Suggested iPhone Enhancements (Phone)

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iPhone Call
  1. Voice dialing. Many consider this to be a critical feature on phones without individual plastics number buttons.
  2. Show call duration on the Recent Calls detail screen.
  3. Enable the editing of contacts while on a call.
  4. Caller ID has become a critical telephone technology. It is commonly used to avoid calls and prepare a greeting like 'Oh hey Steve'. This feature is less helpful when the phone is holstered on your hip and you are listening to music. When a call comes in you could take your chances and pinch the switch on the cable, in most cases people will remove the phone to see who is calling before committing to a conversation. The suggestion is to announce who is calling through the headphones (either by name or number). This could be accomplished using text to speech or by adding a contact specific recording on the Assign Ringtone screen.
  5. Support for multiple greetings/messages. The most likely features would allow for custom messages based on contact groups. For example, contacts in a 'Work' group would receive a message such as 'You have reached the voicemail for Robert. I am not currently available, if you need assistance with the web servers please call 555-1234, otherwise leave a voice mail and I will return your call as soon as possible'. Other messages could be created for personal contact groups, etc.
  1. Calculate years next to birthdays and anniversaries.
  2. Increase the list item height of each voicemail message and include the message length (time).
  3. Currently the voicemail list will only display the time a message is received for those messages that came in on the current day. It is possible to see the time a message arrived for previous days by tapping the blue arrow. The suggested enhancement is for the the list screen to display the date and time for all messages.
  4. Add a 'No ring' and 'Vibrate' option to the 'Assign Ringtone' screen. This would allow the user to silence the ringer for contacts such as recruiters or harassing callers.
  5. Add a small thumbnail photo/graphic to the left of contact names. This would roughly appear like the album view in the iPod application, though the thumbnail graphics on the contact screens could be a little smaller. Some users may prefer this feature be added as an option to the Phone settings screen.

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