Lingering iPhone Questions

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iPhone 2007-06

A reader (Joseph) wrote to us recently concerning the iPhone calendar/task features saying, "emphasis on them has been minimal to non-existent". We are also very interested in these features! Our guess is that Apple hasn't covered these items because they aren't flashy enough (and don't require a data plan).

Another visitor (Sara) asked about the notes feature. Wondering if the iPhone with have handwriting recognition and what it will sync with on the Mac. It is our thought that the device will not include character recognition. The main reason being that Apple has created a text entry tool that everyone is familiar with and that allows for error prevention and correction -- a keyboard! That is great, but does not allow for the massive amounts of doodling I do during meetings. We are also unclear as to which application will be the source for note syncing. The Mail application shipping in Leopard includes a special message type for notes that does not exist in current versions of the Mac OS. Perhaps they will ship a simple notes application that will later migrate to Leopard.

Another individual (Me) asked about the iPhone file structure. This is best described by a story. While waiting for a meeting to begin you decide to use the Internet feature on your iPhone to research a vacation to Walt Disney World. Here is a great PDF map of the Contemporary Resort where we will be staying. I should download this to my iPhone so I can review it on the plane. Wait a minute! Can I download attachments to the iPhone? What is going to happen when I click on that link? Where is the file going to be stored on the iPhone? How am I going to find it -- is there a finder application on the iPhone? Up to this point we have only seen file attachments in email.

We agree and would also like more information about these features. Apple's initial focus target market appears to be iPod users, not Pocket PC users. Though, if the calendar, camera, clock, calculator, and notes applications are are anything like those we have seen, they will be great. We won't know for sure until June 29th!

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