changed - now says Immediately, 1, 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes. Underneath the choices is a cautionary statement reading, "Shorter times are more secure."
Verified as changed: Multiple users verify this feature has changed.

User reported: Email also handles Exchange IMAP better. I used to only get folders that were children of the Inbox, while Exchange folders like Sent and Drafts or Public Folders only showed up on my computer. This has apparently been fixed.

User reported: Wow, I can't get this thing to crash! running iPod, google maps, mail, and safari runs great- no crashing- the way it should be!

User reported: "Usage" in settings was moved from the middle to the top

User reported: I've seen improvements in mail, updated options in MMS, and youtube reflects youtube.com (evolution of dance isn't always the top of every day!)

User reported: Option to BCC yourself, mail is much faster. Messages load instantly. Yahoo push mail is swift.
Update: Previous iPhone version had Option to CC yourself. Now it's BCC instead (Blind Carbon Copy)

User reported: It is now able to find IMAP subfolders on its own, without needing to specify an IMAP Path Prefix in Settings. Subsequently, it fixes the bug where messages sent from outside the Mail application were uploaded to a INBOX.INBOX.Sent/ subfolder instead of INBOX.Sent.
I tested it by emailing a photo through the Photos app and also by sending a URL through Safari's Share button and the sent messages are both now properly showing in my IMAP sent folder.

User reported: The PPTP VPN now works with encryption enabled (it didn't before). The bug where it prompts for the VPN password with a numeric keyboard is still there though. But at least the PPTP VPN now works!

User reported: Surprisingly, EDGE works pretty fast. I show my friends on the train and they're impressed!

User reported: You can add more contacts to your "favorites" in the phone screen

User reported: Polka Dots issue vanished from my iPhone - thank you 1.0.1! - http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2007/07/20/iphone-screen-bug-pokadots/

User reported: Has anyone else noticed that the camera's shutter speed seems to be much better now? Before, the slightest movement would blur my shots to hell and back, which gave me serious doubts about a possible video capture upgrade in the future. Now, I can actually do a slow pan and the images are still pretty sharp. Video capture in the works?

User reported: VPN password entering is fixed. No more numerical keyboard only. Thanks apple!
Update: Contradicts previous user report.

User reported: Previously, I would often have to re-enter the details for hidden networks, such as the one at my home. The update seems to have resolved this.

User reported: Google Maps: Before, if you used your fingers to stretch and expand a map, if you touched the URL or bottom bar, the map would shoot off to a new center. Very disconcerting. It doesn't do that now.

User reported: Calculator: The calculator used to do an annoying thing when you launched it and started punching numbers. Sometimes it would start concatenating to the end of whatever number was already on the screen from previous usage. Now, when launched, if you start tapping numbers, they replace what was already there. Nice.

User reported: Ear volume: My Iphone had "reasonable" volume in the ear speaker. It seems to be significantly louder. i tend to drop it down to 4 or 5 in normal room environment instead of 8 or so. Very nice.

User reported: Ipod Speaker volume: I can now play songs louder without as much distortion through speaker on bottom of phone. nice.

User reported: Ipod playing while surfing: Before, it you started the iPod playing and started surfing in Safari, within minutes especially if browsing a heavy javascript page, the music would crash and quit playing. I've been surfing and podding for 20 minutes with no crash. Very, very nice.

User reported: yahoo push seems to work better. I've had a delay but now they arrive almost instantly

User reported: My weather icon just stays at sunny and 73 degrees, nothing like conditions here.
Verified: Weather icon has always been 73 and sunny, even before 1.0.1. This is probably always going to be this way since iPhone has to network out to get the latest weather report and why slow down the main menu for that, duh!

User reported: Safari and iPod usage at the same time crashes at about the same consistantsy as previous version.

User reported: Both speakers at the bottom were now working.
Update: This is not possible, the other "hole" is a microphone. Test by covering your finger over the left bottom of iPhone while playing music/video, sound will be significantly muffled.

User reported: I now have a "My AT&T account" bookmark after installing the update. Bookmark spammers!
Update: Verified, so do I. It's on the very bottom of the main bookmark list. Maybe this was added to my IE browser which then got synced to iPhone, unsure.

User reported:In the About screen, the Version went from 1.0 (1A543a) to 1.0.1 (1C25). And...the Modem Firmware was updated from 03.12.06_G to 03.14.08_G.
Update: Verified.

User reported: World peace solved.
Update: Nope, just turned on CNN and everything is as bad as it was two days ago!


User reported: Turn call forwarding on and the number defaults to the last number I entered, it didn't before, had to enter it everytime.

User reported: Looks like this update fixed the issue i was having where everytime i changed my email settings to "delete from server when removed from inbox" it would revert back to "never"... it now works.
Verified: This is verified on my updated iPhone as fixed also. I had been able to recreate this issue prior to 1.0.1, but now the setting sticks. I had submitted this against pre-1.0.1 to apples's bug reporter website. Good work Apple!

User reported: my Yahoo! mail used to display at the end something to the effect of "25 more messages... click to load" and there never were any messages there. This is now gone.
Update: Multiple users reporting this as "fixed". i.e. Same with google mail. Fixed now.

John said:

Items for Apple to "fix" or enhance in next update:

1) 3G network capability

2) Cut and Paste, or at least ability to save email attachments.

3) Outlook Notes sync to iPhone

4) In Email, select all to mark as read.

5) Virtual Home button on every screen.

6) Date in the Top Status Bar near the current time.
i.e. bars ATT E wi-fi date TIME alarms bluetooth battery

7) iTunes music videos Mp4 sync and not have to make them MOVIES to sync.

8) App on Home menu dedicated to custom list of bookmarks

9) Ability to download music from iTunes Store using iPhone without using iTunes PC/Mac based software

10) More iTunes options about what video/movies/podcasts gets synced, for example you can only specify a number of podcasts that cover all podcasts, I'd like to specify a number to sync per podcast and/or certain casts that are checked within a podcast.

11) External program sync tool for Outlook, such as Verizon's Wireless Sync PC Monitor program, although "back*sswards" it does sync Outlook mail from an Exchange Server without having to get the company network guys involved.

John said:

email pw not saving

BUG: 1.0.1 installed, adding new GMAIL account to iPhone, already had a POP3 account on there.

During the GMAIL account setup, it verified all the info (probably pinged the pop.gmail.com site).

Clicked HOME to exit setup.

Touched Mail icon.

Went into the new GMAIL account to poll mail...

iPhone error:

Cannot Get Mail
No password provided ofr user "" on server "pop.gmail.com"

Please go to Mail Account Settings
and enter a password. OK

Apparently, iPhone is not saving my password entered on the settings page.

Went back to settings, re-entered password, back to mail, same thing. This keeps happening, and therefore I can't poll to get any of my gmail.

May happen on other mail provider settings as well.

My exiting (pre 1.0.1) setup of my other POP3 account is working fine.


Jim said:

The top of my wish list is the ability to delete all (POP) email.

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