iPhone Guided Tour

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iPhone Tour

Apple just updated their homepage, sent an email, and modified the iPhone page to include an extremely detailed Guided Tour of the iPhone.

This is by far the best cell phone video tour we have ever seen! More details will be posted here after we have had a chance to review the 20 minutes of video!

  1. Sleep button prevents if from turning on "when it's in your pocket". So it is our guess that no decent carrying case will be included.
  2. Can we assume that some iPod accessories are going to be iPhone compatible?
  3. They refer to a phone keypad as "the old fashioned" way of dialing -- we haven't used the "old fashioned" touch screen to place calls for 3 years, hello... Voice Command!
  4. .com button on the internet screen. Stinks for those who frequently visit .net, .org, or others. Another way they could do this would be to have a domain button that loads a secondary screen with the popular/or customized list of domain extensions (like what happens when they press the '.?123' button).

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