Sick Day Excuse Creator

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Planning a sick day to buy an iPhone (or something equally important) and you're out of vacation time? No problem! Here are some sure-fire excuses you can use, followed by Monday morning cover stories for how you got your hands on an iPhone after missing work on launch day.

Use your imagination to embellish these excuses to make them unique and when absolutely necessary use more than one!

If you are a boss, be sure to read the disclaimer that follows.

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Monday cover stories for why you have an iPhone after missing work:
  1. My sister picked it up for me.
  2. My neighbor works for AT&T.
  3. I got a deal on eBay, plus overnight shipping.
  4. I'm friends with Steve Jobs and he sent me one.
  5. I picked it up on Saturday -- they had a few left.
  6. It is not mine, I am just borrowing it.
  7. Just don't show it to anyone for a few days.
  8. Maybe they ran out before you got one, in which case you don't have to worry about a cover story

Disclaimer: This tool was created and published for entertainment purposes only. AppleHound does not endorse or encourage the misuse of any sick time policy. Sick time abuse has a negative impact on our economy and the cost of goods sold.

AppleHound is not responsible for failed execution or believability of excuses. Even the best excuses will fail to achieve their goal if you don't practice the delivery.


Becky said:

I had some bad yogurt last night and I am afraid to take a deep breath. I laughed right out loud when I read that!

You're too funny!

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