Suggested iPhone Enhancements (Photos/Camera)

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  1. When new users reach the beginning or end of a photo album they continue flicking 3 to 4 extra times because they do not realize that there are no additional photos in the album. More experienced users will recognize the rubber banding action and try 1 or 2 more times just to make sure there aren't any more photos. A possible solution to the extra flicks would be to provide a visual indicator when the user attempts to flip past the first or last image.
  2. Add a method to select a primary photo for each standard photo album rather than using the first photo in the album (idea is like the 'Make Key Photo' option in iPhoto '08). A possible implementation would be to add a button to the image action screen that appears after tapping the icon in the lower left corner (when in portrait mode) of the image viewer.
  1. Group events in the camera roll using the same event grouping that appears in iPhoto '08. This feature groups photos based on the date they were taken.
  2. Implement camera effects including those that appear in Photo Booth (sepia, black & white, thermal camera, x-ray, etc)
  3. Option for a self-timer to allow users to take self portraits.
  4. Option to allow users to set the review time. Currently after taking pictures, the images get filed in the camera roll so fast you can hardly see if the photo turned out as desired.

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