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Yesterday while Googling for information on SMS plans I came across a forum at Cingular discussing a $5 (US) SMS plan. I called AT&T customer service and was told that no such option exists for the iPhone. Even after they researched my question further, I was told "The iPhone has it's own pricing plan that could not take advantage of this option".

Today we drove to our neighborhood AT&T store where they were eventually able to get us setup with this option. After asking the manager for assistance the sales person was able to update our iPhone plan. While waiting for the transaction to complete he said "it isn't as easy to add this with the iPhone packages, I had to fish around a bit to find it".

The end result instead of a $20 data plan, we now each have the $25 data plan which includes unlimited M2M SMS, (M2M means anyone within the AT&T/Cingular network). The plan still includes the 200 SMS per phone which can be used when sending messages to people that use Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or any other network. Note, if you are looking for the SMS text unlimited to/from any network, that will cost you the $20 as stated in the iPhone plans.

On the receipt that we were given, under the section called "Optional Services" it now says IPHONE DATA+200&M2M with a monthly charge of $25. They even prorated this new service and we are able to begin using our unlimited M2M SMS immediately!


David said:

When I was a Cingular customer I often did not get the same answer twice from them. They mean well but have so many rate plans and codes and a lot of new people. It's a maze. I'm now with Verizon and quite happy sans iPhone.

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