Suggested iPhone Enhancements (Mail/Safari)

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  1. Option to delete more than one email at a time. For example, tap to select/flag messages then tap a button to display a pop-up with actions including 'Delete Selected'.
  2. Option to delete all messages such as the contents of the 'Spam' folder.
  3. The mailbox list view is indented to the right to allow space for a blue dot that appears next to unread messages. There is enough space in this margin area for other graphics/symbols such as the attachment paperclip and the 'To/Cc Label'. Moving these indicators to the left margin would make the email list even easier to read and makes better use of the screen real estate.
  4. Allow unique signatures for each account rather than the entire mail application. This would be helpful when using the mail application for business and personal mail accounts.
  5. The mail application checks for mail upon entering the application even though the Auto-Check setting is set to Manual. When set to Manual, the checking of mail should only be initiated when tapping the refresh/check mail button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  1. While generally considered to be poor design, some companies choose to develop Flash only sites or include features that are heavily dependent on Flash (,,, video feeds,, Adding the Macromedia Flash Player to Safari would give users a better experience when browsing sites that utilize Flash.
  2. Special Safari password control that allows the user to tap a 'show password' checkbox to make the password visible when being entered. This would be helpful because it would allow the user to recognize mistyped passwords before submitting online forms.
  3. Add support for saved passwords.
  4. Display favicons in the upper left corner of page previews on the open pages and bookmarks screens.
  5. Make the web page previews that appear on the open pages screen larger (there is ample screen real estate for this).
  6. Tap and hold on back/forward buttons to see a list of pages to select from (the same functionality that is provided in the full version of Safari).


thanks helpful tips! I just go mysef a Iphone..have not used Safari

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