Emergency iPhone 2.0.1 Release

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iPhone 3G

How could 2.0.1 be anything less than an emergency release? The performance of 2.0 may have seemed decent to new iPhone users, but those who had used the prior generation knew better.

What are your early impressions of 2.0.1? What are you hoping for in 2.1?


Paul O said:

2.0 sucked. 2.0.1 is much improved.

It would be nice if 2.1 had additional speed increases.

F said:

The only question I have is why did they wait so long to release this sucker. There is no way Steve Jobs was running 2.0 on his iPhone. Heads would roll.

Sofentut said:

The 2.0 release was as big of a mistake as MobileMe. Apple has left themselves a lot of room for improvement between 2.0.1 and 2.1. Say for real navigation features, improved performance, increased battery life, a working App Store update system, allowing 1Password to connect directly into Safari, copy and paste, bugs, etc.

Paul Eastman said:

2.0.1 is great. This is what 2.0 should have been. As for 2.1, I would love a feature to sync Notes with my Mac.

Matt said:

I only have 56 apps that I've downloaded from the app store. It takes 3 hours to do a backup (even with 2.0.1). I installed a 56 KB app named Touch Train and that took 5 minutes. This 2.0.x software is quite disappointing. How in the world can it be possible to take 5 minutes to install 56 kilobytes? My phone also freezes daily. Two days ago, it crashed and wouldn't boot up past the bony apple of death. I had to do a clean restore because I had no valid backup (3 hours is too long to go without a phone). I hate to say it but the iPhone is now more unreliable than Windows and I used to be a huge Apple fan for years.

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