Suggested iPhone Enhancements (Settings/General)

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  1. The Lock Sounds and Keyboard Clicks are nice but in my opinion louder than they need to be. Rather than turning the sounds off it would be nice to adjust the volume levels for each sound.
  2. Display a thumbnail of the currently selected wallpaper on the 'Wallpaper' item on the Settings screen as well as the Wallpaper screen above the album views. This would provide a more convenient indicator of the selected wallpaper when viewing settings (more convenient than turning the phone off and on).
  3. Add more detail to the end of each mail account line to show whether the account is on or off. For example, the mail account would be listed with the description text on the left and the on/off status to the right.
  4. Add an option to view/edit 'Known networks' to the 'Wi-Fi Networks' page.
  5. Add an 'SMS' page to the settings screen. Add an option on the new page to hide incoming SMS communication previews. On several occasions when sharing an iMovie video on my iPhone a surprise incoming personal message has popped up on the screen for all to see. The proposed option would allow the user to select how they would like to be notified of incoming messages. Possible options include the existing preview text, a nondescript 'Incoming SMS' pop-up message box, or some other visual indicator (like an SMS icon appearing next to the battery graphic). The audible/vibrate feedback would not need to change.
  6. Add a 'Dictionary' page to the General settings screen that allows users to view/edit custom dictionary words.
  7. Add a page to manage privacy settings including pieces of data that can only be viewed after entering a passcode. For example, contact notes, web history, and note files.
  8. Allow the user to change the order that email boxes appear in the mail application using the same methods as Safari bookmarks.
  1. Add a spotlight search feature to search all phone content (contacts, data files, email, photos, and notes).
  2. Allow users to tap on the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen to receive additional battery life information, including a more precise percentage and usage time remaining. Producing time estimates would be more difficult considering that battery life is based on the type of usage. A solution would be to calculate time estimates using known information for each common task (talk time, standby, internet, video playback, audio playback). A more complex method of time estimation could be based on actual usage data and past performance.
  3. Enhance notes, email, and Safari textarea elements to include spellcheck functionality. Misspelled words would receive the dotted red underline. Tap and hold on misspelled words to view a list of suggestions or add the word to the custom dictionary. This could likely be done without significantly impacting the storage requirements for the OS because a dictionary is already loaded on the iPhone.
  4. Create a 'List' application with the visual appearance of the clock program. Include icons across the bottom of the screen to view different lists. For example, a task list would help users keep track of their to-do items. Include fields such as title, priority, status, percent complete, start/end time, notification sound, and notes. Incorporate task dates and times with the calendar. Another possible tool in this application could be to a simple check list which includes title and checked status fields. This may also be a good application for a new voice recording feature. Allow the user to create and manage recordings using an interface similar to that of visual voicemail.
  5. Add the two finger tap zoom-out shortcut (like Google Maps) to other applications such as Safari, Photos, and email attachment viewers.
  6. Add a file browser/Finder to navigate locally stored files. A folder syncing screen would need to be added to iTunes to sync files. Files downloaded through Safari could be stored in a download directory and accessed via this program. Additional features for this application include Quick Look/previews and file management.
  7. Search Safari page history and present text completion options when typing web addresses in notes, email, or contacts (URL textbox). For example, typing 'www.a' in a note would present users with '' and/or '' depending on the Safari history.
  8. Automatically switch to the URL keyboard layout after recognizing the user has typed 'www'. This change could be applied when typing in any free form textbox.
  9. Add an option to the syncing screen in iTunes to add and remove programs and features from the iPhone. This will allow users who do not use features to reserve additional storage for other applications and content.
  10. Feature for dragging icons around the home screen in the same way as the iPod 'More' screen.
  11. Wireless sync using Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. Bluetooth could be used for contacts and calendar event syncing, Wi-Fi for complete syncing.
  12. Option to use the phone as a modem. While EDGE is too slow for extended browsing sessions, it would make for a decent backup when a high speed connection is not available. This would really be useful when 3G support is added.
  13. Option to insert bullet points in the Notes and email messages.
  14. Add the landscape keyboard to any applications that can feasibly support it.
  15. When typing email messages or notes it would be helpful to have cut, copy, paste functionality. A system wide clipboard would help when copying or moving text between applications.
  16. Games. The iPhone is not a suitable replacement for the Nintendo Game Boy, but it could easily run a few games like those available for the iPod. Not only would this help the user pass time when on a flight or waiting for an oil change, it would provide an additional source of revenue for Apple and third party game developers.

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